Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Birdman Bouncing Checks In Miami?

Is Cash Money Losing Money?

Uh Oh….Could we be seeing the end of Cash Money as we once knew it? I hope not! I mean, they employ a lot of people over there. But recent reports are suggesting there are money problems. The Jasmine Brand has the scoop on it.

The negative press surrounding Birdman’s (real name Bryan Williams) financial’s continue. The 45-year-old founder of Cash Money Records, has been hit with another lien over his Miami condo and the condo association is accusing him of bouncing checks.

According to the court documents, on November 18th, The Ivy Condo Association filed a lien against Birdman claiming he has failed to pay the fees associated with the Miami pad. They say he has failed to pay them 15 months of maintenance fees for a total of $9K+, along with paying fees late for six months. They also claim to even have received a bounced check by Birdman.

The grand total on the lien — including their legal fees — is $12,447.28. The lien will continue to grow with interest.

In the grand scheme of things, $12K would seem like nothing to someone who is estimated to be worth close to $100 mill — but the music producer was allegedly was also recently hit with another lien by Zankey Construction Company over work they claim was done on the mega-mansion he is currently in the midst of remodeling. [FYI: Birdman purchased the 9-bedroom, 17-bath mansion with 25 foot ceilings and features a below ground pool, outdoor pool with cabana, a movie theater, gym, spa and even a in-house massage room back in 2012.]

All I can say is:

I would not bet against Birdman, to be honest.