Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Jay-Z Replacing Rihanna with Rita Ora?


Rumors have been swirling that Jay-Z is furious at Rihanna over her “Birthday Cake” collaboration with Chris Brown. So much so that he is allegedly trying to recreate the magic he made with Rihanna with newcomer, Roc Nation artist Rita Ora.

Yesterday, the man himself accompanied the 21-year old UK import to New York radio station Z100 to personally premiere her new single, “Party and Bullsh*it”. Rita has been signed with Roc Nation since 2009, so this new push from Jay-Z seems a little out of the blue.

Below is what he told Z100:

“I have, with me, Rita Ora. This is all very spontaneous for us. We just came to see some great friends over here and play some music. They liked what they heard so we said, ‘just throw it on the air.’ It’s about a feeling and emotion, it’s not about planning.”

Check out Rita’s new single, “Party and Bullsh*it”, below:

Rihanna, you better watch your back – Rita is coming for your spot! People have already been comparing her style and swagger to Ri Ri’s, and with Jay-Z’s blessing, she could become the new Roc Nation “it” girl.