Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Remy Ma Being Released From Jail?


We heard an explosive rumor straight from New York rapper Papoose last night. He told us that Remy Ma may be released from prison this year!!!! Hooray!

Remy Ma was at the height of her rap career and signed to Terror Squad when she was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2008 for accidentally shooting one of her homegirls TWICE after the “friend” stole money out of her purse. Papoose and Remy got married in prison in 2008 and are still together!

Papoose told us that if all goes well, Remy will be released this year. He also gave a warning to both female and male rappers that she is coming for the throne! Pap said that Remy is in the best shape of her life both physically and mentally and has been writing lyrics non-stop while behind bars.

We all saw what Tupac and T.I. did after they were released from prison. Could Remy Ma be the next rapper to escape the system with a crazy album? I know one thing – Minaj better step her cookies up! Remy Ma can rap!

Just to refresh your memory on what a beast Remy Ma is, check out a few of her videos below: