Hip-Hop Rumors: Kim Kardashian Working on Her Body For Kanye

Kim Kardashian credits weight loss motivation to keeping it spicy for Kanye.

While folks are still most likely reminiscing on the now infamous Kim Kardashian selfie splashed round the internets, her attention mongering new body publicity tour continues.

These days, she says she’s trying to keep it tight not because her career has pretty much been built on her image, but because she’s trying to impress baby daddy Kanye West.

“You want your guy to think you’re really hot. I’ll put something on and he’ll [Kanye] say, ‘No, that doesn’t look good’, and I’ll trust him,’” she tells London’s Sunday Times Style supplement.

In the process of getting her whole body back, Kim says it has been more about diet and not working out.

“I haven’t exercised a whole lot so far, just because I’ve been busy with the baby and I don’t want to leave her. I still have some [baby weight] to go,” she says, adding that the Atkins Diet has been a godsend. “Atkins worked for me and I don’t feel tempted to eat a bunch of junk food. It’s just about staying healthy – it will come off.”

It’s hard to believe that she’s not really working out but whatever is clever. She does look good.