Hip-Hop Rumors: Jim Jones Engaged? Dame Dash’s New Baby? Russell’s Connection To Hillary!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: FINALLY – THE JAY/NAS ALBUM? Lloyd Banks Racist P### Bud? Attempted Murderer? THE RUSSELL HILLARY CONNECTION? Did you read the story talking about Russell’s […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: FINALLY – THE JAY/NAS ALBUM? Lloyd Banks Racist P### Bud? Attempted Murderer?


Did you read the story talking about Russell’s semi-endorsement of Hillary Clinton? I think I found a connection to the deepness of the ties to the former First Lady. Here is a report from 2006 and we’ll get to the rumor:

“The Clintons also benefited financially from Wal-Mart. Hillary Clinton was paid $18,000 each year she served on the board, plus $1,500 for each meeting she attended. By 1993 she had accumulated at least $100,000 in Wal-Mart stock, according to Bill Clinton’s federal financial disclosure forms that year.”

Now, here is the rumor part. I was told that last night Russell Simmons and the gracious people of HSAN hosted their annual awards last night. Now, I have never seen any formal connection to Russ and Hillary other than she liked him a lot. But from what I heard Russell skipped his own HSAN Awards, because he is actually on the Arkansas board of Wal-Mart just like Hillary! I’m not judging (I will see what the pundits say), but there is the connection.

Hillary has received criticism in the past for her affiliations with the retail megastore.


I am not sure how factual this is, but I heard that Dame Dash is expecting a new addition to his family in the future. There are rumors that he’s got a new baby on the way! Now, he’s been married to Rachel Roy since 2005 so I hope that this rumor is sealed with the baby coming from his fashionable wife. I know Dame’s got a pair of kids now and I think Rachel came to the table with one or something. I’ll let y’all do the research on that.


I heard that Jim Jones showed up the HSAN last night with a girl on his arm. A girl? I mean, I’ve only seen Jim with Cam, Jim and the Goonies. Well, from what I have told is that Jim Jones is all ready to jump the broom, yo! That’s right, Jim Jones has a fiancée that he intends to marry! I heard there are pictures of them floating around! He reportedly doesn’t have a date set. Anyway, congrats to Jim!


Aside from the fact that he lives in Miami now, Fat Joe is so New York City. The hefty rapper was supposed to perform in New York last week on Friday. Unfortunately, the Hip-Hop PoPo came down on him and shut the venue down! That messed up, yo! On top of everything else, I heard J. Holiday has also been lumped in with this midtown Manhattan banning! I don’t know if is has anything to do with the recent arrest, but I know for sure that they had a problem.


About time!


Catholic officials in Fort Worth, Dallas said that a priest has the AIDS virus and, even worse, he is one of the church’s more infamous predators. People had long complained about the sexual conduct of Rev. Philip Magaldi and how he acted with young boys and young men. Now, they are going to speed up the process of getting him out of the ministry forever…but…that’s only after finding out he had the disease that there is no cure for. The church had received repeated complains on the Rev. – for years. Now, the police are involved and reports say that he’s been HIV positive AT LEAST since 2003. They say that he’s been getting his swerve on with the kiddies since the mid-90’s. This is the second such case of an HIV-positive priest for the Forth Worth Area.


One Obama supporter.

One Clinton supporter.

One heated argument.

One stabbing.

In Upper Providence, PA, authorities are looking into a stabbing over an argument about Hillary and Obama. That’s right. What is even crazier is the two were related by marriage. Authorities said brother-in-laws Jose Ortiz and Sean Shurelds were arguing over Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton when Ortiz took things to the next level. The Clinton supporter Ortiz allegedly stabbed Obama supporter Shurelds in his stomach. Ortiz allegedly picked up the knife after he couldn’t strangle him to death. (There is symbolism in this!)

Shurelds is in critical condition, but is expected to recover from his wounds. If convicted, Otiz will not be able to vote for Hillary, because he would have been convicted of a felony. (Illseed note: if you have a felony, check your local laws, because they vary.)


You all know about the One Stop Shop, the conference by Sha Money XL of G-Unit fame? All producers and rappers looking for beats need to be there! Last year I heard it was hot. Check it out here.

If she finishes is, I hear The Game’s mother is going to have some harsh words for Spider Loc. I don’t know that anybody cares, but they are presently youtube beefing.

I am not trying to start no problems. But I heard that this weekend, on XM radio, that Pete Rock admitted that “They Reminisce Over You” song was a Dilla beat. Not sure, because I didn’t hear it. Did you?

You might have read my rumor yesterday about Taylor Rain not doing sex scenes with Black dudes. Did you know that actresses typically get paid less if they have sex with Black man on camera? Racism lives in p###.

Jamie Foxx must ready my blog. He now is saying that he wants to play Mike Tyson in a movie about the boxer’s life.


Bun B on not wanting to be a dream smasher (Read the whole AllHipHop interview here):

“I can’t tell a n***a not to chase his dream; I don’t want to seem like a dream crusher. But I hate to see these n***s with no sense of reality.”

Lil Wayne on why he won’t beef with 50 Cent (MTV):

“That n***a’s crazy. I ain’t f**king with 50. He’s too high up there. That’s my n***a, though. I respect that my name even came out the homie’s mouth. I just took it as a compliment. I would never go back at 50; he’s a trillionaire. I’m trying to get there, homie. I’m smart. I ain’t dumb.”

Mary J. Blige on the similarities between her and Amy Winehouse (Read the whole thing here):

“It’s an environment thing. When I was at my point of self-destruction, there wasn’t nothing anyone could do for me. I couldn’t hear; I didn’t want to hear anything… If you took away from me the one thing that at that time I thought was saving my life, making life more bearable… I would have fired you. Amy probably has a bunch of people around her that are “yes” people and agreeing with everything she says and wants because they want to keep their check, you know? I really don’t think there’s anything you can say that she can hear right now. Until she’s ready to hear, no one will be able to get through to her. It’s going to be hard until she is ready. I would love to collaborate with her.”

Nicole Paultre Bell, mother of the late Sean Bell, on how his 5 year old daughter feels about moving from their present home. They think daddy might come home.:

“It hurts. She doesn’t understand. She’s still looking forward to him walking in the door one day. It’s hard knowing these two little girls have to grow up now without their father.”

Read up on the Sean Bell case.


Remember the group Playa from the late 90’s? They and others suffered a loss in singer Static Major. He hailed from Louisville, KY. He was an excellent writer for acts like TQ, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, and even Pretty Ricky. I am not up on the latest, but I heard he’s on a new Lil Wayne single and has worked with Jay and David Banner. I heard he sick in Atlanta, a possible reaction to some medicine. Below are a couple youtube videos.

ILL PICPeople are tripping off cultural clothing?   



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