Hip-Hop Rumors: Eve’s New Man? Detox: Summer ’08! Ma$e’s Return?

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If you didn’t know, AHH & iTunes got together to create a FREE mixtape composed of songs that represented a wide and diverse variety of Hip-Hop. Please take advantage of it, because it expires on July 31 (TODAY). Just click here and get the freebie and enjoy the music.


AW NO! Do you know how many people are going to die between now and summer 2008? Millions! Just forget all the crap I put in the rumors yesterday. It was all types of crazy, but now I have some other info. BAD NEWZ and I don’t mean Newport News, Virginia. (On a sidetrack, is VA still considered the south? Pimp C would definitely say no.) Anyway, I am getting that Dr. Dre and his highly anticipated album Detox will be delayed and pushed back until SUMMER 2008! That’s right people in the hospital are like, “If Dre would just drop this CD before this tumor gets from my brain to my toe…I could die happy.” Sorry, Charlie and better luck in reincarnation. Summer 2008.


I am hearing that if Eminem makes a return to Hip-Hop, he will not be working closely to Dre like in the past. Instead, I heard that Eminem is working on his album alone. I say alone in that he is going to be producing it all by his lonesome. I heard that Em has NEW collaborations with TI and Akon in the can. I don’t know if I said this yesterday, but there are rumors that Eminem and Kim are now expecting another kid together. That’s a real love that Mary J. Blige knows nothing about, if this is true!


You know, a day can’t seem to pass without 50 Cent in the rumors. (The homey Boss Up said it best. Nice Africa pendant too, B.U.) Here you go! G-Unit isn’t falling apart at the seams, according to a source close to the camp. No way is there going to be a Game/50 song. This we know from Game as well. And I’ve been told that there’s no work being done on a G-Unit MOP album. I might add that MOP is still working! Check out this new banger by Billy Danz!

So, moving on, I’m hearing Tony Yayo is working on a sophomore album and there is another G-Unit mixtape on the way. On top of all this, I heard that Ma$e was never truly signed to G-Unit, even though we all thought Diddy and Fiddy worked that paperwork out. I am merely guessing on my…


So I decided to do some homework and see what Ma$e might be up to! The Harlem rapper has been hit with scandal after scandal! Will he be able to come back to rap with the ATL rumor still out there? I was thinking that his supposed deal with SRC was out of there, but his myspace page says otherwise.

Mase’s current single is titled “Extraordinary”, from his upcoming album, The Revival, set to be released later on this year from The Union Party/SRC Records/Bad Boy Records.

I don’t think we are going to see The Revival this year. Shout out to Ma$e, the clean rapper before Rev. Al and them came along!

A recent pic of Mase:


I heard the funniest rumor yesterday. I heard that Benzino and Julia Beverly of OZONE fame have deaded their long running beef. You know the history and the now street classic slang, “s### monkey.” Now, what’s even crazier is I heard the Julia or the magazine have already done a new interview with Zino and it will be in the next issue. Now, if Lil’ Troy can get in the issue after that, we can all be some getting-along MoFos!


New York, NY July 30, 2007:

Rapper Flava Flav maybe many Flavaz of Love to others but one person he has no love for is New York City club promoter turned club owner John “JE” Englebert who’s venues have included QUO nightclub, MYST nightclub, RETOX bar lounge and PRE:POST restaurant lounge all in NYC . The rapper was scheduled to host Saturday night’s Rock the Bells After Party at MYST but was “MISSED.” The infamous VH1 star and rap legend apparently can’t read his over size clock necklace and was a NO SHOW.

” I deal with a lot of celebrity parties and $#!& happens, but Flava Flav didn’t even bother to call. Maybe if he was an A-lister, I wouldn’t mind as much but he’s lucky I agreed to let his bum a** host a party at my venue. Let’s be real here he hasn’t dropped a CD in how long!” JE says.

I’ll have you know, Flavor Flav cut a plate just last year that sold triple Styrofoam, hater!


Go to the music section and hear new songs from Kool G Rap, MOP, The Game, Cassidy, Yung Joc, Trae and Three Six Mafia.

Wild Style turns 25 years old. We celebrate with artist Lady Pink and DJ Charlie Chase! Click their names for the classic interviews with classic hip-hoppers.

Atlanta has a wild style too – check them out right here.


I heard the Wu Tang album is coming and there are rumored features by MoeRoc, Q-Tip, George Clinton, Cappadonna and Nas. Ghostfact didn’t appear at a recent show in NYC for “Rock The Bells.”

Suspended NFL Tennessee Titan cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones is going into wrestling? What is wrong with these people? I don’t know these people man.

I heard The Game might have gotten into a bit of a scrap over there in the UK at a concert. Bouncers get punched, bottles are throw, concert is over.

I’m glad Usher went back to him mom. That’s the way it should be! Tameka had a lil’ baby scare and was taken to the hospital, but nothing’s happening to that lil’ person. Usher might not be getting married yet, but he is locked into that baby deal.

You know I love the ladies and if they can spit lyrics, that’s even better. So, go be friends with my friends over at Official Home of The Femcee, because they hold it down for all the ladies of Hip-Hop! Mixtape –Aug. 4.


A New York baseball is losing a game. A 25-year-old man gets upset and bangs on walls. Man’s father asks that he keep it down. Man beats up father. Man’s 61-year-old mother tries to stop man and man stabs her in the head. Man chases and kills his own mother with a barbell…because the Mets lost. (Thanks Brock.)Click here for the insanity!

A 7 year old with a GRILL? And the boy swallows it and the only way to get it out is to let it “pass?” Read this! Paul Wall needs to school these people in safety with Grillz.


LOL! I love rumors like this. This UK rapper named TY has allegedly started a rumor that he’s dating Eve. I personally find it hilarious that somebody would go to such lengths to do that. You know Eve is into the Caucasian persuasion and not scruffy rappers. Anyway, here is the picture and the full (unedited) rumor from the UK:

Rumour has it that UK rapper Ty is secretly seeing US rapper/actress Eve.

A close source disclosed that the two met recently at an industry event and are currently embarking on a passionate world wind romance. The insider added, “Eve is based in Los Angeles and Ty resides in London but this hasn’t stopped him from frequently flying out to LA to be with the star. He is besotted”.

“Eve has also fallen for Ty big time and has never been or looked happier”.

And here is her new video with Sean Paul.


Check out rapper Neff, Jane Doe (from Foxxy 99.1) and Mr. Keith Murray at Summer Jam 21 in Fayetteville, NC!

Wu Tang is coming, baby!

Who is this dude? A weight lifter? 50 Cent? Click the pic to see who it is!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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