Hip-Hop Rumors: Iggy Azalea And Hefe Wine Court Documents Hit The Net


Iggy Azalea has been in court battling with her ex-boyfriend Houston rapper Hefe Wine, who claims she is his common law wife.

Not only does he claim they’re common law married, he also says he has a sextape of them and is trying to release some of Iggy’s earlier music, but the court has ordered him to stop until a ruling is made.

XMG Hip-Hop obtained court documents from the battle and in court, Hefe detailed how the two met, how their sexual relationship began and how Iggy’s mom played a vital part in getting the two “married.” He also provided emails showing that Iggy would often refer to herself as his wife:

““Amethyst told me that she had researched Texas marriage laws on the computer and had figured out how we could be common law married. Amethyst said that she had looked up the Texas legal requirements for a common law marriage. She explained to me that all we had to do was agree to be married and then we could tell my friends. She did not have any friends, and she was only close to her mother. She would joke that it would have to be my friends, since I introduced her to everyone. She said that it would be easy to be common law married. We were in love and already had been living together. Once we were common law married, she said that she could go to a lawyer and eventually start the paperwork for getting citizenship.

“Amethyst brought this up a lot, and she talked to her mother about it as a way to stay in the United States. Her mother liked the idea of our being married. She always talked about how good looking bi-racial grandkids would be. Amethyst would not drop it. When she got something into her mind, she would keep bringing it up, and she did this about common law marriage and that she wanted to become a United States citizen.
“One thing that Amethyst kept telling me that she had learned was that I had to be finally divorced before we could be legally common law married. She knew that I was in the process of getting divorced from Bengela Williams, as we had separated in 2005.”

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 Source: XMG Hip-Hop

Read the rest of the documents here.