Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Kim’s L#### Experience? Snoop Don’t Need Dre! Keyshia Cole P##### Fans Off?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Papoose and Fat Joe Fighting? The 50 Factor! Hip-Hop Rumors: Bad News For T.I., Nas/Jay-Z Fans, Ras Kass and Bill O’Racist! HOT L#### SEX […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Papoose and Fat Joe Fighting? The 50 Factor!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Bad News For T.I., Nas/Jay-Z Fans, Ras Kass and Bill O’Racist!


This better be somewhat factual, but you know what? I won’t be shocked if this is just another stupid rumor somebody with no life made up. Do you remember Lisa Natson aka Golden Girl from Philly. Let me remind you from a Feb 2005 AllHipHop Report:

DJ Golden Girl of Philadelphia’s Power 99 FM has sued rapper Fabolous and his entourage for allegedly assaulting her after the station’s annual Powerhouse concert in 2004. Golden Girl, whose real name Lisa Natson, is seeking $85 million in damages, alleging that she was picked up and slammed to the ground by Fabolous’ bodyguard in the backstage parking area of the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

Fast forward to 2008 and Golden Girl is back in the headlines. The radio chick (or is that groupie chick?) is allegedly writing a book about all her experiences in the entertainment business. What leaks out first? A supposed lesbian tryst with Lil’ Kim, which is very explicit.

“Anyway, there I was, in a position I had never been in, laying in bed with the Queen Bee, ready to eat her *****. [Illseed note: I think she means cake.] We were in some exquisitely designed bedroom, where she was dressed in a thong…”

I don’t really believe this one, but Click here for an excerpt and some pics. It’s a raw one.


Recently my homey, Radio Host Kendra G the Blackbarbie, caught up with Snoop Dogg who is currently promoting his new album which will be out in March titled Ego Trippin.’ According to the Kendra G the interview started off with a rocky start when Kendra G asked Snoop was Dr. Dre on the album! Snoop snapped and said, “No, I don’t need Dr. Dre! You are interviewing Snoop Dogg and you need to know who you are interviewing. This is a Snoop Dogg record and he’s built off Snoop Dogg!” Wow! Snoop spent the next 4 mins explaining why Dr. Dre didn’t produce a track on his album and how he is trying to establish himself without Dr. Dre. Check the interview out for yourself!

Go, Snoop! We’re going to all be old as John McCain if we keep waiting for Detox!



Do you recall a rumor that Kanye couldn’t get into a fashion show for designer Balenciaga, who he repeatedly bigged up in his blog? Well, here is Kanye’s cheerful reply.

I just love the clothes! Lex and I are not there 2 take pictures… I don’t have an album about 2 drop… my tour is sold out… I love fashion and this is one of the funnest things we can make time for! I totally love and respect any designer that won’t let me come 2 there show… it’s their show… they don’t owe me anything… Balenciaga is one of the illest lines right now and I don’t feel any type of way about not getting in! There’s always a catch 22 in being a celeb … your motives are always questioned… but only time will show my true love MY FIRST LOVE is for fashion and I appreciate just being in a position 2 afford 2 be able 2 spend a week in Paris visiting shows. I wish everyone could have this experience, the new music you hear, the new people you meet and most of all the beautiful clothes! I understand that some designers don’t want all that unnecessary commotion at there shows, that’s what I mean by “I get a lot of attention” … I feel like music and fashion don’t bridge enough… at least not as much as it did in the 80’s when Madonna and Michael actually influenced designers… there was a give and take. I never use my blog 2 clear stuff up… but this is so close 2 my heart I had 2 say something… Anyone saying something negative has it wrong, they’ve got me wrong… I just want 2 make great art on every level and fashion shows are one of the best forms of art in the world. Thank you Paris again for the inspiration!!!


I heard Keyshia Cole upset folks down there in ATL. People I know told me that Ms. Cole was like four hours late for her BET reality show reunion episode taping this past weekend in Atlanta. After some hours, many audience members bounced from the taping. From what I understand, there was a long line of Keyshia Cole fans standing outside Turner studios, where the taping was held.  The taping was supposed to start at 4 p.m., but I heard Ms. Diva Cole didn’t show up until about 5:30. OUCH. After all the angry fans left, there were only a few loyalists there to sit it out. Word is, the audience was so small that the show’s producers had to call local radio station V-103 to make a last minute announcement to anyone who wanted to see the taping. Thing is, when people actually arrived, it was already 7:30 p.m. for a show that was suppose to end at six. I like Keyshia, but this can’t be good for establishing a healthy relationship with fans.


Read this report and you tell me what you tthink. The Hip-Hop police or just good ol’ fashioned police brutality.

Illseed on the 29th of February I was one of the opening acts for Dead Prez at the Key Club. My name is Kaisor Sosa and me and my mans Tha Ansa were the first group to go on stage. After that a bunch of ill groups hit the stage and the headline group Dead Prez finally came out to a sold out concert. They did a bunch of there classics like Hip Hop, W4, Propaganda, and concluded the show by having 500 people yell “F### tha police.” As I was leaving the Key Club I was walking directly across to a parking garage when I was stopped by a Deputy Sheriff who said he smack the smile off my face. When I returned he and another officer slammed me into a turnstile then slammed my face into the pavement and choked me out on the ground. i was then taken to the hospital for treatment. After the hospital I was thrown into county for 36 hrs. My arraingment is tommorow in Beverly Hills. Anyway wish me luck and attached is a pic of me and Dead Prez taken a few hours before the show. They are trying to charge me with resisting arrest, public intoxication even though I was completely sober, and obstruction of justice. All these are trumped up charges.

Check him out right here.


In Britain, the network will offer shows including 106 & Park, College Hill and American Gangster. Over time, the channel is expected to court British programmers to develop shows, executives said. BET will also launch a broadband Web site for its U.K. channel at a later date.

The BET UK launch party took place over the weekend at the Cafe de Paris, London.

Guests included Alicia Keys, Musiq Soul Child, Soulja Boy and a whole host of UK celebrities. Alicia Keys also performed Superwomen and No One at the intimate venue filled with various Industry types.

Rocsi spoke to AllHipHop.com and told us, “BET coming over to the UK just shows how big the power of the network is growing and the interest of the world in wanting to know what BET has to provide as a network. ‘106 and Park’ will be filming a weekly show that is exclusive for our International Affiliates. We are really excited about this move”

[Illseed note: AllHipHop’s network is about to launch too!]


Congrats to Kevin Liles, who was honored in New York yesterday by TJ Martell for his contributions to cancer research. Well, now that that’s out the way, let’s get to some other stuff. At the event, everybody was there. Rocsi and Terrence, Nick Cannon, Cheri Dennis, Angie Martinez, Johnny Nunez, Chris Lighty and others attended. This was an event called family day, and it was, but with an urban twist. For example, Chris Lighty, who manages 50 Cent, was there with his family, but he also was there in tow with some bodyguards. I guess that’s a necessary evil on a Sunday. I heard that Irv Gotti stayed just about the entire time with his family…with a Gotti twist. Apparently, camera crews were on Irv the entire time and he was actually using this family day to film the second season of his reality show. His hot estranged wife Deb wasn’t there though. Jay-Z was there, but he sort of ducked the press from what I was told. It was family day so there were families all over playing games and thangs.


For those of you that love and revere the late Larry Davis, here you go with his funeral info.

Porta Coeli San German Funeral Home

1822 Westchester Ave

Bronx, N.Y. 10472

(718) 892-7949

The wake is Tuesday March 05, 2008 at 5 PM – 9 PM

Creston Baptist Church

114 E 188th Street

Bronx, NY 10468

(718) 367-1754

Funeral is March 06, 2008 (Wednesday) 10 A.M.


Do you think the government would really release an actual “cure” that halts the HIV virus? I always though they would just block that so the pharmaceutical companies can continue to profit off the cocktail medicine. Check it out.

Researchers at the University of Alberta have discovered a gene that is able to block HIV, and in turn prevent the onset of AIDS. Stephen Barr, a molecular virologist in the Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, says his team has identified a gene called TRIM22 that can block HIV infection in a cell culture by preventing the assembly of the virus.

“When we put this gene in cells, it prevents the assembly of the HIV virus,” said Barr, a postdoctoral fellow. “This means the virus cannot get out of the cells to infect other cells, thereby blocking the spread of the virus.”

Click here for the full opus!


According to recent reports “General Hospital” actress Angel Wainwright punched Suge Knight! I heard another woman leapt in and it was over before it really got out of hand! WHEW. Everybody is in Free World still.

Simon Cowell on being the face of Viagra: “Last year my agent rang me and said ‘You’ve been offered an incredibly big (£1 million) deal. It’s to be the face of Viagra’. And I just said ‘Sorry, but that has to be a f*****g insult’.” [Waseem, what’s good?]

What’s in your DNA?

Pharrell and N.E.R.D. rocked out over there in Northhampton, Mass. I heard it was a great show and that cats actually took it back to the “standing on a cop car” days.

Naomi Campbell was released Friday from the hospital after she underwent abdominal surgery. I didn’t know she went in!

You heard that all those DTP acts got dropped? I heard they are still signed, Ludacris,Shareefa, and Bobby Valentino respectively.

Andre 3000 has confirmed that his solo album is coming this year. Could that be Dr. Dre and 3 Stacks?


Here is the extended version of the Fat-Joe-Wants-To-Fight-50-Cent video.


Here is the original Fat Joe pic so no he didn’t actually get 2-pieced like seen in that Photoshop special. Also, Papoose allegedly said that he challenged Fat Joe to a “fair one” and only hit him when he didn’t want to clear a room to fight. Was Joe just being an adult? I can’t call it, but below are the pics. Also, for people that became just-add-water-geniuses and balked about how 50 Cent has people running his blog, say to you, “DUH.” George Bush isn’t in Iraq either, but the troops are fighting. Chew on that.



This is from his gospel rap debut.





There will always be crying. And this song is always disturbing no matter how many times you see it.


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