Hip-Hop Rumors: Dre & Eminem – Back?

KANYE WEST WALKS IN THE MUSLIM WORLD!   Antoinnette is my Navy Chick and she’s stationed over there in Dubai. She told me about Mr. West coming over there to perform. Well, Kanye did it and he even performed “Jesus Walks,” even though Dubai is a decidedly Muslim area. What he didn’t do, was cuss, […]



Antoinnette is my Navy Chick and she’s stationed over there in Dubai. She told me about Mr. West coming over there to perform. Well, Kanye did it and he even performed “Jesus Walks,” even though Dubai is a decidedly Muslim area. What he didn’t do, was cuss, Antoinnette says, because then he could end up in jail like Dallas Austin minus the alleged drugs. Anyway, he did about a 30 min set in front of about 20,000 people. People loved it even though he used words like “m### man.” He even did a freestyle about how he couldn’t curse. Thanks, Antoinnette – my Navy boo in my dreams.





I’m getting some positive news out of the Eminem camp. From what I understand Eminem and Dr. Dre recently got out of a Detroit studio from working on new material. As you know, Dre pushed back Detox – in part – so he could work on Eminem’s CD. We’re hoping that Eminem can get a release date in the near future. I am hearing some good stuff on that date, but I don’t want to put the date I am hearing.




I don’t know what the hell is going on, but a pair of producers are fighting over a song called “You Must Be Crazy.” One dude in Philly named Dave MG said he did it and he is getting the credit for doing it. Now, Jomeezius the Genius is allegedly pursing legal action to be properly credited as the producer. Funny thing is, he’s from Denver. Strange. Well, whoever did it, I want to say thanks, because the song is super tight.




 Shout out to Kim Kardashian. She has done what most stars do when they hit 35-40. She posed nude for Playboy. Thanks for giving up the goodies.


I heard that somebody was arrested for the noose and vandalism associated with the Tupac statue, but I can’t find anything to support that.


Shout out to The Clipse, who recently signed a deal with Columbia.


Looks like Jigga Man sprung a lil’ leakie leak.


So that manager of Mobb Deep that I was talking about stands accused. There are a couple of Mobb Deep CD’s on Amazon.com that really seal the deal.


R.I.P. to Tom Joyner’s dad. I heard he passed away so condolences go out to him.


My boy from Toronto told me that Tevin Campbell is about to make a run for a comeback. He’s apparently been booked to do a show in Canada to get it poppin.


Shout out to Ricky Smiley. All this time, I thought he was a clown, but he’s really active in the community in Dallas. In the Pleasant Grove section, they have started a nightly patrol in the neighborhoods to look out for the other citizens. I heard the drug situation is out of control.


Nas might not get away with naming his CD The N-Word. Click here to read how this whole thing is going to possibly hit Universal in the wallet.






I was just asking, “Where is DMX?” and my folks at XM radio hit me with this one. Bizzy’s first single is working with DMX. This is great. For the full scoop, check the video. It seems like Bizzy dissed Jamie Foxxx…I’m not sure. Check it.




I heard DMX was down there in Ft Lauderdale a lot lately and has recorded a song with Junior Reid. Additionally, I heard DMX was set for a show in New Mexico, but after TI was arrested and jailed, a lotta people took advantage of the refund offered. Still some of the people that went to the show told me X was quite liquored up and all most fell trying to climb on a speaker.






WOW. The world is just going crazy and we’re concerned with saggy jeans. Check this out. A British man took a page out of the deranged R.Kelly files. He screamed, “This is YouTube material!” as he peed on a dying woman that had collapsed in the street. The woman was 50 and she suffered from pancreatic failure. In addition to urinating on her, he also poured water on her and sprayed her with shaving cream. The whole thing was recorded on a mobile phone so I am sure this will become youtube material. Oh yea, he was high and drunk. He got three years in jail for his momentary fall into insanity.




This isn’t a rumor. This is a fact. Some dude sent me an email as his resignation from Hip-Hop. I don’t know his background, age, race or anything else like that, but I found it pretty humorous in parts. There are other parts that are sad. I will leave what is what to you. Check it out.




After listening to most of the recent albums, including those from Kanye, 50, and a stolen version of Jay… I would like to announce to the entire Hip Hop community and all of its affiliates that as of now I am turning in my letter of resignation.  I fought through what I first considered a temporary lull in good music; taking shelter in sparsely released “decent” albums but D#####….  NO MORE!!!  50 is cliche, Kanye is “off” and Jay is (sigh)…Hova is….(sigh)THE KING IS DEAD!!!  I refuse to listen to weirdo, reject rap like Brother Ali and dead Prez.  The South is not an option because I’m educated.  Talib and his bohemian buddy Common attract too many white people.  Nas never bounced back from his emasculation. And most of all Dr. Dre will NEVER release Detox.  The future shows no promise.  Wayne, Lupe, Saigon, Papoose….WHATEVER


For these reasons, and many others I must leave you all to seek better music.  I will always remember the great times we had:

Death Certificate,  Midnight Mauraders, Ready to Die, The Blueprint, The Chronic, Reasonable Doubt, The Diary, Liquid Swords, Late Registration, Uptown Saturday Night, It Was Written, The Infamous, Southernplayalistic… but what have you done for me lately?


So, like we used to say before everybody got so fly and cute and h###-friendly….Peace


Cacheous D. Worst



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