Hip-Hop Rumors: ‘Love & Hip-Hop Miami’ Too?

Producers are working hard to rally up a cast for the potential “Love & Hip-Hop Miami.”

We’ve been hearing quite a lot of behind the scenes buzzing about Love & Hip-Hop branching off into new cities but from what I’ve been told, you can add Miami to the list. Miami was ideally supposed to come before Atlanta but casting had a hard time getting solid names who were down. Most of the wives and babymamas who would have been key players are with or affiliated with heavy hitting executives and rappers who could easily put the kabosh on them if they get out of line and reveal too much. In other words, folks were a little shook. So, other than strippers, wanna be video girls and jump offs, casting has been hard but sources say producers are still looking.

Remember Winter Ramos from Love & Hip-Hop New York? She currently lives in Miami and would consider joining the fray if they land the right names but that still remains to be seen.