Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z / Rihanna Fighting? Grammys Fine Kanye? Mariah Back Wtih Eminem?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kimora Preggers? Bottle Hits Pitbull! Timbaland Wigs Out! Hip-Hop Rumors: Fun Flicks From The Grammys! Hip-Hop Rumors: Grammy Craziness, Did Floyd Mayweath’s Bodyguards […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kimora Preggers? Bottle Hits Pitbull! Timbaland Wigs Out!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Fun Flicks From The Grammys!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Grammy Craziness, Did Floyd Mayweath’s Bodyguards Beat Up Raz-B’s brother?

Hip-Hop Rumors: The Videos of Genius J-Dilla!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye Rocking The Grammys? Crazy…



That lil’ stunt Kanye pulled was hot- the sonning the Grammy “wrap it up” music. But will the rapper get fined for overextending the time limit? Kanye got the Grammy, but the Grammy people get paid off those pricey ads that run. Well, they say when Kanye went overtime some 34 seconds, he cut into somebody’s time and now he must be fined. He hasn’t been fined yet, but they are saying that dude is going to get hit with a $100k fine. Apparently, the board of the Grammys is going to meet and make a decision. This has never happened in the past, but Kanye was pretty brazen to the “wrap it up.” Well, you can’t tell him nothing, right?


My girl Lady Drama hit me off with this commentary and picture about Jay-Z and Rihanna!

Check out this pap flick of Jay and Rihanna caught in an awkward moment! Wonder if he’s digging in her ass after hug-and-tug event during her Grammy win or my sources also tell me that Rihanna was heated with Jay because he walked into the after Grammy party speaking to everyone EXCEPT her and Chris Brown! DAMN. Anyway she apparently pulled Jay’s cards about it and caused quite a scene! Kudos to Rihanna don’t let no camels scare you away girl stand up!

[Illseed note: I don’t condone calling Jay-Z anything other than the best rapper out right now. I do have a rumor about Jay-Z and Rihanna, but it would simply fuel more beef with Beyonce. But, how Jay does it is beyond me. He’s the man with the master plan like DJ Mister Cee. ;)]


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If you are wise you know that E=MC2 is typically associated with Einstein, but when it comes to Mariah Carey…Hmmmmm….

So, I got a little rumor and I am going to share it with you, even though I dismissed it. I haven’t seen Mariah explain why in the world her new CD is coined E=MC2. Clearly, the MC refers to Mariah Carey. But what about the “E?” The rumor that I am getting is that Eminem is the “E.” As you know, these two had a lil’ fling or something a few years ago and it really didn’t end well. I heard that these two might have gotten back together and the “2” is what is representative of a second shot for them. I don’t know. I admit, it sounds kooky, but it is the rumors page…kooky by definition.

Also, click here to listen to Mariah’s new song!


Now I see why Gary Coleman was signing all those khakis and putting them on ebay! He was saving up for a wedding! Gary his married girlfriend Shannon Price back in the summer, on Aug. 28, 2007. He kept it a super secret. According to reports, he got hitched on a mountain with nobody else around, but some hired help. She is about a foot taller than he is. He’s 4’8″ and she is 5’7″. His wife is only 22 years old and Gary is 40 so she didn’t really know about his star power with “Diff’rent Strokes.” ( Thanks Brock)


I hate rumors about people like Keyshia Cole, because I know she is reading or somebody she knows is reading. They are going to hate me! Anyway. I gotta do what I gotta do. There is a rumor running around that Keyshia Cole might be in the earliest weeks of pregnancy. Now, here is the catch. I am hearing that the father is likely to be a record executive. Nobody would give me names, but I get the impression that this has nothing to do with Young Jeezy. If she is anything close to preggers, the evidence will present itself like Kimora.


Nobody but Fat Joe is sleeping with Fat Joe’s wife. Word is, Joe is going after anybody pushing and promoting the rumors that suggest that somebody is sleeping with wifey. He’s ready to sue for defamation. People are suggesting that G-Unit might be behind all of this photoshopping! Don’t sleep! They photoshopped The Game a few years ago, but those stripper tapes never came out. The Game won that one.


Ashanti’s new video is finished and fans will see it very soon. It hasn’t even hit the net year, much less TV. But, Ashanti does hit illseed! See the video below! I’m glad to have her back – sheeeesh!


Since we got Ashanti, here is Ja! Ja Rule isn’t retiring! I am getting word that he is dropping The Mirror on May 6. Read an interview below.

Ja Rule: ‘The Mirror’ its coming Baby, sorry I had it pushed back but it’ll be better now it’ll better even better, it’s great.

MIO: What’s the current situation with ‘The Mirror’ at the moment?

Ja Rule: Right now its coming on the 6th of May, crazy, incredible album. I touched it up…. allot of it got leaked so I had to go and do some new things (laughs) so it’s definitely the revamped ‘Mirror’ so its gonna be crazy.

Ja RuleMIO: Will there be features from new artists on any of the new tracks you’ve recorded?

Ja Rule: Yea I’ve been doing some things with new producers, new artists everything.

MIO: Can we expect allot of the original album on the new version?

Ja Rule: Some of it yea, I’m not gonna tell you which tracks are gonna make it or which songs are gonna come off but some stuff…


My dude Street Advocate hit me witth that info on Remy and the dude that said she “ate the box.”

“I was at the the party at Level 10 when the Remy Ma, and Cliffy Barz incident went down. I was rolling with Harlem’s own and Gain Green artist Max B, when Barz asked Max for a interview. Max granted him the interview and he proceeded to go in on Jim Jones and other topics. Out of nowhere Remy appears and stands in front of Barz’s camera man and says ” Cliffy Barz gets know more interviews with anyone until further notice.” She said he put a video out about her eating some b***h out. Remy was on her n***a s**t. Out of respect for Remy and her situation Max and Gain Greene ended the interview. Remy then flips on the Cliffy Barz kid. She went in and he had nothing to say. His cameraman went hard at Remy bodyguard and told him he wanted 5 minutes in the bathroom. The bodyguard did not take him up on his offer. Remy is a real b***h, she goes hard. This situation is far from over.”


Remember Jason Fox from last year? You might remember him from his song “Aunt Jackie,” one of the jams to come out of the shuffle feet dancing out in Harlem. Well, I heard a bad rumor that Jason Fox got stabbed up in Harlem World at a party or something. I heard this happened last night and that he was presently in the hospital in stable condition. Hope this isn’t true, because when happy rappers are getting stabbed, the world is coming to an end.


Want a hot t-shirt for your honey or your friendly neighborhood rapper friend? Check it!

YES. The Hollywood strike is officially over. Thank you!

Producer Rockwilder has aborted Hip-Hop for Christian Hip-Hop.

Latrell Sprewell has hit hard times. Dude’s home is up for foreclosure and he just sold his yacht to help pay off the $1.3 million he owes on it. At one point, he declined a three-year, $21 million contract. I think he wishes he took that deal now.Is the KKK really supporting Barack over Hillary?


Senator Barack Obama in a speech:

“We are the one we have been waiting for.” [Illseed note: that’s a not line.]

A CNN commentator on Barack Obama:

“Barack Obama has become a metaphysical force in American politics.” (Illseed note: I don’t know what that means, but it sounds really dope. LMAO.)

Amy Winehouse’s mother Janis on Amy’s Grammy show:

“Well, as you saw, she looks good and it’s a case of she’s on the road, and that’s what it’s about, she’s on the road to recovery.”

Herbie Hancock on what he and Kanye West talked about before he beat the rapper at the Grammys. (The Panche Report):

“Kanye and I are cool. I saw him earlier, and I said `Good luck!’ and he said, `I’d love to wish you good luck … but I don’t want you to get Album of The Year.” (Illseed note: I hope Kanye didn’t say that.)


Africa is always a great tat to have, even if you are a White American! Get an Africa tat!

I hope Kanye didn’t get all cocky with Herbie!

If you are a 30 or older b-boy or b-girl, click right here for a story called “I’m Over 30 And I Hate Hip-Hop”

Before you leave, check out Herbie Hancock’s “Rock It,” which brought the Hip-Hop scratch and DJ to the mainstream. Shout out to Grand Mixer DST on the cut!


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