ALLHIPHOP WEEK 2007 SEPTEMBER 15-21st. New York City. If you don’t know, now you know. More info…TOMORROW. LMAO! I’VE BEEN HAD! All this time I thought Mel B’s man was related to Harry Belafonte! That dude isn’t even related to the great Harry Belafonte! His real last name is Standsbury! Ain’t that a b-word? Now, […]


SEPTEMBER 15-21st. New York City.

If you don’t know, now you know. More info…TOMORROW.


All this time I thought Mel B’s man was related to Harry Belafonte! That dude isn’t even related to the great Harry Belafonte! His real last name is Standsbury! Ain’t that a b-word? Now, I am officially heated, because they are saying he legally changed his name, because he is light-skinned and could fool people into thinking he was Black Royalty! I hope he’s not playing, because you know Mel B is probably in a vulnerable spot with Eddie’s active paternity being dubious. This dude might be doing a Jerry McGuire! The only thing is, he probably said, “You complete me,” not her! Anyway, according to Perez Hilton, dude is crazy with it. His influence on Scary Spice has her 1) not talking to her Mum (that UK for Mom) and 2) Firing her longtime assistant! What is the world coming to? Shout out to my homegirl Michelle in H-Town.


I know some of you are real fans of the Young Gunz and there have been rumblings that Young Chris was going solo from Neef for a minute now. I am here to tell you that is totally true now. Guess what? The dude has signed to LeBron James! How crazy is that? I knew the dude was down with the ROC, but he now has Dreamlife Productions. Apparently, this is like a management / record label. Young Chris is also working with the incomparable Mick Boogie on his promotional mixtape from what I heard. The Mich Boogie mixtape precludes the young brother’s solo LP. Look for it next week. I also heard that Mick is doing a classic mixtape with Q-Tip. I need a copy of that!


Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes were trying to get in club last Friday in St. Tropez and didn’t make it in. Let me say that St. Tropez is buggin’ out like Phife Dawg! Yo! They dissed Diddy and now this? Anyway, on this particular night, Diddy and other stars were in the place to be and the VIP was full and they couldn’t accommodate the Hollywood couple so they just told them to beat it! I heard they were so heated. I’m so heated that I’m joining Scientology.


I know he can’t rap, but I am a fan of Dame Dash. Look and hear what rumors I have heard. I heard that Dash’s people were up in the Def Jam building scoping the place out in the event that there is a changing of the guard. I heard that Jay’s people were called into a meeting and told to chill because they knew that Dame’s folks were in the house. True? I’m just saying, I heard this. 😉 Anyway, Dame’s people allegedly requested information on office space and probing what areas were under the rule of Jay-Z, aka El Presidente. So, there’s not going to be any Roc-A-Fella reunion here, because they are seeking spots that are not under the iron fist of S. Carter. I heard the people that were with Jay and Dame are very uncomfortable with the possible return of Dame Dash. I think, if Jay leaps onto the S.S. Columbia, they want to make sure Def Jam doesn’t turn into the Titanic and sink.


Is it possible that a member of the group that has three 6’s in it turn to gospel? That’s the wild and crazy rumor. I heard that Crunchy Black, the man that was down with the Three 6 Mafia for the longest, is turning to gospel rap. He’s also the man that once said, “Don’t get mad when you get hit in the head with that brick.” That was scary to hear. Even scarier is that Crunchy might be putting out an album called A Long Time Coming thru Soulfood Muzic/Universal and slated to Drop Next Spring.


I swear to you, every single day, I try to go through a rumors day without mentioning 50 Cent. And what happens? 50 goes and does something that forces me to mention him. This time it is this new song towards Cam’ron, Fat Joe, Czar Entertainment. I heard another rumor about 50 Cent spazzing out, but in a different way. You might hear about it, but I’m still confirming some things…if this is true, we might have a major meltdown. In the meantime, check out the new song and it looks like Yayo upped the ante a bit on this joint.

Was this picture taken in the future and sent back to 2007 after 50 Cent joined Rev. Al’s church family?

(Just so you all know, Rev. Al and his movement sharply and catgorically opposed the above song and the alleged actions of Tony Yayo. A statement is on the way, but don’t let the picture mislead you. They aren’t buddies.)


Somebody hit me with this information out of Chi-Town. I’m not going to mess with it or edit it. I’m not touching it, but I wanted to see what people thought of it.

Ok so the rumor you have is ALL backwards!! I went to school with the girl whos name is Reshona and is listed in the TP2 thank you’s section.

1)Sparkle is her aunt and the one who sent the tape to the Sun-Times to expose him before his WGCI Big Jam performance back in like DEC 2000

2)She is also R. Kelly’s estranged wife’s goddaughter…let me explain…she was R.Kelly’s wifes godchild already then when they got married he took Reshona in as his godchild as well

3)It did really do it all the signs were there she used to be SO defensive if anyone said they didnt like a R.Kelly song etc..

4)I saw the tape it was her and she had her basketball chain on in the video that she never took off it was her basketball number from OAK PARK RIVER FOREST H.S Girl’s Basketball number

5)I guess it could be evidence that he was being a GREAT GOD DAD…But he bought her a PT Crusier her Sophmore year of High School Purple with TV’S and some very nice rims..even though she later transferred schools and the nice young ladies @ Proviso West busted out ALL her windows

6)After the story came out she stopped driving the PT Crusier and started driving a Chrysler LaBaron I saw her summer of 2002 and asked her what happened to her car and she replied that she didnt drive it anymore due “Sentimental Reasons”

If you want my opinion on the whole thing I think Sparkle just wanted to smudge Kellz rep by putting the tape out there cuz her 2nd album flopped. And its nasty to just think about him doing that to someone thats supposed to be his goddaughter. Now I love Kellz and his music but I had to let the truth out!!

DEHAVEN? BLASTS JAY-Z. This guy is going all at Jay-Z, Dame, Ty-Ty. Jay-Z mentions his name in songs and he’s going all out. I’m glad I don’t have any real friends. LOL. Dehaven says, “It wouldn’t be no Roc-A-Fella empire if it wasn’t for me.” And it is a continuing saga.


After watching that, I have a crush on Obama Girl. She can head up my campaign any day. Shout out to cardiac!


Well, I don’t feel any better. There are still three kids dead. At any rate, justice might be served if the police and DA can prove that Jose Carranza did the deed. Check the story:

NEWARK, N.J. – A 28-year-old man and a teenage boy were charged Thursday in the execution-style schoolyard killings of three college students and the wounding of another, a crime that has outraged this violence-marred city.

The arrests came within hours of each other, with police taking the 15-year-old boy into custody Wednesday night and the man, Jose Carranza, surrendering to the mayor on Thursday.



Nore is the illest…he might be iller than me. In his new rap, he said , “I’ll have you in the Rumors, my dude, with Illseed.” I’m honored to be mentioned. On that note, everybody check out Cocaine Cowboys!

More quickies. While Ray-J and Lil Kim are on the town, Bobby Brown and Whitney were seen out in Atlanta getting some food. Hmmmm…

Brad has apparently moved out on Angelina. I know nobody cares, but I thought I would mention it. This reminds me of that song by Da Backwudz – “I Dont Like the Look of This.”

FOX Searchlight Pictures is looking for a dude to play Biggie Smalls. I’m telling these people – GUERRILLA BLACK! I know for a fact, Biggie’s mother was NOT feeling B-Black when he came out in like 04…maybe she’s eased up a lil bit.

Hey, the kid that played Biggie in “Sky’s the Limit” is now like 20! He should do it. Here is a pic of him when he was younger. Shout out to Nando!

Did you know that Luther Vandross was from the Bronx? He was inducted into the Bronx Hall of Fame this year.

I heard that MC Shan and Krs-One deaded their beef of like 25 years and will rock in the Bronx tomorrow.

I heard Al Sharpton had a run-in with Trick Trick and Trick told Al to get up outta here with that! Well, he said that, because he said nobody there is actually benefiting from Hip-Hop like that.

Shout out to Tamia and Grant Hill, who welcomed their second child, Lael Rose Hill, into the world yesterday.

On the other side, Lindsay Lohan might be pregnant. SMH.


I have dreams at night, I toss and turn, I have visions of hell and me and Rell gonna burn. Why do I have nightmares about Hell Rell? See below. Any website with this, I just click away. A mouth full of bullets? He’s gonna bite me, then shoot me. Pause x 2.

Gotdag. This girl is finished. K-Fed is coming to the rescue of the kids! Why don’t people just slip under the radar? I think they love this mess.


Brandy to Escape Prosecution Over Fatal Accident?

Brandy is a good kid. It looks like she might escape misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges if the court has mercy on her. You know, in 2006 she had an accident that killed somebody. The LA DA has not determined where the case will go. They are still waiting for technical information and that will decide. She faces up to a year in jail on this one. You better believe she won’t escape the civil suits.


Terrence Howard is  a lil’ special. In a recent interview will Elle, he just said a bunch of weird stuff. He might be on that Bin Laden or that Bobby Brown. Here is part of what he said.

ELLE: What does your ideal woman look like?TH: I like women who look like me. (N-WORD, WHAT?) Generally, you’re ­attracted to women who look like you (HIS EX WAS WHITE), because the most beautiful thing in nature is your own reflection. (NOT TRUE. MEN ARE ALL UGLY)ELLE: So…you like a lady with a pencil moustache? (HOW U DOIN’)TH: No, but a woman who shares my features. (HUH?)


This dude disses T-Pain! Yo, the funny thing is, his song is kind of hot. He’s trying to prove that T-Pain can’t sing! I didn’t think singing even mattered any more. Anyway, check this out.


Look at this Ikea commercial and tell me the ad dept. didn’t lose their damn mind.


This was mentioned yesterday and here are is the song.


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