Hip-Hop Rumors: Erica Mena Spazzes On Promoters Calling Them Black Monkeys


Footage has surfaced of reality star Erica Mena arguing with club promoters in Cleveland, Oh., after she failed to show up at a scheduled nightclub appearance that evening.

The promoters allegedly paid for all of Mena’s traveling, hair and makeup, a personal driver and her stay in a hotel.

After dishing out all that cash and Mena not showing up, the promoters had enough and wanted Mena out of the hotel room they paid for.

Celeb__Gozzip reports:

“Traci says the club is filled with at least 800 people, and Erica is nowhere to be found so she begins texting her manager again, and its now 1 am. Remember, Erica was contracted to be at the club from 12 am until 2 am.

At 1:10 am Erica texts them and informs them she is outside in the car, and is not coming inside until she is paid an additional $275 dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. Traci’s sister, goes to the car to pay Erica, and claims Erica was in a rage, yelling, and cursing, and making her demands for the money, advising she would not come inside until she received it.Traci’s sister gives Erica the money, and goes back inside the club to wait for Erica.

Traci says its 1:50 am at this point, and she then starts receiving more text messages from Erica, who is still in the parking lot saying she now wants $1,000 dollars or she is not coming inside. Traci says she was a nervous wreck, and her reputation as a promoter was on the line, so once again she gave into Erica’s demands, and Traci’s sister went outside to hand Erica the money. Now this is were things get cray cray. Traci’s sister claims when she went outside and approached the car, as SOON, I repeat, AS SOON as the money entered Erica’s hand the driver hits the gas throttle, and the car takes off!!!!! I’ll let you pause and let that sink in.

At this point Erica has received $1775 in cash. Traci frantically starts trying to contact the driver that she paid for through a transportation company, to try to find out what’s going on. The club closes at 2 am, and at this point people are leaving and she had to start giving refunds to a good portion of the club goers that had arrived to see Erica Mena.

They finally get a hold of the driver who informs them he was instructed to pull off, and he claimed Erica instructed him to take her to the hood because she wanted to quote “shoot her 1 and 2” unquote, saying she wanted to get high.

Traci arrives back at the hotel and says staff informed her that they overheard Erica saying ” I don’t like working with these black monkeys” saying, ” I don’t usually do business with these black monkeys”
But Traci took it with a grain of salt, because she wasn’t sure if the staff was just trying to stir up more drama.

Traci says Erica then arrived at the hotel and starts making the racial slurs directly to her, and her staff’s face, calling them “black, broke, monkeys” and “f*cking monkeys”
Traci says they then pulled out their phones and began video taping her, and that is when Erica changed her demeanor, but Traci says the police officers witnessed Erica’s racial tirade.

After informing the police what was happening, Traci says the police made Erica vacate the hotel room and leave the building.”

Peep the footage here: