Hip-Hop Rumors: Joe Budden Explains Rumors and Joins AHH’s Concert

JOE BUDDEN EXPLAINS! So, here is what happened! I kind of blew up Joe’s spot a lil’ bit, but he sent me a message via somebody else. Joe is innocent on all charges. He didn’t duck the battle! Here is what happened. He WAS heading to the rap battle to face Mistah Fab and Royce […]


So, here is what happened! I kind of blew up Joe’s spot a lil’ bit, but he sent me a message via somebody else. Joe is innocent on all charges. He didn’t duck the battle! Here is what happened. He WAS heading to the rap battle to face Mistah Fab and Royce Da 5’ 9” – then fate hit. The Holland Tunnel was jammed up to the fullest degree. People in the New York area know that isn’t uncommon. SO, Joe was in the city, even though the battle was over. Very simply, he hung out in the city for a few. The broad in the pic is nobody, but a fan of his.

On the other side, Joe’s brother is doing better and has been upgraded to stable status from critical.


Are you in that mood yet?This is NOT A RUMOR!

Oh, if you didn’t know Lupe Fiasco opted out of the concert at the last minute. The story behind that is one that won’t be revealed anytime soon (even though it should). Nevertheless, Joey Budden stepped up the to plate to replace Lupus. (Since Joe missed the battle the other day, we’ll do it this way.) Also, Mr. “It’s Me B***hes” aka Swizz Beatz will perform for the people. On top of that, AllHipHop will introduce the world to Alicia Keys’ new artist Mike Millz! I’m interested in this young man, who hails from Far Rockaway, Queens like Stack Bundles. So there you have it…Mike Millz, Joe Budden, Cassidy, Swizz and Talib Kweli – all at the Nokia Theater TODAY SEPT. 21!

Nokia Theatre…click here for details.

Oh, yeah…there is a new battle on the horizon…you know it had to happen.


The other day, AllHipHop hosted a panel discussion with Dr. Cornel West, the Queen of Media Wendy Williams, David Banner aka Gangsta Rapper, Pharoahe “Quiet Storm” Monch, Master P aka M#### P. Well, the Social Lounge also offered a performance by Saigon and he spoke to the people as well. Another person he talked to was Mistah Fab. If you recall, Mistah Fab said a punch line about rappers never coming out “like Saigon’s album.” Well, Fab showed up at the Social Lounge along with Sai. I heard they went into a corner as men and talked about things and quelled any beef that could have happened.

The only thing with that is, Sai allegedly went straight over the SOB’s club in NYC to duff out Prodigy. No beef with Mistah Fab, but P gets clocked. For some reason, something just isn’t right.

By the way, Saigon was reportedly shooting a new video with Swizz Beats in New York…that album is coming.


Hell Rell and Duke Da God have been arrested, according to sources. YEP. They were arrested today in Grove City, Ohio, because a Blockbuster video rental store accused them of stealing. Well, these guys are Dipset! They don’t have to steal anything! The got money! Anyway, the snitches at the counter called the cops and then the fuzz comes down on Rell and Duke. Only thing is Duke allegedly had some weed on him and the cops decide to haul them to jail over that – not even the stealing! FOUL!


My homeboy Jason Henry of the Henry Project gave me the Jena 6 update. Here it is:

Good evening family,

I have some news on the Jena 6. But first, for those of you that were able to make the trip to Jena, LA or who wore black today in support of these brothers, bravo to you. As I type this message I am “blacked out.” On to the news. According to CNN.com, ” news broke Thursday afternoon that the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal ordered a hearing within 72 hours to determine if the only one of the six still behind bars can be released.” This is great news. Continue to keep Mychal Bell in your prayers and continue the good fight for these young brothers in Jena, LA. Have a great day family and watch the news for any late breaking news.



Friday September 28, don’t forget to check out Wendy Williams on VH1…I know people are boycotting the network…give Wendy a shot.

You know what’s wild? I’ve been listening to this Royce Da 5’9” / Mistah Fab. Royce’s style is so subtle… I keep picking little things from his bars that I didn’t get at first. Anyway…

Click here for the AHH Breeding Ground and portions of the Rap Battle. Check the interview with Mistah Fab…people slept on dude very heavily.

By the way, that fight Oscar and Sugar Ray bet on never happened. It was cancelled so now we have a situation where De La Hoya is looking like a cross-dressing boxer. But looking like one and actually being one are two different things. I got a Photoshop expert to look at the images and he told me they were fake.

I saw Martin Luther King III was talking to the media after a march in support of the Jena 6. That’s a good look.

Kanye is the No. 1 guy here in the US, but in most of Europe, 50 Cent is selling the most units.

Is the girl people are saying Kendra is with…could that be Da Brat? Hmmmm…they are on the wanna-be rapper show together. Are they now TOGETHER?

You can get a lo-jack for your PC now. If somebody steals it, you can track them anywhere in the world…Keith Murray could have used this information that Nick gave me.

I heard that T-Pain got into a lil’ fight overseas and was “fighting like a warrior.”


Oh well…I thought we’d get to hear from Cam’ron, but its not poppin! He sent this statement to Ms. Information.

“Although 106 n Park has been great in launching the careers of diplomat members, I’m not going to be appearing on the show next week to discuss anything. When I decide to speak on anything, I will stop by Funk Flex’s show first.”

FUNK M####! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!NINA SKY – A BAY BAY!As of today, Nina Sky have signed to Polo Ground / J Records after being signed to Next Plateau / Universal since 2004. They even offered a quote to me. “We’re looking forward to the next phase of our career with Polo Ground / J Records,” says Nicole of Nina Sky. Maybe we can see them do a duet with Alicia Keys…or Hurricane Chris. I have no issue with saying, “A Bay Bay” to Nina Sky. Call me Nino Sly.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY….39…not bad! Shout out to my homegal, Ms. Kris. She is turning 39 today and she wanted me to show how good she looks at such an age.


A student is tasered at a John Kerry forum.

Here is what the guy did to get that tasering.

Just remember, if you think this was bad, imagine what the average citizen goes through. If you like tasering, look at this gruesome video of a women being needlessly tasered.


I wanted to congratulate AllHipHop.com for the efforts that have been put into AllHipHop Week 2007 and applaud the leadership the site is taking on breaking critical news as it happens on significant cases like the Jena Six case in Louisiana and other stories around the country that impact the hip-hop community. The state of police brutality and racial profiling in America is on the rise and it is an increasing commonality for hip-hop artists to be profiled. I am disappointed that I didn’t make the Social Lounge this week but we at National Action Network organized a massive rally in Jena, Louisiana, to call for justice in the Jena Six case and despite the fact that Mychal Bell’s charges have been reduced to juvenile charges, he is still in jail and has still served 10-months already as an adult. You can’t take back the time he has served and the overcharging by the prosecutor in this case represents a backwards unbalanced justice system.

I wish you luck with your efforts this week and look forward to working with AllHipHop.com in the future on our Decency Initiative which is supportive of hip-hop artists, not against them. We have not targeted one hip-hop artist for lyrics contrary to popular belief but we have gone after the record labels that capitalize off of misogyny, homophobia and racism, because there needs to be one standard in the music industry. You can’t have a record calling any other race out of their name or it will be yanked in the record company suites. Why should we allow our people to be called out of their name?

In Progress,

Reverend Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network…





They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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