Hip-Hop Rumors: Games Lil Artist! Max B Never Was Shot? Interscope Droppin ‘Em!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! WHAT A WEEKEND! Who else got had a great weekend? I sure did. I’m feeling like a new person. Also, so you know, I am really […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Who else got had a great weekend? I sure did. I’m feeling like a new person. Also, so you know, I am really considering taking a sabbatical from rumors for a while. Definitely not quitting, but maybe a month or so of just getting my brains together. I’ve been scrambled for so long and now I feel like I am getting it together a lil’ bit. Sorta/not really. Nevertheless, it something I am thinking about. Not sure if Drama and Shelz are up to itt, but I’d give them dibs on it or somebody else from the AHH team. We’ll see.

Also, like I said, I have officially joined the ranks of twitter, I can be found at twitter.com/illseed.


I’ve told you time in, time out that Interscope was going to be dropping a lot of their acts that had been on the shelf for extended period. There have been numerous reported drops, but Interscope isn’t talking! Nevertheless, we’re sure a lot of cats are dropped. There has been artist that has been seemingly protected from the axe – Bishop Lamont. B.L. has been covered on this website any number of times. Somebody had told me that Bishop’s debut isn’t likely to come out on Interscope. I certainly expect this to be responded to by Bishop in hours. He’s pretty swift. Anyway, these alleged developments came about late last week. I also heard that the same person that is Dr. Dre’s chief engineer is also the person engineering Brit Spears new CD.

The last rumor I heard is that Busta’s CD will be dropping on Inrterscope and that’s the end of that. Busta has been seen at other labels in NYC as well, so he might be looking for a new residence for his music.


The rapper’s name is Elijah Harris and he is 13 years old from Harlem NY. I am hearing the boy is crazy nice and he is signed to Game’s Black Wall Street imprint. I am hearing this kid is already working on a new CD an a release is totally eminent as soon as he gets a deal and a date. I think he can be seen when Game slayed Bow Wow in Madden. Now.., how ironic is that? Click here to see that event, if you missed. More on this Elijah guy from AHH real soon.


Swizz Beatz finally releases a statement on his alleged relationship to Alicia Keys.

Here it is compliments of US magazine:

“I can no longer ignore the harmful rumors, that my friend Alicia Keys is in any way linked to my marital circumstances or to the decision that [my wife] Mashonda and I have made to separate. I am disappointed that some have chosen to try and tarnish Alicia’s reputation by irresponsibly implicating her in a situation that she has absolutely nothing to do with. This experience has been one of the most difficult times in my life, and as was stated when we announced our separation several months ago, I ask that you continue to respect my privacy in dealing with this personal matter.”

Do you believe?


Getting shot has never been cool in the real world, but in Hip-Hop it can make a career. You have people like 50 Cent, The Game, Shyne and Tupac that have gained credibility – in part – by getting shot. Now, a ways back, Max B got shot – or so they say. I don’t know if you remember, but Max’s PR people were giving two mixed stories. One said he got shot and the other said he wasn’t. Well, I heard Max never got shot, even though his PR said otherwise. In fact, I heard Max was actually home chillin’ with his family when this alleged shooting happened. Now, that is a great deal! He’s a good father!

I also heard that Jim Jones never actually bailed him out of jail. I heard actually a women from Harlem did that and even put up hear home as collateral. i ain’t sure how factual this is, but…its coming back as a late rumor.

Not getting shot is great!


Diddy reminds me of Dr. Dre. They don’t put out more than they put out. I mean, I know G-Dep came out, but he seemed to get swallowed up so fast. here is the lastest on Mr. Drep. he just released a mixtape that should be on AHH exclusively in a day or so. Dep is on his grind and I heard he is going to be dropping another one in about 3-4 weeks. I also heard a new album will hit at the top of 2009. He’s been working with Dame Grease, Ron Browz, DJ Premier, Needlz, Easy El Pee, Yogi and a bunch of new guys.


Jennifer Hudson has sold out and got engaged to her man… David Otunga, aka Punk from “I Love New York.” I liked the janitor dude that she came up with.

“I can confirm that Jennifer got engaged to her boyfriend David on Friday night in L.A.” says a rep to People.

WTF? Dude accepted his proposal on her own 27th birthday. They have been dating less than a year, but are both from Chicago. I don’t know.

ILLSEED’S QUICKIES50 Cent is STILL dissing Kanye West. The way it looks now, Kanye might beat 50’s a$$ especially if he has a camera! Click here for that rumor, which was posted over the weekend.

Did you know there was a dance called the “Barack Groove?” I didn’t either. Click here to watch it.

Rumor has it, a certain DJ known to raise the ire of the feds may be a daddy-to-be. I heard the possible mother is beatutful at least.Nelly dissed Ice-T. Did you see it? Click here for this doozie. But, Nelly had a point.Some people email me. And, they try to tell me what I should or shouldn’t say. Check it. Nobody tells me what  I can or cannot say. If I support Obama, I support him.  I will do that. Just because a few of you (men and women) got your lipstick on for McCain…that’s ya biz! And without further commentary…How funny was Tina Fey as Sarah Palin? She was dead on. McCain would do better to pick Tina Fey as a running mate. And who told Lil Wayne he was a real rock star. LOL. He was on SNL too and really just seemed like he was play acting.


Shelz sent this to me…and she had to ask…”Jim Jones…the future of Hip-Hop..really?”


Gucci Mane Gets Locked Up

Note to Anyone on Probation….Comply with Your Terms.

The Court of Gucci Mane!

Snoop Dogg Granted Visa

So Russell Crowe may have more pull than I thought. The good folk of Australia are allowing Snoop into their country after all.

“We took into account all relevant factors and, on balance, the department decided to grant the visa,” the immigration department said in a statement.

Snoop will also be doing some charity work with at-risk youth while in the country.


Man, big shout out to Wyclef and Matt Damon, who have been helping in the relief effort in Haiti. I have a newfound respect for Matta Damon. First, he slays Palin and then he’s helping alongside of Clef. http://www.onexone.org is the site to help.

From Joey Adler:

Dear Friends and Family

I am in the airport in Haiti having spent the last 27 hours here part of a onexone-Yele Haiti mission led by Wyclef Jean, Matt Damon and Frank McKenna as well as 3 of us from onexone and press from all over the world.

The situation here can be described as Catastrophe on top of crisis Haiti has been in a state of crisis for years and now after 4 Hurricanes in a row there are areas which are worst than Katrina 8 bridges are down and so no food can even get there, children are dying and some haven’t had food in 12 days I am imploring you all to go to Onexone web site on the front it says Haiti Flood relief for Yele Haiti which was founded by Wyclef and his cousin Jerry I have been many places in this world and thought I had seen the worst, this is absolutely the worst thing we have ever seen.

Please give whatever you can but more importantly send this message to as many people as you can. The world has forgotten Haiti, as individuals we cannot.

Any amount

Thank you


NEW TI – “What’s Happenin'”


If you are in Philly, you are fully engaged in the way this beef has been going down. I can’t lie…this is past my scope.

ok lets get two things straight ….i told cyssero and loaded lux i taped the conversation way before it hit the net it was good pub for all 3 of us. cuz loaded lux needs someone to battle for this big philly vs. new york battle were both artist were going to be paid a nice chunk of change and the conversation wasnt bad it ended up with both of them exchanging numbers and talking about doin a song together, and mike knox the same n#### who secretly recorded beanie sigel and him on the phone together and put it on a new york dvd(REAL TALK DVD) so whos sellin a philly n#### out..now 2. never ever have i had someone from new york or anywhere else diss someone from philly u can check the web and all my dvds so i dont know where that came from and im cool wit alot of n##### from ny all the way 2 miami so it aint like i crewed up wit people from new york to go at philly i got love for my city…now to keep it g its all really about gillie da kid feeling some type of way cuz beanie sigel jumped on stage at powerhouse and said he was the king of philly and i put the footage on my dvd and i ask him why he jumped on stage like that( and gillie da kid was there)cuz gillie called me and ask me why im trying to start beef with him and sigel and im like i didnt tell that man to go on stage and say that..so he had a liitle problem with me ever since. tell me why gillie didnt go down sigel street when beanie sigel said that on my dvd .he went to cassidy block and talked s### (he got picks)…

im not going to get in to the situation on who was there who had this and that who did this and that, cuz i aint know snitch some street s### went down so its goin to stay on the street




A lot of people do the T-Pain, but not like my boy G.


These guys are ill. Shout out to Odeisel for showing me The Willows.

Click here for the rest of the good music in “Sick Sundays.”


Obamamania is now in full effect!

Click here to read the full story on the Rednecks


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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