Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Iggy About To Get Massively Sued?!


MANNNNNN! Iggy Azalea is the hot chick of the moment! The more she goes along, the more she gets acclaim. Beef or Broccoli – she’s got it going on. Anyway, the chick is definitely on everybody’s tongue. But I am hearing that she is also going to get sued crazily by some “people” that say she’s got a lot of unpaid dues. Man, lets just say that paperwork is serious when you are coming up.I don’t know anything about Bobby Shmurda, but he’s riffing about money. Now, now Bobby and Iggy are very different. Iggy is a TREASURE CHEST and mannnnn, I am hearing they are coming for that chest…I mean, treasure. Anyway, don’t be shocked if Iggy is hit with 1 or more lawsuits in the near future. She already has something pending from a man that claims he had her signed before T.I. came along. And the others feel she is contractually bound to them. This means oodles of cake. We will see if she is actually going to have to pay up or if they are blowing hot smoke in the Aussie.

Oh yeah, as if you didn’t heard this, but I heard T.I. checked the sh*t out of Snoop for going at his Iggy.

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