Hip-Hop Rumors: G-Unit Reunion? Who’s Mad At Drake? Sex Talk With Hoopz!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE I have to say…I applied to be a super hero. Remember that group of nerds that go around fighting crime and feeding the homeless? Well, […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.THE DAILY TWO SENSE

I have to say…I applied to be a super hero. Remember that group of nerds that go around fighting crime and feeding the homeless? Well, I figured I could make them a little bit cooler. Well, these dudes took my application and they rejected me. I was just trying to do good and they denied me, saying I was just some Hip-Hop dude that had good google stats! I asked them what I needed to do and they just didn’t reply. Now, guess what?


I didn’t want to be in your club anyway!

A G-UNIT 2010 REUNION?????

Here is some news that seems a bit far-fetched, but perhaps not considering the Hip-Hop climate.

I am hearing there may be A G-UNIT REUNION IN THE SUMMER OF 2010. This is YOUNG BUCK, THE GAME, 50 CENT, BANKS AND YAYO.

Sound implausible, eh? But The Game has noted in a few interviews that he’s not warring with 50 like that anymore and the also noted that there have been instances were 50 Cent didn’t dis him. Remember, when Game had the chance to go super hard at 50 with Rick Ross – he didn’t. I personally think this would be a good idea if the dudes can get over it. Its clear that that was not a fake beef and these dudes need to band together and sell units. No pun intended. Plus Young Buck is dope as an artist. We need him back in the game. No pun intended.

Lloyd Banks reportedly has several offers on the table for a recording home, with the most enticing being Atlantic Records, from what I hear. Tony Yayo is likely to go indie and possibly forming a group with Uncle Murda, Ransom and…Ron Browz? We’ll see.

I wonder what the delay is on 50 Cent’s album? I’d really like to hear the thing to see what he’s got musically this time. I’m hearing there might be some real behind the scenes wrangling going on that nobody knows about. I heard 50 did a song with DJ Premier, but we may never hear it. SMH. I heard this isn’t 50 or Preem’s fault though.


Uh-OH! Artists, there are a few cities that you don’t want to disappoint. Chicago is one of them. I don’t have all the details, but my people in Chicago are telling me that Drake missed a date there at the House of Blues and fans are upset. Somebody said and I quote, “Drake will learn.” Now, I know the person so this isn’t a threat or anything of that. I think it was just a person saying as a young dude in the game with no project on the streets, he needs to make these important dates. And, then they said there is more to come…I wonder what else can be said? 


Lupe Fiasco is moving into a cult-like status. Nah, not really, but he’s got some song called “Shining Down.” Well, he gave fans a mini glimpse of the song, just the hook and some of the beat. LOL. Lupe thought he was going to be able to just leak it and keep them in suspense. NOPE. Based on the snippet, a producer named Yung Star remade the beat and created an instrumental that sounds almost exactly like Lupe’s original. LOL. You gotta love it.

Here is the snipped for “Shining Down”:



Like I said there was a rumor that Yung Berg and Young Trump got into a fight. Well, I wasn’t trying to cause a fuss, but Trump has come back with a response. Well, Trump gave me his number to give to Berg to squash any friction, but I don’t have Berg’s info. Oh well.

Yo What’s poppin illseed I just got the word that I got beat up by

berg and his homies that’s real funny right there I’m in La right on

hollywood blvd leaving out the studio with my Boy mayjar and Hoodnoiz

people blowing up our phones talkin bout that s**t! Look yo I’m sick

of dis berg s**t. homie a f**k boy not thinkin bout dis dude or his

homies they female doggs like bow wow to me man I try to give homie a

pass and let him chill and make music but homie better check my DNA no

pu**y in my blood yah dig! I don’t kno who startin dis s### but its

gettin that n#### in some s**t if home boy reach out to me and stop

stayin inside we can talk dis s**t. BBTV coming Soon Calliope

Click album drop soon!


I don’t see this happening, but Rick Ross and “Freeway” Ricky Ross – doing biz? Hemmm….check out what Rick had to say to Jenny Boom Boom!

“I mean most definitely, You know I’m a business man so any business we could do, you know, it is most definitely something I look forward to doing. I mean a dude that just did a little time he could really reflect on different things, I don’t know what kinda business ventures he know but me, we in to films and different things like that. You’ll never know what a man is up to. Of course (I haven’t met him), but you know I been in the game a few years, shout-out to him, he’s doing his thing. Do we have any business together? No we don’t, but you know, we both hustlers. So I wish him the best, so you know, that’s what I say on that.”


T-Pain was shown at a televised episode of the p#### awards. I heard Pain was there with some dude that won an award. Pause, not like that.

Rumor has it, Eminem has a secret show in NYC on Tues.


Remember the copper that kicked the gang member in the face after the foot chase in LA? Well, that COP is crazy. The cop owns a clothing line that supports and glorifies gang and prison life. What the hell? George Fierro, the officer in question, owns Torcido Clothing, which is slang for being locked down. Even the other officers were saying that this guy is giving the wrong message for a copper. They have not taken any action against him, but the LAPD are appalled. I wonder if they are also appalled that he kicked a fellow gang member in the face.


Hoopz did a sex tape and she’s shocked and scared. Read about it.


Iman had this to say about Michelle Obama in Parade Magazine:

“Mrs. Obama is not a great beauty. But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther. When you’re a great beauty, it’s always downhill for you. If you’re someone like Mrs. Obama, you just get better with age.”

Redman talks about where he would like to be (Dog & Pony Show)

“I will leave (Def Jam) right now and go over there to Shady. I don’t care, ’cause they still doing hip-hop and I love it. Anybody supporting it, I’m there. Big up to Shady though, but I ain’t off Def Jam yet, f*ck. But I’m there though. I’m still rockin’. Come get me for a record though, let’s make it happen.”

Melle Mel is tooooo funny! He used a diagram to explain where Joe Budden’s place was in Hip-Hop.

“Joe Budden is down here somewhere at #32 – that’s somewhere around the a**crack or the the b####### of Hip-Hop.”

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I mean, I know Charles Hamilton is a polarizing character, but this young fellow just took it too far! Jeez, dude! No hate to him – but this is over the top!


Here is the Friday Hip-Hop Report!

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If you had 24 hours to live…what would you to? Go to church with Mase – why not?

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