Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West, Bow Bow, Superhead and Chamillionaire/Paul Wall Reunion?

KANYE WEST ALMOST PUSHED HIMSELF BACK!   RyAN Dexter here for another dose of rumors. The comments were funny, but we don’t take it personal! Rumor has it, Kanye West nearly pushed his own CD back because he is such a perfectionist. What stopped him? 50 Cent! That’s right. This Sept. 11 date of release […]



RyAN Dexter here for another dose of rumors. The comments were funny, but we don’t take it personal! Rumor has it, Kanye West nearly pushed his own CD back because he is such a perfectionist. What stopped him? 50 Cent! That’s right. This Sept. 11 date of release is in stone and ‘Ye isn’t about to back down. He recently talked about the need to tie up some loose ends…OH WELL!


He recently performed in the UK and the celebs in attendance included Simon Cowell’s boo Leona Lewis, Rihanna and some others that don’t matter. By the way Simon Cowell is supposed to be quitting “American Idol.”




So, yesterday we didn’t want to expose too much of what Superhead said, because of the sensational nature of the interview on Jamie Foxxx’s radio show!


I heard the entire show on Friday, and let me tell u that Superhead is a cold piece of work.  Now she couldn’t hang with Jamie and his crew. Hell they basically put her on blast on every level, but she gets a C+ for effort….ha! Anyway, this girl talked about everybody from Puff to Eddie Murphy and how they like to “open up” behind closed doors! Now, I’m not one to believe every rumor about folks and that will not change just because Superhead or anyone else. But that one dude (who shall remain nameless)  was dealt a stack of cards on that day I know he wish he could have sent back. It got so bad, he called the show…Superhead talked bluntly about how she and he were about to have relations, but she had a revelation that put that to a halt.  The person in question (who is a really cool guy) denied everything. She supposedly went down for two hours on dude.


Tyson Beckford got put in the mix and under the bus – why?  The book is on the way! Jamie and crew asked why they call her Superhead and she said, “Because I’m super at everything I do.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!







I have been told that a member of a now defunct 90’s Bay Area rap group has caught something that he can’t throw back.  I can’t tell you how I know because my source wants to remain anonymous and too many clues could give away the identity of this rapper.  The rapper is actually still relevant and has houses in California and Texas.  I know this is a rumor page, but seriously people, always play safe.  You don’t wanna be Willie Lump Lump do you?


What’s wrong wit Sean Kingston???


I’m not a fan of Seanny Boy but MTV is not taking his lyrics lightly.  Apparently, parents of suicide victims are speaking out on his controversial line “you had me suicidal, suicidal, when you said it’s overrrrrrrr!”  This could mean having his video yanked from MTV and BET and possibly radio. Not a good look.  While we’re speaking on him, has anyone ever peeped how he sings like he’s Jamaican, talks like he’s from Cali, reps Miami, but silently wishes he was from New York?? (They should ban all those emo acts too!)


Foxy…the queen of the rumors!


In addition to her 7 driving violations, it is apparent that she is now preggers! I wish I was the baby daddy.  I want some of that Ill Na Na!!  Read the news story HERE and the pregnant rumor HERE.


Koopa and Mr “Grillz” Might Reunite?


For you young bucks who didn’t follow Houston rap until they blew up in 2005, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall were once a group.  Due to creative differences, and Cham’s desire to establish his own company, the group broke up.  Shortly after, Mike Jones (who Mike Jones!) hit the scene and diss tapes started flying all over the place.  Cham and Paul Wall have since deaded their beef and said they might actually make an album together! This would be a blessing to the Houston scene that has seen a slight decline in 2007.


Illseed Sub Quickies


JD and Wow Bow called it quits! Illseed told you about this one a minute ago after JD’s So So Def Weekend in Atlanta! It appears to be coming So So True!


Ken P is getting married to Kelly Rowland (sorry Illseed!)


Wow Bow is supposedly dating Angela Simmons! Ummmm…why would he drop the P#### Cat Doll babe?


Boss Up- I see you playboy, holla at ya folk.  I know you got some rumors!


Douglas “Biggs” Ellison has already been sued by Chrisette Michele. Allhiphop.com was the first to run the story in the Stray News on July 13th.


It looks like Jay-Z and Diddy might also be on the “I Get Money” remix.


Rumor has it, 50 Cent popped up on the Scream Tour in Washington D.C. and  performed with his boo Ciara. 50 Cent is working hard!


This might be a lil’ old but, Lil’ Wayne has replied to 50 Cent on a song called “S On My Chest”  On the song, he makes note of the Tony Yayo incident and saying how much he loves the ladies. “Women- yup I adore I’ma w#### you know I’m a w####.” We need mo’ fiya!


Somebody taped the MF Doom show and might be able to expose if it was an imposter or not!




She just got married to Kurupt and now she is already spittin’ fire! See what all the hub bub is about!



RyAN here! Look at this video. It is nothing short of amazing.  I don’t mean to get all National Geographic on you, but it is proof that gangs are in our human nature. Even bison can whoo ride on a herd of tigers!




 You have to see this clip! What happens when Bruce Willis goes to Japan? Die Hard isn’t the word!






We got a blurb on Superhead and an alleged sex tape a few days ago with Irv Gotti and now there is more. I’m hearing that she has whole bunch of tapes with some of her menz. In fact, Ray-J might be doing a sequel to his Kim Kardashian video. That’s right Heady has a gang of tapes just waiting to be released. Hmmmmmmmm




Out homey Lil’ Man Blue hit us up with a rumor! Who could play the King of Pop on the silver screen? Evan Ross that’s who. Tracee Ellis Ross and Michael Jackson’s alleged love child is rumored to be tapped to play the gloved one on the big screen. I know I know all this is just too bizarre, but stay with us folks. La Mike as many affectionately call him has a close relationship with the pop star due to his family ties with mother Diana Ross. Evan looks enough like Jackson post surgery so this might be a good luck. I hope he’s ready to play every nationality known to man. We’ve seen Mike cross colors and genders like no other. This should be interesting.




OH yeah, shout out to Leon M. Thanks a lot for the rumors, but two rumors doesn’t mean you can hold a whole week down. Appreciate that, bro. Sorry u mad.



Shout out to Geechie Dan too. He’s writing a book called The Kingdom Hall!




With all the controversy over MikeVick and others, we still have to ask ourselves – WHY NOT THE SAME WITH THE JENA 6? Illseed was campaigning  and we’re not going to stop here. Check out the video! CNN, FOX, TV ONE, ABC, BET, MTV…all of you…apply the pressure! People rode hard for the Duke Lacrosse boys…show the Jena 6 the same love!


One 16 year old Mychael Bell still has a day in court coming up. He was convicted of 2nd degree battery and conspiracy to commit second degree battery. Mychael is scheduled to be sentenced September 20th and he faces up to 22 years in prison for a school yard fight. While he sits in jail, the students that performed the faux lynching received a 3 days in school suspension. If you would like to join in the fight to help Mychael Bell, please visit http://paypal.com and click the “Send Money” tab at top. The e-mail address of the fund is mychalbelldefense@gmail.com. All questions regarding the Jena 6 can be directed to mychalbelldefense@gmail.com.



Please watch this -PLEASE! 




This is clearly an old clip, but a diss is a diss!




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