Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Brown’s NOT Pregnant? Irv Airs Ashanti Out! Britney Vs Timbaland!

CLICK HERE FOR ALLHIPHOP WEEK INFORMATION Like I said, next week you can expect to see a nice, lil editorial on AllHipHop Week – in the meantime, check out the line up! OHHHHHHH – Guess who leaked on the same day!? Ain’t that something else? The two biggest names in Hip-Hop, drop albums on the […]


Like I said, next week you can expect to see a nice, lil editorial on AllHipHop Week – in the meantime, check out the line up!

OHHHHHHH – Guess who leaked on the same day!?

Ain’t that something else? The two biggest names in Hip-Hop, drop albums on the same day and even leak on the same day. It really doesn’t get any better than this, does it? Well, at least they are equal on the leak factor, because if one leaks first then the playing field isn’t level. Its level as hell right now!


So, I have some connections to the Women’s House on Rikers. (Yeah, I like a women that can thug it a lil’ bit.) And, from there, I have a few little details that debunk some of the commonly stated things about Ms. Brown. The first is that she isn’t really pregnant. We all know that Foxy claimed she was preggers right before going in the clink. Additionally, she charged that she was engaged to be married. My source told me that Foxy is NOT pregnant. Now, they didn’t give the rapper a test, but they based this on the fact that inside the Women’s House on Rikers, there is a special ward for people that are with child. If Foxy was indeed expecting, she would be in that ward. My source charges that Fox attempted to get leniency from the Judge and failed.

Well here is what my jailhouse source said:

“Foxy is not in general population. They have her housed in an upper area designated for witnesses to protect her from her “fans”. She was allowed to keep her (nappy) weave in her head.

Foxy still has that “air” about her, but the female officers ain’t feeling her and they aint having it! She tried to get loud with one female Captain, and the Captain told her “B***h, you’ve been here for over a week and you aint take a f***ing shower yet! No wonder they call you the Ill-Na-Na!! You stinkin’ b***h!”

Damn, that’s just wrong right there. I still like Foxy, but maybe she should hop in the shower. I know its tough with all those naked women in there, but…you gotta handled that!


I don’t have all the details, but they are forthcoming. All that people need to know is that Irv Gotti admitted to smashing Ashanti – wow! You know, I have had a long-term crush on her and now we have a kiss and teller in Mr. Gotti. He also said that he didn’t appreciate when Ashanti put some distance between herself and the Murder Inc Brand as they were the focus of a federal investigation. She’s still signed to The Inc so, we’ll see how this unfolds. On the hit, he’s not telling us anything we didn’t know, but I guess the excitement lies in the admission of smashery. (Smashery is a copyright of illseed industries.) Shout out to Wendy Williams and Charlamange Tha God!


On top of everything, those crazy kids at Young, Black and Fabulous are saying that Nelly might be stepping out on Ashanti. You know that ain’t right. At a party JD recently had in Atlanta, they say:

Nelly had about 3 bodyguards with him and when he was walking by Crystal (Flavor of Love Charm School) he may as well had screwed her right there on the dance floor, for a hot second they were all into one another.



The Game is quiet here in the states, but he’s not quite over in Australia, where he was supposed to perform. Somehow or another, there was an altercation and The Game opted to leave the venue. I heard fans waited up to eight hours to see Game. The security in Adelaide broke the news. On the positive side, the fans were able see other artists on the bill like Akon, Naughty by Nature, Pitbull and Sisqo. Sisqo? How’d he pull that off?


Markeda Barnes-Joseph, the woman who accuses Remy Ma of trying to off her, is back in the news. According to the New York Daily News, she is getting better.

About Remy and Foxy Brown, she said the following:

“They feel that they can do whatever they want and get away with. They think that because they’re rappers that they need to make a name for themselves. It’s ridiculous, the stupid things she [Foxy Brown] is doing. Because they’re hard-core female rappers, they [think they] have to live up to what they say in their raps.”

Markeda is going to have more surgery to address the issues stemming from getting shot. She has to see a physical therapist every day, but is confined to a bed.

“It’s really hard. It hurts,” she said. “I sit here and I try to think every day, ‘Why is she doing that? How can she deny that?’”

That’s pretty sad, if I do say so myself. I hope she gets better.


I told you about the rumor about Andre 3 Stacks (when the heck is that solo CD coming out) and how he didn’t pay the strippers. You know, the skeezers were mad at him for that. Well, Kanye is next up. In a recent article, Kanye got six lapdances in London and didn’t even pay the chicks a red cent. Ye don’t love dem h-words!


First Ne-Yo and now Timbo – Britney Spears is beefing! They are saying that Britney Spears is trying to bust out for the MTV Video Music Awards. There is just one problem. Timbaland is the music director and he’s coordinating all the performances. He doesn’t want the blonde train wreck there. She isn’t confirmed, but Tim supposedly thinks Brit is too much of a hassle. This chick has lost all her hit records – why bother when there’s nothing there?ILLSEED GETS DUNKEDThis is another Ill Community pic of me…the joys of being a kid!


So, I heard that Mike Vick had an artist that he’s working with and his name is Zu Ali. So I looked Zu up and realized that I got him on the site a ways back for his song called “Hate.” Zu is from VA and he’s supposedly still down with Vick. I don know if this is

something you all care about, but Vick’s dad got in some trouble. Rumor has it, and I can’t confirm, but they say dad just got

caught out there on a drug charge. And then Mike found out his cousin a

bi-sexual person and Mike wasn’t with it so he’s been cut. Then there was the weed and the bust…crazy!


Check out this report from yahoo and how they monitored Dr. King’s widow Coretta Scott after “they” killed him.

ATLANTA – Federal agents spied on the widow of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for several years after his assassination in 1968, according to newly released documents that reveal the FBI worried about her following in the footsteps of the slain civil rights icon.

In memos that reveal Coretta Scott King being closely followed by the government, the FBI noted concern that she might attempt “to tie the anti-Vietnam movement to the civil rights movement.”

Four years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s death, the FBI closed its file on Coretta Scott King, saying, “No information has come to the attention of Atlanta which indicates a propensity for violence or affiliation of subversive elements,” according to a memorandum dated Nov. 30, 1972.

I wonder what they will reveal about this Sept. 11 stuff in 50 years?


Most of you will not be interested in this, but this new Nickleback video features cameos by the likes of Paul Wall, Lupe Fiasco, Nelly Furtado, Chuck “Rampage Bodied Me” Lidell and Twista. Even Gene Simmons shows up.


You know, I think Remy won their battle, but I feel this song a lot. The lane is open – maybe Lady Luck will jump in for the ladies of Hip-Hop.


…You never thought illseed would take it this far! You know, I’ll never like John Wayne thanks to PE.


Justin Timberlake is looking to perform his hit song, “D**k in a Box” when the Emmys roll around on Sept. 16.

Diamond from Crime Mob is doing her thing solo. Her new mixtape is called “B***h Music.” Why does that pique my interest?

What did you all think of “Celebrity Rap Superstar?” I thought it was a lil’ silly but Shar Jackson is my favorite female rapper now. LOL. Da Brat’s K-Fed comment was CLASSSIC!

Bobby Brown is stating that Whitney Houston has prevented him from seeing his daughter. Why, because he has something crazy on his arm? Crazier than Whit!?

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather is going to be on Dancing with the Stars? Wow. I hope that doesn’t mess him for for when he slays Ricky Hatton.

Bow Wow and Rev. Run’s younger daughter are dating. Hmmm…

What happened to Ray Cash? That dude was ill!

Do you think Common and Q-Tip would make a super group? Q-Tip says that’s what they plan to do. I think Q-Tip, Phife and Ali Shaheed Muhammad make a super group!

Sean Kingston is NOT confirmed to play a young Biggie Smalls in a film on the legend.


This is Free and me at a recent party.

Who gave this dirty dude a Delta Sigma Theta Sorority t-shirt? I bet the AKA’s put him up to it! (SIKE!) Even The Roc might get mad at this!

Do any of you know the rumor about this Beanie / R.Kelly song? Mums the word.

Seriously…can somebody tell me if this is REALLY Toni Braxton’s sister? I have been getting this pic for two months and I NEED TO KNOW!

Mike Tyson. No words.

Kelis Rules – even though she is married.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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