Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake is Being Sued by His Ex-Girlfriend Over Marvin’s Room!


File this one under ‘when drunk dialing goes wrong!’ Ericka Lee, Drake’s alleged ex-girlfriend and muse behind his hit song Marvin’s Room“, is suing the rapper over her vocals being used on the smash hit record. Erika is the inspiration for the record and is the voice heard on the voice mail monologues. She was credited as a “vocalist” on the song under “Syren Lyric Muse” but has never received any compensation for her work.

She is claiming that Drake acknowledged her contributions via text messages, which she has saved. Reportedly, they read U basically made that song” and It’s sh*t without you.” Big mistake, Drake!

Lee filed  a lawsuit against the rapper on  July 11, claiming, “My works and voice are used on this work.” About six weeks later, Drake’s label, Cash Money Records made its own claim, saying that the song authored was an “employer for hire.”  According to the complaint, Drake later sent a text message to Lee that offered her two percent of “publishing royalties.”

By November, Ericka claims that Drake agreed to meet up with her in Los Angeles to discuss, but when he didn’t keep his word, she hired a lawyer. When Drake found out, he allegedly spazzed out and started making threatening phone calls.

“What the f–k is your problem?” he said to her, according to the complaint, then offering her “4-5%” of publishing monies plus a $50,000 payout to go away.”

Lee is demanding that a judge declare her as co-writer of the song. She’s also seeking damages and disgorgement of profits on allegations of breach of fiduciary duties and unjust enrichment. Lee is represented by Neville Johnson, who previously filed a lawsuit against Drake on behalf of a Playboy Enterprises for sampling an unauthorized sound recording it owned on “Best I Ever Had.”

It looks like Ms. Lee has a good lawsuit on her hands. Drake should have just paid her upfront. Now it looks like it’s going to cost him a lot more money. Crazy how the same lawyer who successfully sued Drake before is back at it.  Hey, you know what they say, “Mo’ money Mo’ problems!”

Source: Hollywood Reporter