Hip-Hop Rumors: Flo-Rida Disses Chris Brown! Soulja Boy & Diddy Team? Kanye and Amber-Real?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO CENTS I have to admit, I miss the comments…I do. I miss y’all! Never fear, things will be back to normal very soon, people! I KNOW […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO CENTS

I have to admit, I miss the comments…I do. I miss y’all! Never fear, things will be back to normal very soon, people! I KNOW emailing me isn’t the same, but you can email me or you can also just go to the Ill Community. It is alive and vibrant!

Anyway, if you have any rumors about anything HIP-HOP RELATED, I would love to have them. I am a Hip-Hop dude first of all and as a part of the job a lot of this other stuff has come into the mix. You know what I’m talking about? I don’t mean the gossip and stuff, I mean real rap rumors.

Get at me!


Russell Simmons will be shelling out a grip in child support for his beautiful kids. According to documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court today, Mr. Simmons will be paying $40,000 a month in child support for his two children by Kimora Lee Simmons, his ex wife. The papers offered some serious details such as Russ must cop the girls a new car ever three years. WOW! I never heard of such demands!


It appears that Amber Ross is a real (reformed?) lesbian. I’m sure you have seen all the pics of her and her boyish looking ex girlfriend. I am being told that her ex is HEATED that Kanye scooped her baby boo like that. Now, if there are any lesbians out there, email me on this – allhiphoprumors@gmail.com ….but, aren’t y’all very protective of your women to make sure they don’t go over to the man team? I may be ignorant, but a lot of times, when I look at a lesbian couple, one of them looks at me like, “Look what I have and you don’t” and clutches her girl tighter. Now, just email me. Anyway, Amber and her ex Tiffany aka Tre were a real couple very recently. Soon as Kanye showed interest, Tre was shown the door – I heard! These loving ladies were together for a reportedly two years and here comes Ye…smh! Homewrecker Yeezy! But, on the flip side, rumors fly that Kanye is really in love with this former stripper and doesn’t mind that she’s got a past. I suppose its all good, right?

What does this picture say?

Caption this sucker!


I have been giving you sporadic updates on what I have been hearing about Diddy’s new CD. I actually am not hearing anything bad. I mostly heard that Diddy’s new CD will have a Kanye sort of “twang” to it. What does that mean? I heard that it is going to be very electronic and “Euro.” I also heard that somebody said it will be a lot like a sequel to Press Play. We all know that Diddy will be using the autotune feature on the computer.

This is just odd, but I heard that Diddy and Soulja Boy have a new song called “Swagger” or something. I really don’t know for sure, but…that’s what I heard.


Remember that crazy situation with masked men pulling out the burner on Soulja Boy and threatening his life? I heard that matter was so disturbing to the young rapper that he has decided to move to Los Angeles. Somebody told me SB “can’t come back to Atlanta.” Now, that I don’t believe. I just think he wants to avoid the BS, if there is any facts in this rumor. This also gels well with the Diddy rumor since I know Diddy is out in LA working on his new album. Thoughts? Hey, for what its worth, I’d move too.


Jacki-O has been laying low recently, but she is going to be going hard at Khia when she comes out. In the intro to her new album/mixtape, she places a call to a fake record label called “Bulls**t Records” where the receptionists voice is hilarious. Anyway, after a quick laugh or two, it is revealed that Jacki-O is making “too much sense” and that Khia is on the label that only puts out bulls**t.

“We strive on pushing bulls**t”

LOL! This skit is really funny.

Click here to listen! And listen to the rest of it too…Jacki-O got her swagger back! I want to help her out!!!!


Talked to my homeboy Jimmy Jones in Houston and he told me that Rick Ross came down there to visit on the campus of Texas Southern University to promote his new album. I heard Ross did a number of fan friendly things an interview at the local radio station, and an autograph signing. Shout out to 90.9 KTSU FM! The interview went well and he gave us insight on the album, his thoughts on his current “situation” with 50 Cent.

Word is, Ross was on the campus with no security at all. You know some of these college campuses can be dangerous!

In unrelated school news, UConn will reportedly have 50 Cent for a spring concert.

I also heard that Rick Ross is going to have another legal situation in the near future. No, not DJ Vlad. I heard the real Freeway Ricky Ross is going to be suing Rick Ross the rapper for something or another. I am not sure, but he seems to feel like his likeness and identify has been swagger jacked. What do you think?

“I’m gonna sue you, sucka!”

“C’mon and get me – BAWSE!”


Shout out to the Kidz In The Hall! They have their own sneaker with Reebok and you will get an exclusive remix of Special Ed’s “I Got It Made.” Click here for the full story!

A man has sex for 12 hours with 2 women. He dies right after the sex-a-thon. Click here for why.

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake is out of jail now. Amy flew back to see him.

Just as we thought, Chris Brown is likely to scream self-defense when it gets to trial. We all heard the powerful rumors that Rihanna struck first.

Sam Jackson is negotiating to be in NINE Marvel comics movies as Nick Fury. Wow. In the comics, Nick is a White guy.

Ne-Yo and Jazmine Sullivan are going to be in a movie about the Tuskegee Airmen! Nice deal!

T.I.’s child support payments for his sons has gone from $5,000 to $3,000, which was agreed upon in November. Tip must me making paper.

I love how Fox New refers to Chris Brown as a rapper.

Chris Brown has received a multitude of death threats. They are saying that CB is actually fearful for his life.

I didn’t even realize this, but the Ocscars/Academy Awards forgot to give Eartha Kitt her props at the awards show. The sexy actress died at the age of 81 last year.

Also, if you have an affinity for spandex, send me a picture…I swear, its nothing freaking perverted! allhiphoprumors@gmail.com


Aubrey is looking for her next check, apparently (MTV):

Danity Kane was a wonderful group, and like all things, nothing is forever. We had a great run and we were very successful. If there was ever interest in me coming back… and making music with the girls, I would never say no to something like that.”

I don’t know if you saw this, but DMX claims his innocence in an alleged attack of a C.O.:

“Many of you know me as DMX but right now I am speaking to you as Earl Simmons … For the record, I want to state ‘I Did Not’ physically touch or hit an officer. This is just another attempt to destroy my credibility.”

Flo-Rida disses Chris Brown, before the trial:

“I recorded a great song with Chris. But I won’t be releasing it now because of what’s going on with him and Rihanna. It could have been my next No1.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

“We do not own user data, users do.” 😉

A letter to the mayor of Los Alamitos:

“I believe Los Alamitos is a great town and look forward to doing more business with their citizens in the future, but economically I will not support a city where a Mayor sends racist jokes over his public email. Shame on you Mayor Grose. Your actions disgust me. In this day and age there is no need for your RACIST jokes. I believe in hitting people where it hurts, and that is the wallet.” Go to yesterday’s rumors to discover what this mess is about.

CHECK OUT BECKHAM AND KG DUKE IT OUT ON THE COURT! I promise, this is worth your 1:30 minutes- haha!


What a week? I want to send a super, duper shout out to HugeneD of the UK. He got this to me right on time!


Some dude named Keelo Gramz is saying that Yayo stole this song. But, don’t all these guys take from each other? At any rate, the beat is hard…I am going to find the original…get it?


Somebody hit me with a rumor about DJ Miz. I’m not printing the rumor, but the person also hit me with a fresh song called “We Don’t Play.” Peep this: live from 1989.

Shout out to DJ Miz!


This is so funny…lol…Barack, G.W. Bush and the Clintons playing Wii!



Dawn Richard does her thing in the latest issue of KING magazine. Looking good, ma!



I know I am a bit late, but I wanted to comment on Bobby Jindal.

If you want to read a real nice editorial on the Republican party’s alleged interest in Hip-Hop, Black and Brown people…click here.

FAIL FAIL FAIL! Nobody is falling for this one!

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