Hip-Hop Rumors: Joseline Hernandez Compares Herself to Olivia Pope

Joseline Hernandez compares Mimi to Mellie and herself to Olivia Pope in an attempt at throwing shade.

The cult of delusion is real when it comes to reality TV stars but the following comparison actually does have some parallels–not many but enough. Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez took to Instagram to compare herself to Scandal’s Olivia Pope in an attempt to shade Mimi Faust. Peep game:

Joseline Hernandez

For those who are scratching their heads, Joseline and Mimi were caught up in a love triangle with Stevie J, who wanted to be with both of them. It all played out on camera as Mimi attempted to put up with Stevie because they have a daughter together but eventually got tired of the drama and left him alone.

Joseline was initially the side chick but now she’s actually the wife so I’m not sure why she’s holding on the side chick comparison. Furthermore, why is she so thirsty about low key antagonizing Mimi anyway?