Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Wayne’s New Foe! Fake Lil Wayne Needed! Amber’s Down With Drake!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on… THIS IS REAL: LIL WAYNE IMPERSONATOR NEEDED This may be the foulest thing I ever saw in my LIFE!!!!!!! Peep this and tell me its not! My son […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on…


This may be the foulest thing I ever saw in my LIFE!!!!!!! Peep this and tell me its not!

My son is turning 16 and really wanted Lil Wayne to perform for his birthday gala. Unfortunately his schedule will not permit him to make it. I need a Lil Wayne impersonator desperately.

Here is the kicker my son is blind so you do not need to look like the rapper just sound like him. I understand he grunts and mumbles a lot. I don’t care if you are 67 and Jewish if you can sing the songs you’re hired. Money is not an issue. Name your price. Interested individuals please let me know your rap experience, video of you performing as Lil Wayne would be better. If that is not feasible we can arrange for a live audition.

Serious inquiries only, this is very important to my family. Young Money Baby!

* Location: DC-MD-VA


If you are a pimp, you have to respect Lil Wayne’s cold pimp game! Lauren London is about to have a kid and now so is Nivea. SMH. Here is a letter and in it, reveals something about Ms. London’s alleged state of mind:

I was told yesterday Lauren London was at lost for words today after finding out that her baby daddy was expecting another child yesterday. Lauren who is almost 6 months pregnant didn’t know anything about Nivea pregnancy, and found out online and was outraged. Like every other star these days, she took to her Twitter page to express how she felt. But after speaking to a family friend left the topic alone. She then decided to spend the day with her family and close friends. Lauren told her friends that she is worried if her career is over as a result of these issues. As we all know Lauren is on the pinnacle of Black Hollywood as the face of Sean John and reoccurring role in the remake of Beverly Hills 90210 on the CW. A reliable source stated that Wayne doesn’t want anything to do with Lauren.

Today Nivea called Ryan Cameron’s and confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with a boy. In fact, both of them are pregnant with Wayne’s sons.

This is a really bad situation, considering that she is knocked up and the baby daddy is in love with someone else.

Lauren London can have any man in the world but she chooses to get with an engaged man… Is the recession effecting men too!!!! This makes Wayne about 4 babies up and 4 baby mamas down. I guess it is true about Wayne ” He can f*&^k any girl in this world”. Sidenote… I really like Lauren London, she is such a sweet and caring person. I hate to see this happen to her. I hope this is an eye opener and she’ll come back from this stronger than ever. P.S. Lauren hit me on twitter… [source]


I heard Q-Tip did at the House of Blues in Chicago last night and I heard the O.G. did his thing. Shout out to Bo-Bo49!

I repeat! Rihanna does not have a sex tape! It is and imposter in the p### world. SMH.

Shout out to J-Who, Malik and CB.

FLO RIDA CANCELS CANADA?Maybe Flo Rida has never been to Canada! If he did, he wouldn’t have cancelled a recent show there with out telling them why. Actually, I am hearing that the little town of Salmon Arm, BC in Canada was supposed to have Flo Rida perform an all-ages show on TODAY (Monday June 15th) From the saddened fans, I’m gathering that no reason was offered for this one. Then, he was also supposed to do a gig  in Vancouver and then in Nanaimo, BC.  No good! Anyway, the show in Salmon Arm was nearly sold out….not enuff for the Flo Man!


I don’t think this is a shot at Charles to the Hamilton, but I think its more saying that dude needs to just do music. We like the music. Shout out to J. Smooth.


I don’t know if you saw this already, but MC Hammer has addressed the “DOA” crazy propagated by Jay-Z. But Hammer, as I see it, wouldn’t tolerate Jay downing his “way of eating.” But, check it out.

Hammer, don’t hurt ’em!

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PEACE to all the good people out there in the world. I know the world revolves off conflict, beef and whatever, but I had a great weekend with my family and friends. Very simple, very simple, but just what I needed after a long weekend. So, I just wanted to say WHAT’S UP!?! Anyway, this is my lite rumors. I’m getting up and will be adding more in a few! Thanks, fam!

DRAKE – AMBER SHOWS UP TO THE VIDEO Over the weekend, Drake was shooting the video for “Best I Ever Had” in Brooklyn, New York City. From what I understand, the club scene was one of the ones that was going down. Doesn’t ever video have to have a club scene? Anyway, from what I heard Amber Rose was over there at the video shoot. Oh, who am I fooling, here is the pic.

Kanye is directing the video as well, which is pretty much confirmed. Hopefully, Kid Cudi is still remembered from  ‘Ye.

Shout out to Yungfab!


I have an interesting rumor for all your people that are fans of Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx. Well, fans, there is a rumor that Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence have shot a treatment/pilot for a Wanda/Shenehah sitcom! That would be totally bonkers for two comedic cross-dressers (not dissing). “You so crazy!”


Craigslist is not to solicit crimes! But, that is just what a North Carolina husband did. He tried to use the list to find a man to find a man that would rape his own wife at their home. WHAT? OH and he found a person to do the deed. The 25-year-old Kannapolis man now stares at first-degree rape and other related charges. She was raped right there in their bedroom at knifepoint – as her husband watched. Police were suspicious of the mess after there were no signs of forced entry or break in. The crazy husband was jailed on $200,000 bond and they are still looking into the man that did the actually raping. What is wrong with people?

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