Hip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z Rumors, Eff G-Unit Clothing?, Luda’s New Gal?

THE LOST TRIBE OF AHH I found my crew: The Lost Tribe of AHH. If you have been experiencing some difficulty posting, we have all congregated over here in the message boards. CLICK HERE. Shout out to Five18p, the founder of The Lost Tribe of AHH. So, with that…We are working on some things, but […]


I found my crew: The Lost Tribe of AHH. If you have been experiencing some difficulty posting, we have all congregated over here in the message boards. CLICK HERE. Shout out to Five18p, the founder of The Lost Tribe of AHH. So, with that…We are working on some things, but I will fwd you to the Lost Tribe threads in the boards as needed. Thanks a lot! ON TO THE RUMORS!


Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, something crazy happens. I’m not co-signing this madness but I was doing a lil’ searching online and I stumbled on this G-Unit stuff. A company is creating “F G-Unit” gear! They even put a girl with no butt in their panties – you know that won’t sell. LOL. I won’t mention the company’s name so they don’t like join up with Ja Rule or The Game and make millions. LMAO. Anyway, this mess won’t sell, but something else affiliated with G-Unit will..their new album. I heard some things are seriously percolating with that album. Check out the pics.

This is not the booty Mos Def or Bubba Sparxxx rapped about.

Put the bottle down.

Also, 50 Cent just dropped a new book that tells his life through pictures and writings straight from 50 Cent. His last autobiographyc wasa cool, but I felt like I was reading more of the co-writer than 50. The book also offers a CD with an exclusive song sooooo – BUY 50 X 50: 50 Cent in His Own Words RIGHT HERE!

OH GOD…and if you aren’t sick of G-Unit yet, click below to take a tour of their office. This is actually pretty funny.


I am hearing rumors that Roc-A-Fella wants to talk to Shawnna about coming over to the team. The Roc is actually looking very strong right now. Anyway, with Shawnna on the team, the Roc could benefit. She can spit. They have no female MCs. I don’t know if it’s true, because I was convinced that she was signed to Gucci Mane. We’ll see what the hell is going on really soon.


Shawnna is moving on? Luda might be moving on too…

OK, far be it for me to discuss who Luda is dating or whatever. But the streets…I mean, the blogs are talking. Now, I ignored the pictures I saw of him and this chick in Africa, because I thought it was silly. But, then…I heard the name Somaya Reece! Now, I don’t know her from a hole in the wall, but she is one of my myspace friends! So I had to hook her up! Anyway, she is a pretty good singer so it is my thought that she might be getting signed to DTP, not some jumpoff. The blogs say they dating…I speculate is business.


First, click here for a preview of “American Gangster!” I can’t lie. I am really hype over this album. I’m really anxious to hear the whole thing. November 6 is coming very, very soon.

Here is something About American Gangster that was relayed to me by Jigsaw, who heard the whole thing. There are some specific changes between the preview and his. I ain’t heard it, but its called “When The Money Goes” and Jermaine Dupri produced it. Jig says its crazy! He also said Jay took the advice of a group of journalists and change the lyrics to a Marvin Gaye sampled song called “This S**t Right Here.” The lyrics and the beat weren’t quite matching up so that turned into “American Dreamin’.” Same sample, different lyrics.

Oh..the Biggie Rumor. Did you all know that Jay-Z had a Biggie pendant with him during the time he recorded American Gangster? Yeah. I think we covered this before, but somebody on the AHH Staff told me I should reiterate it because it was running around as a rumor. Anyway, last time we checked Jigga send that charm to Jacob to get a chain on it.



Poor thing. It’s a shame that nobody intervened with Foxy. She was my favorite rapper chick at one point and now she is sitting in a jail cell. Here is the latest and click here for the entire news story.

Imprisoned rapper Foxy Brown has been sentenced to 76 days in solitary confinement on Rikers Island over several infractions, including an altercation with another inmate.

Foxy Brown was removed from the general population of the prison and placed in a segregated cell, after she committed three violations this month in the jail.

On October 3, Foxy Brown and another female prisoner became involved in a shoving as they headed to a dining hall.

The following day, Brown, born Inga Marchand, was allegedly verbally abusive towards correction officers and she refused to submit to a random drug test.


By the time, you get this, you might have heard about this already. But, a judge has slammed his gavel down in favor of Bridgeport and Westbound, who sued Bad Boy Entertainment, Justin Combs Publishing, Universal Records and Sean “Diddy” Combs. The company won a $4 million judgement that stated that Diddy and company illegally sampled “Singing In The Morning” by The Ohio Players on Biggie’s “Ready to Die.”

Young producers, read the 10 Track Commandments Part One AND Part two to avoid these things.


You know how these NBA people can be. They are probably going to suspend the homey or something. Nevertheless, check out Baron bust a freestyle rap with Mr. Drastick. Shout out to Water Ur Seeds.

ILLSEED’S QUICKIESY’all heard the song where Freeway is dissing Kanye? LOL. I wonder if Free told him as they were on stage together in Philly?

Last night Alicia Keys had an event in New York! I heard all the stars came out like Melle Mel, a fully clothed Fantasia and even newbie Emily King.

Here is a crazy rumor I heard! The Rock Steady Crew is going to be featured on “Dancing With The Stars?” That’s crazy, yo!

I’m hearing that Dres from the Black Sheep has another CD coming out in January 2008. He might wanna start the set up.

It is time to get the ball rolling. I just wanted to tell you that Kevin Powell is running as a Democrat in the 10th Congressional District in Brooklyn, New York. KEVIN POWELL for CONGRESS! Please visit www.kevinpowellforcongress.com for more information.

I heard a strange rumor. I heard that they are doing a Juice Crew Movie. I’m not sure if this is a documentary or something else. Who gonna play Kool G Rap and Kane? Interesting.

They are saying poor Lala Brown was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Isnt that always the case?

Uh Oh…Al Roker doesn’t mind White comedians using the N-Word, according to mediatakeout. They say the comics used it repeatedly and Roker got his laugh on harder and harder the more it was used. I need the vid of this.

I heard Shar Jackson has already locked in to do a rap album. Whats interesting is she can sing better than she can spit.

I love how the various media outlets and Jena 6 opposition are now trying to divide the community by putting out images and video of the boys with money and such. Don’t fall for that s**t.

I don’t know what I said about Pretty Ricky the other day, but the other dude’s name is supposedly “Mowet.” What’s up with all these names? How is a DUDE…more wet?

I heard Black Wall Street (The Game) and Shadyville (Whoo Kid’s crew) were in the process or doing a mixtape. Maybe they can get 50 & Game in the mix.

I think I told you this about a year ago, but Jadakiss IS on Def Jam right now.


I was reading some of the comments on this video. People are saying Common sold out. I find such notions laughable at best. The man has been rapping for like 15 years commercially. He’s a grown a** man now! Anyway, check it out. The vid for “I Want You.”


Ever since DJ Screw died this sizzerp has been on my mind as something I would never start doing. Now, in the 2007 the kids are FINALLY getting it, in the aftermath of Big Moe’s death. Thank GOD.

Here is an excerpt of a really good story on a change going down in Texas.

The teenage patients at Riverside General Hospital learned of local rapper Big Moe’s death at a drug therapy session on Monday, when the news began to spread about the rapper’s fatal heart attack.

“Damn,” said Guillermo Gallegos, 15, who started using codeine-laced cough syrup, among other drugs, at age 13. “Who’s going to be next?”

He and several other boys undergoing treatment for their addictions to marijuana and prescription-strength cough syrup started a collection for the fallen rapper, whose funeral is scheduled for today at East Bethel Baptist Church.

In the streets of southeast Houston, where Big Moe helped give birth to the music that helped put this city on the hip-hop map, his fans and friends alike are now wondering whether cough syrup abuse may have been a factor that led to his death on Sunday. The 33-year-old rapper immortalized Purple Drank, Lean, Sizzurp — monikers for the cough suppressant containing promethazine and codeine — in songs and drank the stuff for years.

Here is the whole story – RIGHT HERE!


I’m not gonna comment. I’m gonna let you comment.


He might need some practice on the mic, but I’m not mad at him. Guerilla Black, watch ya back– he wants that acting job!


“Every family got a crack head.” I beg to differ with Big Lou on this one, but I certainly can see and feel his pain on this song. The message is serious. Check it out and if you have a crack head in your family, give them a hug and a kiss.


Oh, my bad. Timbaland and D.O.E. were there too at Fashion Rocks to do this banger “The Way I Are.” Keri is the chick of the year on the “on the verge” tip. Shout out to D.O.E. You went from Ashy to Classy!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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