Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Bu Thiam Get Chris Brown and Drake to Squash Their Beef?

Rumor has it that Akon’s brother is responsible for getting Chris Brown and Drake to be friends again.

Word on the street is that Bu Thiam (Akon’s brother) got Chris Brown and Drake to squash their beef. It happened at the iHeart Radio Music Festival where Chris Brown and Drake attended.

Apparently, Drake and his team purposely went to watch Chris Brown perform and no hands, or chairs or any objects not bolted down to the ground were thrown. Page Six says that Bu Thiam mediated the reunion and got both men to put the drama aside. I asked around and while my sources who were there can’t point to Thiam, they have reported seeing Chris Brown and Drake kicking it backstage like they were friends.

You know what they say, bros over…

Anyway, people could learn a thing or two for taking the high road. Hopefully the era of peace is for good.