Hip-Hop Rumors: Khia Goes Bonkers! Lil Flip’s Big Homey Is Back! Rappers Take Every Rappers Chain!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS (ARCHIVES) Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Brown And Rick Ross Dating? Is The Queen Engaged? Friday Rumors! Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon To Leave Universal? Diddy Gushes Over Obama! Luda […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Brown And Rick Ross Dating? Is The Queen Engaged? Friday Rumors!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Akon To Leave Universal? Diddy Gushes Over Obama! Luda and Tommy Lee Get That Green!

Hip-Hop Rumors: OBAMA! Shawty Lo Gets Peaced? Rihanna The Skater? Lil’ Wayne To Rehab?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Pharrell Pushes Big Boy Off Stage! Is Lil’ Wayne A G.O.A.T?



I can’t believe how much Lil’ Flip has been on the site recently and he doesn’t even have a album coming out. Well, one person that knows or knew Flip well was Humpty Hump of SuckaFree. He was down with Flip early and they had a very bad break.

Check out this letter Hump wrote to AllHipHop.com regarding recent things with Flip:

AllHipHop.com, dis da big homey Hump (SuckaFree CEO & Ex-manager)

first off applaud da n***r Flip for bein so damn creative, feel me! I made dis boy(check da books people) so i kno what he about. I got dis n***a in da game made him a millionaire now look at all da s### he pulln. He knew it was go be hard gettin back in de game so the n***a starts playin these damn media games. All this s**t with him and Lil Wayne plus dat Bun s**t he stirred up, the suppose car wreck s### he playing out. Come on dats publicity for dis new album he dropping . Him an Sandy over there planning dis s### trying to sell some records.Flip knew dat Wayne diss would spark some s**t of course. Now he got Brisco and all them Young Money boyz out here taking shots at TI Bugsy, Young Berg an every body else cause he tryin to start mo beef for dis album when Tip already served dis crazy ass boy, s**t Ask him what happen in da Clover dat day. Lil J (jayprince) cant save dis lil n***a all da time feel me. He out here beefing wit Shoe companies over petty-amounts of money, must be broke if you ask me. If he stay loyal he wouldnt deal wit s**t like dat but thats the type of n***a yall dealing with. We SuckaFree.


Teflon D hit me up to let me know that Khia spazzed out down in Atlanta. Apparently, Khia was on V103 to talk up her new album and all her other stuff and she just…just…BUGGED OUT! For whatever reason. Khia started calling host Porschia Foxxx a hater and other colorful names. She would not let the Porschia speak, eventually the sound people cut her mic off to silence her that way. Then, they gave her a second chance to redeem herself, and she started screaming all over again. I know we talk about Khia a lot, but her fans might be turning against her now. I heard it was very ugly. I’m sure the audio is somewhere out there.

Click here for the video – Khia is so disrespectful…


Yesterday, a reader gave their opinions on DMX at a recent showing with Ruff Ryders. Today, my girl BX Nena AKA Da Bronx Bomba from Power 100.3 FM let me know the deal from her point of view.

First of all- The show was off da hook even b4 DMX came on.

EVE, Swizz Beatz, Cassidy, DJ Cupid, Parlay, Drag-On did the dam thing getting everyone ready for the X to come out!

DMX came out and did the damn thing! Yes- he did have a bottle of champagne in his hand. He was sipping here and there throughout the performance. Yes- He did bring his son out and had him spit a quick 16 (which by the way was impressive!) Yes- he almost fell off the stage ONCE and the RR family in the audience grabbed him but it wasn’t in a drunken stupor. But what gets me in the review this person did was they stated DMX was on the floor choking on the champagne in the middle of the show- LOL that s**t DID NOT HAPPEN. Also they said that he was high and it wasn’t on weed. How the f**k would YOU know son? lol if anything he was feeling the champagne he was sipping on- he done drank the s**t to the head anyway. And i didn’t see tears either! he was emotional with his expression and love for his son- but he wasn’t ballin like a big baby- If dude gonna state the facts-state them right! Don’t make the man look more f**ked up then what motha f**kaz already portray him 2 be! His whole set was off da hook and did all the hits he is known for- now and back in the day flawlessly!

That’s good to hear. The Dog is a real intense dude.


These dudes are funny. Japcity names just about every rapper in rap and advocates the snatching of chains. The real problem I have this video is Mr. T appears in it and nobody is taking a thing from Mr. T. This song is like a new “How to Rob” but I have to ask, “When you steal somebody’s chain what do you do with it?”


Jacket Jackson is huge, but even that doesn’t stop her from being disappointed. She doesn’t think she is going to have another single:

“That’s pretty difficult to say, only because of the record label at this point. We started off with Feedback and the label and myself haven’t quite seen eye to eye since the Feedback single so they’ve kind of basically stopped all promotion. I’m trying to figure out a way to say this, but just to say it and to be quite honest, they just stopped all promotion whatsoever on the album so I don’t think you’re going to hear another single off this album.”

Diabetes: Lil Boosie Speaks Out and Gives Back

Lil Boosie: I have days when it’s like all falling down on me. If I like go two to three weeks of taking care of myself, that one day I slip, I might get sick. You know I have to really be on it and the lifestyle I have – this lifestyle I’m surrounded by, you know, I feel like I need more people around to help me with this. It’s hard Doc. You know those couple of nights I had to call you when I’m on the road feeling bad; sh*t man, I was down. But it’s all good when I take care of myself.


The Ultimate Warrior who’s most recently been seen on TMZ making some funny comments about Hulk Hogan and his son being in the pen is going to be returning to the professional wrestling ring on June 25th in Barcelona Spain for Nu Wrestling Evolution. The current heavyweight champ is a brotha by the name of Orlando Jordan who used to wrestle for World Wrestling Entertainment and held the United States Championship. This will be the Ultimate Warrior’s first time wrestling in over ten years and he’s been pumping out wild ass video’s talking about everyone he can’t stand and how he’s training and has been roid free since 1991.

Check out UW dissing Hulk:

Here is the run down on the Ultimate Warrior where nobody knows what he was talking about.


Amy Winehouse performed in Portugal and she was way “off.” People say she appeared disoriented and confused. There were rumors that she seemed to sniff a white substance on stage, but that might just be bad gossip. Check it.


People that have kids know about Dora The Explorer. Well, somebody went and did a house/club music remix. I don’t have kids, but I kinda found myself jammin’ to this. I think this will fill kids’ Saturday morn with joy. LOL.

Dora The Explorer(Club Remix) – Dora


Rap battles have gotten very mundane in the past couple of years due to the bastardizaion of the art. But, I came across this one at the greasy guide. Check out Grind Time Presents: Mosh Jelton vs Jonny Storm Pt. 1.

Part 2

Dudes are wild funny even though they are lyrically abusive to the ladies.


This is very odd. This man is moving around like a Mexican jumping bean ‘til the point where they formally recognize him as a crackhead.

Damn, the judge broke that man down to the very last compound. That chick’s self-esteem must be in the toilet…or a crack vile.


This is short and sour! It’s been old and in circulation on the net for a minute, but check this out. Face to the concrete.


Donny Goines addresses the state of the Hip-Hop scene in New York. Check it!



I had to re-run this Ashanti picture:

YO. I was seriously sleeping. Esther Baxter had a baby and is back more buxom than ever.

The new Ebony features Serena Williams!

I just have to say to the ladies, there is a God and he/she/it created you. To the men, thank God! HAMMER TIME!


Shout out to Julia Beverly of Ozone Magazine. She’s having a birthday celebration all over the nation. Must be nice! HAPPY B-DAY, JULIA!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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