Hip-Hop Rumors: K. Michelle Addresses Tamar Braxton Beef, ‘I Never Have Come For This Lady’

K. Michelle explains her version of how her beef with Tamar started, more shots at the singer.

You already know that K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton have been bickering back and forth via social media for the past few weeks, so it should be no surprise that the passive aggressive feud isn’t quite over yet. Every time these women do interviews, they get asked about the situation and just have to add another two cents and a few more dollars about what should already be squashed.

K. Michelle, who is gearing up for tonight’s Love & Hip-Hop premiere, did an interview with the Skorpion Show via YouTube and got asked the million dollar question about why they’re beefing.

According to Miss “V.S.O.P.” Tamar started it.

“The thing with this situation I have never come for this lady, first ever,” she said. “I’m a newbie. You’ve had five records deals. You’re first album debuted at a 127. There’s no reason that you should be coming for me.”
She added, “Tamar is very quick to go and throw shade at people and go and hide her hands. Excuses for everything. She can go and pick on Nicki [Minaj]. She comes for everybody, but then when you attack her or defend yourself, you’re a bully. Thats not how it goes in America. I don’t need Vince. I’m not scared of nobody. I’mma say what the f-ck I feel..You’re one big joke, its easy for me to tell you about your self.”

K. Michelle took a dig at Tamar’s vocals too:

“Until your get you’re vocal chords in order don’t come for me. Have a seat behind Vince and have keep on spending that money,” she said. “Let me get my sh-t the real way. Out here in the streets, doing what I do hustling.”


The full interview is below but she addresses the Tamar drama at 17:09.

At least she sings as good as she beefs.

Waits for Tamar’s clap back in 5, 4, 3…