Hip-Hop Rumors: Dame’s Baby, Foxy’s Jail Report, Budden’s Beef & more!

CONGRATS TO DAME AND RACHEL!   I heard that the Dame and his damsel have a lil’ surprise to tell the world. They are three months pregnant. Yeah, there is going to be another lil’ Dame dashing around the town in another six or so months. Holla if you hear me! Congrats.   For those […]



I heard that the Dame and his damsel have a lil’ surprise to tell the world. They are three months pregnant. Yeah, there is going to be another lil’ Dame dashing around the town in another six or so months. Holla if you hear me! Congrats.


For those that don’t know, Dame also recently screened his new movie, “Mr. Untouchable,” the inside circle of industry people. I wasn’t invited. LOL. Nevertheless, I heard that Nicky Barnes hooked Dame up something crazy. How? Well, what happened is, Nicky Barnes saw and early version of “American Gangster” and he HATED how he was portrayed by Cuba Gooding. Basically, he’s played like a flunky to Frank Lucas, who is seen as the Heroin King of Harlem. Meanwhile Dame and his team are working on their own movie, “Mr. Untouchable,” but they are doing it without the main person –Nicky Barnes! Nicky B. was so outraged at “American Gangster” that he agreed to be in Dame’s flick to counter the movie. I wasn’t in Harlem in that era, but a lotta people are countering the accuracy.




I don’t know what’s the deal with all the death rumors, but I’m happy to let you know that BG is A-OK. The rumors started about a day or so ago and all of BG’s friends and family have been besieged with phone calls and email. His Aunt Carol and others at Chopper City have verified that he’s indeed alive like the Frankenstein monster.




I’ve been a fan of Evidence and the whole Dilated Peoples movement for some time now, but this is where I draw the line. Rumor has it, there was a concert in Northampton, MA with Little Brother. Well, Dilated and Evidence were the openers of the show, I heard. I heard Evidence was in the middle of spitting a hot rap when all of a sudden…he threw up ON STAGE! He  paused and told the crowd something about how he has a staph infection and the pills made him sick. Did he leave? No. I heard he told the DJ to re-start the track and he just continued like nothing ever happened! He left the “evidence” right on stage. That’s some EMCEE s**t for the ages!








I don’t know if this is true or not, but the word on the block is that Foxy actually wants to be away from the general population. I heard that’s how she ended up in solitary- by getting in various situations. The last “situation” was Fox refusing three times in a row to wear the garb designated for her to go to court.


I heard that Foxy got into a fight with a “big b***h” – that’s not my description. That’s the description given to me. I heard that Foxy, who is still having hearing problems, bumped into the Big Chick. Well, Big Gal actually said, “Excuse Me” to Foxy…but her politeness wasn’t heard. Foxy snapped on chica and chica rocked Fox – from what I heard. There were no officers present to even break things up. Lets just say that all the parties were not willing participants in the fight.


From what I heard, the prison is doing their part to keep Foxy out of trouble. From what I heard, any newspaper that had a story on Fox, had those pages REMOVED. So the day that Foxy was in the news in the whole world? She wasn’t in her prison so that the other inmates were basically in the dark.


HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS. I HEARD that Foxy could be home as soon as DECEMBER with an ankle bracelet if she stays on good behavior. I heard that is the good part about staying in solitary – no trouble. I heard that she’s being treated OK by the staff, but her mere presence attracts attention. I heard she has the best cell in solitary confinement for what its worth. FREE FOXY BROWN!




I mean, I really intended to ignore this “beef,” for the simple fact, it seemed silly. It still does, but I have to pay attention. Now, the first thing I thought was: “Is this marketing for MM3?” I can’t pass judgment on that, but Ransom is on Mood Musik 3 from what I heard. I don’t know if he STILL is in light of this “beef,” but it just seems like a perfectly timed conflict.


Budden has replied to Ransom’s “Kid Brother” with “Heart of the City.” But on his website, joebudden.org, Joey did admit that its not really beef. Here is what he said:


“There Is No Beef !!!!!!!!!! Well, not to me anyway… s**t like this is pointless, two unsigned jersey n****z goin back and forth for no reason at all ????? where’s the logic ?????. I really think this whole s**t is corny, and regardless of what people are feedin him, i got love 4 dude…. i’m over this 1 tho, waste of energy and studio time.”




Either way, I am just writing this to let you know that I know about this beef. Thanks S-Class.




So, Shawnna isn’t officially signed with Gucci Mane, from what I hear. But, for her to get over to The Roc might be difficult as well. After two flopped albums and loads of promise, I heard she’s not feeling the House that Russell and Rick built. So there you have it. We’ll see how it goes. Shawnna is definitely dope though, I’m a fan.




I just wanted to send a holla holla to Kia Shine.  He just wrapped a two day shoot last Sunday and Monday in Memphis for his second single, “WOW.”  So you fan people can look out for that soon.  I heard he is still signed to Universal / Motown, but he paid for this video 100% out of pocket. I think somebody is trying to lump the brother in with the ringtone rappers, when the homey is very smart and talented.






I heard Beenie Man is in TROUBLE. I heard he owes like $30 mill to the Jamaican government for back taxes. Well, they tossed him in jail on top of it all. You know why he allegedly missed the court date? I heard he was doing a video for some bombshell chick named Bar-Bee. First, she was in his video and he goes to the clink for returning the favor! Apparently, Bar-Bee wasn’t in the good graces of the Jamaican people because they thought she and Beenie were doing the nasty. On top of it all, Beenz and Bar-Bee were spotted buying a Range Rover in New York after he and his wife called it Splitsville. Well, I hope he can pay those taxes! That jail time is doing the real nasty! Check out their video.






I’m impressed. I really like M-1 and the dead prez movement. This starts a new segment for the rumors section called “A Moment of Positivity.” They got it super crunk at an event called Wapikenya at British Council, Nairobi.




Shout out to DJ Kid Capri! I heard the Kid has a new hard rock band called Uninvited Guests that has recorded with Styles P called “Hot Shotgun.” I heard they are good. More on that as I verify.


Snoop and Gary Payton having a Halloween Party? I can see the headlines, “Hip-Hop Halloween” party for hellions. OK, that was corny. I’m sorry.


Arnow & *S.M.D* – shout out to my Bronx people! And B-Millz, the homey from up North.


Shout out to Drag On, who is now on Swizz Beatz’s label, Full Surface. Where is DMX?


I heard Bushwick Bill just finished a new movie. Don’t ask me what about. I don’t know.




I did something really random. I decided to type in the “N-Word” in youtube and see what came up. At the top of the list was a movie called “Boss N-Word” that features Fred Williamson. Fred was a popular actor in the Blaxploitation era of movies. Anyway, peep the trailer. They toss White people in jail that use the N-Word and Fred becomes the sheriff by force in this Western.



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