MY GIRL KELLY COLLAPSED! I  just got this report from the people at Sony records:Singer Kelly Rowland collapsed on stage early yesterday (Sunday, July 15)  in Lagos, Nigeria as a result of dehydration. The former Destiny’s Child star who just released her second solo album, was in the West African nation as part of The ThisDay […]

MY GIRL KELLY COLLAPSED! I  just got this report from the people at Sony records:Singer Kelly Rowland collapsed on stage early yesterday (Sunday, July 15)  in Lagos, Nigeria as a result of dehydration. The former Destiny’s Child star who just released her second solo album, was in the West African nation as part of The ThisDay Music Festival. Miss Rowland was taken to an undisclosed Lagos hospital for a check-up and is in good condition at present. She is expected to fly to the US on Monday and will continue the promotions for her “Ms. Kelly” album.I hope my girl Kelly is OK. Don’t work too hard, girl! THE REMY RUNDOWN

This Remy stuff is crazy. I got all types of rumors on this, but I let the news department do its job. Remy is now out of jail on bail and has plead not guilty to the attempted murder charges. Check out the most recent story here. I don’t really have that much to say about this matter. On all fronts, it’s sad and pretty crazy. I’m not going to say innocent or guilty – just that it is crazy. Remy was very nice to our Ill Community a couple years ago. Check here as she answered all their questions!


GOOD LORD. They are saying that Diddy might have to end up paying $1.2 million per year in child support if Kim Porter has her way. According to a recent report by Page Six there are logical reasons behind these numbers. Look at the quote. “With Misa Hylton-Brim (Diddy’s other baby moms) receiving approximately $30,000 a month, there is no reason that Ms. Porter shouldn’t be able to get close to $100,000 or more per month in child support,” celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told Page Six. “That amount accounts for Porter having three children with Combs and inflation in the years since Misa received the ruling in her case.” Those twins, 7-month-old D’Lila Star and Jesse James, are going to be rich one day! Anyway, I don’t think that lawyer is representing Kim or anything so it might be bull. On the other hand, it might be real. We’ll see.


Rumor has it Aaron Reid, LA’s son, has a reality series about to come out. I don’t know if you saw him when he had his 16th birthday, but it was interesting to say the least. The show is supposedly about him and the crew forming a talent agency called Team Go Gettas. They roam around looking or talent. I don’t know if anybody has bitten, but I would assume MTV would take this on.CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS


WEST. Artan aka A-Money from Ottawa, Canada told me that he was one of

the many that got to see Kanye perform for Bluesfest, a yearly event

there each July. “He had the biggest crowd ever at the event and tore

it down. He performed from 9:30 till 11pm and nobody was complaining.”


HILTON. Jale Wis hit me up and told me that Paris Hilton was out and

about at the ESPY’s (ESPN’s award show). Paris Hilton and her sister

Nikki were pissy drunk at one of the after parties. Didn’t she find

Jesus in the pen? Now, here is the crazy rumor. Rumor has it Paris was

doing the bump-n-grind with big Suge Knight behind a “wall of security.”


GAME. The Game was reportedly seen in Oslo, Norway where the rapper

invited a fan on stage for a drinking contest. Well, he and the other

guy, who climbed on stage, went at it. The Game took like a whole

bottle of some Cognac straight to the head. Well, the other guy

reportedly tried to do that same and passed out later on. He was found

on the ground later after the show was over. (Shout out to Big Ruben.)


Its no longer smart to be dumb, people. Wise Intelligent represents RIGHT HERE.

Get to know Brandon Hines. This singer guy is getting a lot of love and he went to Howard University.

Yayo and 50 Cent diss Ghostface. Sheeeeesh…I’ll tell you. I hope Ghost just leaves it alone. What’s this about 50 getting tossed down a flight of stairs? I’m saying, that’s a rumor I haven’t heard.

People in New York are going crazy for this song here. “En Why Cee” Juganot feat. Joell Ortiz, Uncle Murda and Tess. Click here to comment on it in the Ill Community, because they are the ones that told me about it.

Coulda Been a Contender: Presidential Underdogs – check this one out.

The NAACP’s funeral for the “N-Word” created a pair of editorials. Check out N.W.A. or NAACP? Burying the “C” Word and NAACP: Is That All You’ve Got?


This beef is really getting out there. I hope they can keep it peaceful. I heard t hat VL Mike is even going to be signed too Game’s Black Wall Street. I hope this doesn’t lead to a Tip / Game squabble.


I heard that the Game’s Sister Bfly just formed an all female rap group called A Tribe Called West, I heard. Now, this group reportedly includes Lil’ Mama, Bfly, Young B, Mysterious and Majesty.

We all knew this one was a coming down, but I heard Janet has officially departed Virgin Records for Def Jam.

Shout out to Alexander O’Neal! He was about to perform in Detroit when he got the word that he got a kidney that he was waiting for. The 53-year-old legend dipped quickly, because he was waiting for over a year for the organ!

Nelly Furtado had a baby with her DJ a dude from Canada named Lil Jazz, not the new Cuban fellow.

I don’t know how true this is, but I heard Def Jam has issued a moratorium on signing new talend. I’m hearing they won’t be any more superstars coming out for a few.

I heard that Lil’ Wayne’s collabo with the Gym Class Heroes (“Viva La White Girl” Remix) was so successful that Lil’ Wayne is looking to do a song with the group for his Carter 3 CD.

Somebody is really mad at Fat Joe with a URL like www.facedirtysaysf**kfatjoe.com.

One of the teens accused of giving that lil’ girl ecstasy have stated that they didn’t, even though there are jokes alluding otherwise. Click here for the story.

K-Fed’s next babe is rumored to be a radio host named Liz Hernandez, who doubles as a model. Based on the goofy pictures and activities of Brit, this seems like a come up for Federcheddi. See the comparison pics below!



I don’t know why, but this is apocalyptic. LOL.

OK, here is something that’s a lil’ better. Look at this dog! If the rapist dog from last week wasn’t enough, this dog is called “The Incredible Hulk of Dogs.” They say is has a genetic defect. I say it was caused by gamma radiation.

MORE ILL PICSI just though I would post this pic of Kim K.

Brit Spears or Liz H for K-Fed?


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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