Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Brown And Rick Ross Dating? Is The Queen Engaged? Friday Rumors!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS (ARCHIVES) Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon To Leave Universal? Diddy Gushes Over Obama! Luda and Tommy Lee Get That Green! Hip-Hop Rumors: OBAMA! Shawty Lo Gets Peaced? Rihanna […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon To Leave Universal? Diddy Gushes Over Obama! Luda and Tommy Lee Get That Green!

Hip-Hop Rumors: OBAMA! Shawty Lo Gets Peaced? Rihanna The Skater? Lil’ Wayne To Rehab?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Pharrell Pushes Big Boy Off Stage! Is Lil’ Wayne A G.O.A.T?



On the recent video shoot of DJ Khaled’s “Out There Grinding” video shoot, Rick Ross was very cuddly with Foxy Brown on the video set, this may be a new couple in the making!

That’s all I know, but what I know is true. (See pics towards the bottom of the page)


Hey, Ladies! Its time to get funky! Heather Hunter and Treach (from Naughty By Nature) are recasting a slot for a three-girl, sexy, explicit rap group. Whoo Whoo! If you are a female rapper and interested, please hit up the Official Home of the Femcees at officialfemcees@yahoo.com or Heather Hunter http://www.myspace.com/heatherhuntertheunexpected! I am interested in this as well so if you think you are hot AND can rap, email me too at ahhrumors@gmail.com. I might put you on AllHipHop.com. I see Treach getting his hustle on.


I keep getting these reports about ticket sales in the UK and how Jay-Z doesn’t sell so well. I don’t quite know why, but here is the latest. He is doing three shows at three very big different events and none have sold out. There is the Glastonbury on June 28. There is also the O2 Wireless Festival on July 3. And then there is the Projekt Revolution event with Linkin Park. For that event, they have sold about 40,000 tickets to a venue that seats 75,000. That’s a lot of tickets – sold! The problem is they paid zillions of UK “pounds” to get Jigga over there and they need to recoup their money.


Actually, this one isn’t the rapper, but the casting director for a rapper’s video. The dude is offering the girl the lead in “Rich” rapper’s video if she offers her body to him in another “capacity.” Did this guy ever get girls? The email is below minus the names. Shout out to Lady Mocha.


this is XXX casting director for the upcoming [rich rapper’s] video”wrist out the window”.i recently reviewed your pictures and i was impressed and would like to possibly set up a meet and greet after me and my team arrive in your area (currently im in houston).i will be in touch soon to discuss a good time and go over all the details of the shoot.in the mean time feel free to call me at my office.

p.s.listen….id be willing to make you an offer on the lead role in this video. if you would be willing to offer yourself to me in another “capacity”.if so i will email you over a copy of the contract and have you read it over but dont sign it just yet . if you’re not interested we can forget this ever happened and play it by the rules ….


You know Cashis has like nine or 10 kids. Look at what tmz is reporting…

“TMZ has learned that the baby mama of O.C. rapper Cashis is being investigated for allegedly hitting their little girl.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the young daughter of Cashis (real name: Ramone Johnson) told her elementary school nurse a few days back that her mom had hit her with a broomstick.

Sources tell us that there was a mark on the girl’s arm that confirmed her story. The Orange County sheriff’s office has interviewed the mother, who claims the broomstick incident was an accident. Her response to one question was…the girl ran into the broomstick. Sure…”

“Ran into a broomstick.” She couldn’t come up with something better than that? That’s not better than Diddy’s “his face ran into my closed fist” though. HAHAHAAHA!


I generally stay away from these rumors about the Queen, but did somebody get engaged to somebody?


Hillary and Barack…! Barack took a meeting with Hillary and they talked about “uniting the Democratic Party.” We are already united!

OUCH! Boondocks’ Aaron McGruder is releasing those scathing BET-themed and banned episodes on DVD. He’s not a fan of the network one bit. Bring the Uncle Ruckus.

A Pound! People are always quick to turn something regular into something negative. Barack and Michelle gave each other a POUND! That’s it – not some damn “fist bump.” Wow. People are stupid.

Dissing Snoop? Check out “W’s Down” and tell me if Crooked I is dissing Snoop Dogg or not.

Tell The Truth: Lil Mama bodied this “A Millie” freestyle. Dude ain’t heard a real chick spit in so long that don’t even know what to do.

Give Me An Update: Lil Wayne is in New Orleans and has a show in the French Quarter tonight. Let me know what happened if you are there.

Eminem Is Working: I know we have been waiting for forever, but Eminem is in the studio. He was in there last night, in fact.

Beat The Case: When Mavado was arrested, I was sure he was going to jail, but I have word he beat his gun case yesterday. He’s a free man!

Stop The Boo Boo. There were several reports that Lil’ Flip was in a horrible car accident. Guess what? He wasn’t. Retractions must be made. Click here for the actual factual.


JD recently stated “The DJ is Dead.” I got what his point was, but I’m sure DJ Lord of Public Enemy would disagree with that. Check out his skills!


Serena talks about her relationship to Common (Ebony magazine):

“I think [Common’s] a great guy. He’s obviously a great artist who is timeless and classic. You can’t beat that. But I have to focus on tennis because that’s my goal in life.”

Stevie Wonder on what he thinks of Barak Obama:

“He’s a combination of JFK [John F Kennedy, former US President, assassinated in 1963], and Martin Luther King. With that he can’t lose.”

Nicki Minaj loves some Lauryn Hill. Check out her quote from our story The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill: Ten-Year Anniversary (check it):

The name Lauryn Hill is synonymous with beauty, dignity, class, power, and raw uncut talent. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill changed my life. It was as if she read the pages of my diary. Songs like “Ex-Factor” were uncanny in its unique ability to tell the unspoken story of not only my relationship, but everyone’s relationships. It’s like she was a fly on the wall. “And when I try to walk away you’ll hurt yourself to make me stay.” What a writer. She then melts every girl’s heart when she “Marches to Zion. Beautiful, beautiful Zion.” The son everyone told her to abort. I love you, Lauryn. Hip-Hop needs you. Muah!” Nicki Minaj


An elderly man gets hit by a vehicle and the car keeps it moving! Wow. On top of that, the people there really didn’t even do anything – not even stop traffic for the poor man! Here is the raw footage along with info to the authorities.


Merry Friday folks, I figure I’ll start off with something positive for a change so let’s get to it…..

Nas backs Barack……. Yes We Can!

Nas recently commented on how he feels about politics in this country and it was quite insightful to mtv. But then again I would expect nothing less from Nas! Anyway peep it out below:

“There never been a president to address the slaughter of young black people by this country’s police. When your government’s police are killing one section of people, that’s genocide. There’s never been a president to even acknowledge it. You don’t acknowledge that? That’s a big thing President Obama has to recognize when he gets in office. I’m five presidents in … and I ain’t seen nothing happen to stop the police murders on young, black people,” he added.

Uh-Oh Run for cover… Terrance Dean is coming out with a film!

Terrence Dean author of Hiding in Hip Hop ( the gay man’s bible to who’s doing whose man in the industry) is coming out with a film. Check out the trailer below:

I ain’t mad at him but if it’s anything like the book I’m NOT impressed! Dust yourself off and try again T. Not for nothing but ‘How you doin’!

Trouble in Paradise: Superhead’s BF Eddie Winslow tries to run her over…… I Don’t Blame Him But……

Karrine Steffans sent a text out in the AM to her good pal Perez Hilton explaining a domestic dispute between her and her current boyfriend Darius McCrary. Peep below:

‘It’s Karrine. U have to help me. My boyfriend just tried to run over me with his car. [I] Just made a police report. In August, he placed me in a choke hold at a strip club on my birthday. There’s a report and photos of that. There was another choking I never reported but is now being investigated. I lied to the city attny to save his ass but I’m DONE. He’ll kill me if I go on with this. YES…Eddie Winslow from Family Matters! I have to give you this story. Pls!’

No wonder this chick can’t concentrate on writing another bestseller! Poor thing!

TGIF Goodies:

Solange’s New Vid ‘I Decided’ [Illseed note: NICE VID SOLANGE!]

Any thoughts? Good luck Solo on healing that bum foot!

Lady Drama’s Food For Thought:

Is anyone else tired of Usher and his wife, lets do both of them a big favor and forget about them as quick as they got married and had a kid!

With Barack being on the democratic ticket when will the Hillary stans fall back? It’s OFFICIAL get over it!

Where are my Laker fans at we’re going all the way! Celtic fans get a grip on reality, we got the game tied up stop TRIPPIN!

With Superhead’s third book underway, her publicity domestic stunt is quite pathetic not to mention low! But then again would we expect anything more from Superhead?

That’s all for me folks until next time remember ‘The less you say the more they LISTEN’


Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……..WHEW! These are some beautiful ladies!

Kelly Rowland is surpassing Beyonce if you ask me! I mean…passed!


Her mom’s glare is scary.


I was reading the interview with Darlene, Ice-T’s ex-wife and she really made an interesting reference. She said that Egyptian Lover was the 80’s musical equivalent to Souljah Boy. I want to re-unit you with the FREAK-A-HOLIC! (Before you laugh, E.L. was a very close relative to the NWA family.)


I wonder if 50 is going to get mad for Banks kissing Rocsi?

A Rocsi friend emailed me and told me her thoughts on the mess. Interesting.

So about the whole G-Unit/Rocsi thing… They were on 106&Park on Tuesday, June 3rd. This past week leading up to their visit, Rocsi was doing her best to make it look like there was no beef between them. The day before and of their visit, she actually mustered up the strength to get a lil crunk about them coming! Rocsi’s my girl and I KNOW that must have been hard for her, but she did a good job. So Tuesday comes and they have other guests like Janet Jackson, but then before you know it, it’s G-Unit time! As soon as they come out, you can feel the tension IMMEDIATELY. Like even at home, me and my sister could feel the awkwardness through the TV! So Yayo and Banks come out, we’re looking and surprise, surprise: no 50. Obviously he sent the goons to do his dirty work. But yeah, as soon as they step on the stage, Terrance dick-rides both of them n##### and they show love back. I wasn’t expecting this, but Banks reaches out to Rocsi and they hug it out. Then, real timid-like, Rocsi says “Yayo?” expecting a hug from him too. Dude doesn’t even acknowledge her! So she’s like okay… lol I felt for her! So they’re up on stage and the way they’re standing is Yayo, Rocsi, Terrance, and Banks. Notice here, Yayo is at least a foot away from the group and the others ain’t even an inch apart. So Terrance and Rocsi continue on doing their jobs, trying to see what these cats are up to, new projects and whatnot, and Banks is being real cooperative with the both of them, but once Rocsi starts asking Yayo questions, things get awkward again… at one point she asked him if he had anything new coming out besides TOS or something and he said “TOS COMING OUT JULY 1ST!” or whenever they release that crap… everything she asked, that was his response. It was really ridiculous and childish. So they go to a video and when they come back, it’s now Yayo, Terrance, Rocsi, and Banks. Now everybody is one big happy family, standing ULTRA close now and the tension has already diminished a little. This time Rocsi asks Yayo about movie roles and he actually answers, thank goodness. She even asked if 50 was giving him acting tips and he was like “Yeah 50’s helping blah blah err whatever…” so she was pretty ballsy for that one. Overall though, the visit was not a good one and I’m glad it’s over lol… and I’m even happier that 50 decided to stay his ass wherever he was at! Cuz that s### would have had a completely different outcome. I give Banks mad respect for being decent to Rocsi from the jump, but Yayo definitely lost my respect and now G-Unit’s one notch higher on my Most Hated list…


If you really are down with Hip-Hop and/or old you remember the name Meeno. He had a lil’ beef with Jay-Z in the 90’s. He is still down with Dame Grease. Check him out.


DMX is down in Lee County and was spotted last night at a pool hall in Cape Coral chillin’ and playin pool acting a fool. See the pic below.

Check out this email about DMX. I hope the dog is OK.

I read your Walmart news about DMX- so I decided to send my own tidbit. Dmx recently did a show in South Carolina for the Rough Riders on Memorial day. It was all Rough Rider members there for Bike Week. He was there with Cassidy, Drag-On, and Eve. He definitely ripped it for about an hour. The thing is he was definitely high- and it didn’t look like weed. He almost fell of the stage 2 times. At once point- he tried to guzzle some champagne and fell to the floor choking right in the middle of the show- it was almost surreal. I have the whole show on camcorder if no one believes me. Towards the end of the show- he brought out his son to rap(he’s about 16)- who did a sort of Christian type rap. When it was over..DMX screamed…”Thats my baby- I dont care how old he is ..”Thats my baby” ..and really started crying hard. That made me have a lot of respect for DMX- U can tell he’s a real genuine dude. Not tooo many people would get that emotional in front of strangers. I mean tears and everything- even though he was screaming- it was still cool to see the genuiness.


Foxy is holding on like EnVogue!


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