Hip Hop Rumors: Guess Who May Be Responsible For Future and Ciara's Breakup?


Ok now make sure you have a few minutes to spare, because this one takes awhile to get out…

Rumors have been circulating a minute now that Future and Rihanna may have a ‘thing,’ but it gets even messier because one site is reporting that another party may be involved, Keyshia Cole. Peep what Blind Gossip.com is saying:

“This relationship started out with the best of intentions. Two good-looking and successful people – both at the top of their game – fell in love and got engaged.
Of course there was the obligatory giant diamond ring (which he helped to design), the open displays of admiration for each other, and declarations of happiness all around when the engagement was announced.
Sweet, right?
Oh, hell no!
He was so used to women flocking to him that he just couldn’t seem to settle into only having one woman. In the past six months alone, he has cheated on her at least twice… and both of the women that we know about are famous!
Mistress 1 is probably the most famous person in this story. She was working on a project with Fiance, and there were some whispers that the two of them had gotten close. Our Bride-to-be initially dismissed the rumors as gossip, but later found out that the rumors were all true. Bride was furious… but her Fiance managed to convince her that it was nothing more than a few casual hookups and that it was totally over. Groom-to-be and Mistress 2 worked on a project together a few years ago. Nothing happened then, but as soon as Groom got engaged, Mistress 2 was suddenly all over him! This was no one-night stand either. It was an honest-to-goodness full-blown affair. Bride has no clue about Mistress 2, and you know that there is zero chance that Groom will voluntarily tell her about it. So we will.
Mistress 1:
Mistress 2:
BONUS CLUES on Twitter!
BONUS CLUE: Mistress 1 is single. Mistress 2 is married. This affair may have broken up M2′s marriage.
BONUS CLUE: One woman was pregnant while these affairs were occurring!
August 13, 2014
Bride-to-be: Ciara
Groom-to-be: Future
Mistress 1: Rihanna
Mistress 2: Keyshia Cole
We were not at all surprised when it was announced today that Ciara and Future broke up. The reports are saying that Future cheated. Blind Gossip told you about this two months ago… and we also told you with whom he was cheating!
While Ciara was pregnant with Future’s baby, Future was screwing around on her with Rihanna and Keyshia Cole. Ciara gave birth to their son, Future Zahir, three months ago. However, by that time, the relationship with Future was broken. Now you know why.
All of the details of the cheating scandal are contained within our original blind item (above).”

Too much right? If this has any truth to it Future is definitely doing the most. SMH.

SOURCE: Blind Gossip