Hip-Hop Rumors: Mona Scott-Young Confirms ‘Love & Hip-Hop Expansion’

Mona Scott-Young confirms that she does plan to expand “Love & Hip-Hop” to new cities.

Mona Scott-Young has confirmed that we can expect a Love & Hip-Hop Expansion to another city after all the rumors we’ve been hearing. Necole Bitchie caught up with the mogul and asked what was what. She responded with this:

“Of course New York starts up again October 28, so I am excited about that, and I am casting in a few other cities. There’s been a lot of chit chat on the interweb about that. I’m looking at L.A., I’m looking at Houston, looking at New Orleans. Yeah, we’re going to find another city to spread our wings into.”

She’s playing coy but we know she’ll go with the cast that has the most ratchet potential. I’m thinking it might boil down to New Orleans.

In related rumors, Karruechee Tran says she won’t be a part of Love & Hip-Hop LA.

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