Hip-Hop Rumors: Fans Disappointed By Lauryn Hill In UK


Lauryn Hill has done it once again: p##### off her loyal fans.

The world has been begging for Miss Hill to come back to the stage a grace us with her natural talent, but since she’s start back performing, all you hear about is really negative reviews of her shows.

Her latest performance took place in London Saturday night at the Brixton Academy. the Guardian reported that there were numerous complications that led to the show being a catastrophe and led to fans walking out and expressing their displeasure via social media.

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“The trouble began before Hill had even taken to the stage, with complaints about the warm-up DJ. That Hill kept the crowd waiting, arriving on stage 90 minutes after the advertised starting time, hardly helped matters. Then, when she did begin, many in the crowd were horrified by massively rearranged versions of songs from her only solo album to date, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Not only were there complaints about the manner in which the songs were performed, but also about the sound at the Academy, which was reportedly very loud and lacking clarity. Some fans booed Hill, and others left early. Suggestions that she was booed offstage appear to be incorrect: though booed, she was leaving the stage temporarily,” reported The Guardian.

Poor Lauryn. We hope she gets it together soon if she expects fans to show up to her shows.