Hip-Hop Rumors: Gangsa Disciples Confront Waka Flocka in Chicago

Waka Flocka Flame gets into a confrontation with some Gangsta Disciples repping Chicago.

Waka Flocka ain’t never scared, so it’s no surprise that he stood off with some Chicago goons claiming to be Gansta Disciples. The video starts with Waka seemingly greeting fans and then goes left when some random dudes start reppin’…from across the street.

Waka Flocka initially takes the bait but then keeps it moving when he sees that the dudes are probably just haters trying to knock him off his game. Watch:

Situations like this can get really crazy, really fast so Waka and his entourage did the right thing by walking away. Someone in Waka’s camp could have gone to jail or even been killed and for what, pathetic excuses of men who feel so lost and insecure that they have nothing better to do than try to drag other people into their madness? FOH!