Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye To Go To The WWE?? 50 Cent Vs Real & Chance! Marbury Vs Jay-Z!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. KANYE WEST TO WRESTLE IN THE WWE?   According to Ewrestlingnews.com, Kanye West is going to take his entertaining exploits to the WWE for an estimated $10 Million! […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



According to Ewrestlingnews.com, Kanye West is going to take his entertaining exploits to the WWE for an estimated $10 Million! Ahhhh…come on! Do you believe that? Here is what they had to say about it:


The report states that Vince McMahon and WWE have offered Kanye close to $10 million to show up at 3 events – two television appearances and one pay-per-view event.


While the idea of Kanye in WWE sounds like a great chance for WWE to get some mainstream media attention, take this report as a rumor at best. Several years ago this same site reported rapper Eminem was training to become a WWE superstar (never happened), so consider the source.


They are saying he is seriously considering this? I just don’t believe it. But then again..anything is possible!




LOL @ Jay doing all this elaborate press overseas. I know the chick is with the BBC, but she didn’t even know what the Roc sign was.



I don’t know, Jay! He was stuttering a bit!



I heard that Jim Jones may have had some issues last week when his pricey Bentley was somehow crashed. According to my rumor, Jim quite possibly had a driver of some sort that may have lost control of the vehicle and resulted in a wreck. I didn’t really hear of any injuries so I am going to assume that Jim Jones is good to go…hopefully he had insurance.


I don’t know why, but somebody sent me the following information. I have no idea what prompted them to do so.

In a 2008 networth scan, Ja Rule had a networth estimated at nearly 90 million. Ja Rule was the executive producer for his highest selling CDs to date. Ja Rule has sold 35 million records worldwide and from 2000-2002 he was the world’s fastest selling rapper and the highest paid as well. Ja Rule along with his former group, The Cash Money Click, settled with a $45 million dollar claim in the crew’s unreleased material handeled by TVT Records, Ja getting a costly $38 million of the stake. From his small appearences in 14 movies, 5 of those box office hits, Ja Rule has made an estimated $16.2 million. Ja Rule also teamed up with Irv Gotti in 2004 and created the urban clothing line ErvingGeoffery, which sells fairly well in the big city market. Other money making attributes include Ja Rule’s alcoholic beverage Momo Mojito and the very profitable L.I.F.E. Foundation, which schools over 2,500 students in New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, and Dallas. Ja Rule lives in a $1.2 million dollar home in Saddle River, New Jersey and also owns 2 multi-million dollar mansions in California and owns a $3.5 million dollar mansion in Miami. Ja Rule makes an estimated $7.5 million in touring in Europe and Asia, where he has an extremely strong fanbase.


How long is this going to last?

“There have been questions posed to me the last few days about the writing of ‘Best I Ever Had’ and I figured I’d take the time to clear the air directly. I have never met Kia Shine or worked with him. I wrote the entire composition in Toronto and I borrowed one line from a Lil Wayne song that he produced the BEAT for. The claims of 25% ownership are false and for a artist to brag about splits on a song is distasteful to begin with.”

This is actually from last week…but I never used it.



What’s Beyonce trying to say in the recent interview?

Q:Since we’re on the subject of children, your husband Jay-z said recently: “Most of the people dream of having children, I am no exception.” Are you both planning, to start a family soon?

Beyonce: Someday, when the time is ripe but not in the near future.

Q: Jay-z is probably the most important man in your life. What are you doing together in your spare time?

Beyonce: (laugh) I dont know if he is.

Q: But I thought…

Beyonce (interrupts) Well, I love my nephew to death and he’s my everything.

Q: Do you and Jay live together?

Beyonce: Sometimes. (laugh)


Starbury just constanty talks about Jay-Z over and over, because of a lyric Jay had years ago. LOL! This is getting creepy.

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Shout out to Mikey The Movie Star, who hit me with some rumors. I hope you enjoy them.

Max B is still holding on. From what I understand, he is looking to make one last push at a bid for freedom. Mikey’s telling me that his former assistant has been linked in with G-Unit and his statue with them is still intact. Apparently, Max’s former assistant is now booking shows for Tony Yayo and helping him sell verses and hooks. I am hearing that if Max does get out of jail, he hopes to move over there to G-Unit.

Could it be that Black Child of Murder Inc fame be getting into the movie game? That’s the word…that he is included in a few movie with Nipsey Hussell, Gillie Da Kid and Ving Rhames.

There is a certain NY rapper that may have a problem of the R. Kelly type. I am hearing that this rapper may have a warrant out for his arrest for having sex with an underage teen down in Georgia. This rumor comes from somebody down in GA that says they have seen this rapper’s face posted in the police department at some precinct down there.


The dude that produced the Drake record is blasting Kia Shine.

@Boi1da – LMAO @ Kia Shine lying that he wrote best i ever had

Kia Shine never said he ghost wrote it – FYI.

I don’t know if this actually happened, but I scooped it off Twitter. More Kanye talk!

“I’m here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here’s hoping Kanye West likes 30 Rock” – Neil Patrick Harris

I heard Jimmy Fallon also had some serious joke for Ye.

What is up with Fabolous? This dude is joking somebody every time I turn around! This time he just go in on FloRidah for no apparent reason! Just joking, but nevertheless, this is rap and people don’t always have the best sense of humor. Here is a sampling of what Fab said.

#flo-ridahairline has been pushed back more than every album in music history!

#flo-ridahairline is dating tyrabanks hairline ….

#flo-ridahairline broke up wit his forehead.. Said he aint f##### wit him no more

Fab ended the night saying: “My twiggas hope yall had fun 2nite wit the topic.. Like I said b4 its all n good humor, I don’t hav beef wit Flo-Rida.. Jus 2 entertain yall”

Then, I went into this a bit farther and people were also dissing Fab – in particular his teeth! Here are some of them:

#fabsteeth shaped up #Flo ridas hairline.

#watsworse #flo -ridahairline or #fabsteeth—–????????

@skillzva *dead* RT #fabsteeth and jermaine dupris teeth r havin a UFC match Saturday. ULTIMATE FANG CHAMPIONSHIP! Well dayuuum

Fab got the last word:

#fabsteeth can b fixed anytime he feels like it.. Yall ugly faces can’t.. Hahahhaaaa

They shoulda never gave yall Twitter!!!!! I Swear!


Looks like Def Jam needs to get that 4th quarter money swoop! They are saying that the label is pushing very hard for Rihanna do drop another CD before we ring in the new year.

Anybody seen the preview for that new Jamie Foxx movie called “Law Abiding Citizen?” Man, that thing looks like “The Silence of the Lambs” assassin version.

More RIP goes to DJ Roc Raida, who died mysteriously over the weekend. Nobody knows what happened. He’s was one of the greats though.

The Friar’s Club of NY has offered Kanye West a roast since his incident at the VMAs. I don’t think Kanye is going to go for that, especially in light of the Jay Leno interview.

Madonna and Janet Jackson are working on a duet together. Michael would be proud.

Madonna had done a song with Lil Wayne for her new album, Celebration.

Smif N Wesson are reportedly doing an album with Pete Rock!

Did I say this before? There is a rumor that Chris Brown wants to be a minister. I don’t really believe it though.

Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom are rumored to be looking into marital options.

Did the VMA controversy cause Kanye to have to cancel his tour with Lady Gaga or is this the break Kanye was talking about.

Keyshia Cole may be pregnant. What else can we muster up?


OUCH! She sure couldn’t sing…this is a remarkable turn around.


People, people, PEOPLE! At some point in time, we have GOT to do better! A man in NJ did the most dastardly thing I have seen in a long, long time. This dude was being chased by the cops and he decided do take the cocaine and stuff it in the coat of his 4-year-old son. What did he do? Told his kid it was candy. So what did his kid do? The son went to school with the cocaine and started to give it out to his classmates, thinking it really was candy. One kid actually ate the coke, but didn’t even get sick. Three other kids were rushed to the hospital for precautions. I wonder what dude is going to say on “Career Day?” Wow…what a sad Thanksgiving Day story these folks will have.


I know Beyonce gets a lot of hate, but you cannot hate on this one. She took a cancer stricken child on stage with her and sang “Halo” to her. This took place in Sydney. Man, people were reportedly crying all over the place. Hell, I might have cried if I was there in the flesh. Damn, B. I hope that kid’s spirit is raised and she survives.


Apparently, some of the previous models had some slick stuff to say about Tyra and Tyra was unwilling to go in on them. She should of slayed Janice, since she is clearly an overly duped up, prototype for plastic surgery.



LOL! Called Jay a banana face! Check it out.


Damn, I never really liked Soulja Boy’s song until I heard this version. A German (Die Orsons) group took “Turn My Swag On” and made it into a political song against child soldiers. Actually….very said. Wake up.



Over the weekend, RiRi took some time at the club that Jay-Z built.

CHANCE’S RUMORS!!!!!!!!!!!!Chance is weighing in on some stuff that I missed. Check him out. As always, his views reflect his views – not AllHipHop.com or illseed.

CHANCE VS 50 CENTI’ve never watched the Real & Chance show.  The whole thing is just like a big joke to me and it’s not funny at all.  It just makes them look like clowns and lets be real the ladies are only there to do something strange for a little change (shouts to Mike Epps).  With that being said apparently Chance, whose now down with TI????? … has a problem with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.


cent you a b#### n***a when you seen me at the vma 09 it was all fun

and games. N*gga when i left out that b#### i heard you was talkin sour

n*gga yo career is ova n*gga i heard ya lil b****h a$$ diss record that

s### was wack. 

All i gotta say is you done f**k up n*gga you wanted beef b#### a$$

n*gga you done found it sucker ass n*gga you think yo song was

something n*gga. 

Imma have yo hoe ass cryin…Ya im done talkin yall look out for my diss single coming soon

im out this b#### grand hustle all day for you weak ass n***as”Thats a lot of tough talk for a dude who almost got thrashed by a guy named “Punk”…lol noone is taking dude serious it’s obviously a cry for attention but I wonder if 50 will entertain this??  We know how he likes embarrassing people and this one is sooooo easy.


I don’t know much about this Scientology thing but I do know something just ain’t right about it.  The fact that it was created by a science fiction author is enough to conjure up images of kool-aid drinking, snuggie wearing weirdos waiting for the mothership to make contact.   I mean Tom Cruise is involved so how sane can it be??  Well it looks like Will Smith is down for the cause.  In 2008 Will donated about $122,000 to Scientology related groups and earlier in the summer Will and Jada fired the headmaster of a school they opened and replaced her with someone who would integrate the “religion” into the curriculum.  So this is whats hot in the streets now Will?


RIP AJILE TURNERCommon’s cousin Ajile Turner was killed in a motorcycle accident Friday night when his motorcycle collided with a man on a bicycle at the corner of Green Ave. and Washington Ave. in Brooklyn.  Both men were rushed to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.  RIP and as always keep the family in your prayers.

I’M JUST SAYIN’I saw the MTV special on Janet’s performance at the VMA’s this weekend.  I knew Chris Judd (J. Lo’s ex) was up there but I didnt know it was all choreographers.  Makes sense now dopest tribute yet. 

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