Hip-Hop Rumors: Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Kanye's Twitter Rants, Takes Shot at Kim

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Kanye West’s tweets and even took a dig at Kim Kardashian.

Jimmy Kimmel seems genuinely excited that he’s involved in a hip-hop beef. He actually said, “Finally I’m in a rap feud.” That being said, we probably all thought that Jimmy Kimmel would keep it cute and move on from this following Kanye West’s twitter rant about him in regard to the now infamous skit. Wrong.

Not only did he respond to Kanye West’s tweets but he also took a slight shot at Kim K by bringing up the tape, you know which one. Check it out:

Jimmy Kimmel is trying it. Kanye might seem like a safe rapper to beef with but don’t be too sure. Mr. Kimmel, you are not above the laying on of hands. Just sayin.