Hip-Hop Rumors: More Attacks On Rick Ross’ Gangsta! Wu Tang Digital Attacks 50 Cent!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! DID ROSS AND TRICK DADDY CLASH? FILM NEGATIVES TO BE RELEASED? First of all, there are MORE alleged pictures of Rick Ross as a correctional officer. […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



First of all, there are MORE alleged pictures of Rick Ross as a correctional officer. Go to illseed.com for that. Now, my Miami people have to tell me how “Miami Stand Up” came out. Miami’s own Trick Daddy and Rick Ross were among the stars set to celebrate at Miami Stand Up. It all went down yesterday and rolled through the night. It was supposedly hosted by Gabrielle Union and Deelishis. Now, we all know now that Trick Daddy is the one that REALLY got the ball rolling on this prison guard stuff with Ross. I know Ross said it was a photoshop or hackjob, but they sure are going hard. On illseed.com, they actually show photo NEGATIVES…remember what a NEGATIVE is? I know a lot of people are young, but a negative is when there is an actual picture taken with FILM (meaning not a digital camera). When you get your pics back, you also get negatives to make more copies. So, what they are saying is, “This ain’t no Photoshop job, boss.” Whew. All I have to say is, these street rules are hard on a brother. LOL!


We never see Lil’ Wayne in this video, but it seems like 40 Glocc, Spider Loc and some of their friends found Lil’ Wayne at the video shoot of “A Milli” around the time of the BET Awards. They walked around an Escalade for several minutes looking to get Wayne to come out of an SUV.Wayne – if he was in the truck – never comes out. Then, 40 and Loc give everybody a look into the life they lead and what  life is like in their neck of the woods. Now, there has been considerable dialogue about how real this is. One thing is for sure, the bodyguard in the “A Milli” video is in on this  too. The only thing is, he doesn’t seem concerned one bit that he is surrounded by all this danger. And the bodyguard doesn’t seem to be more on alert to protect his client, supposedly in the vehicle. Check out that video on illseed.com.


First of all, for those of you that got a rumor last week, I will debunk it in a sec. First of all, I want to let you all know that Naughty By Nature will be honored on the upcoming Hip-Hop Honors. You can take that to to bank. Also, there was a rumor that Treach was beat down or something after he beat somebody down. But it seemed like Treach is perfectly fine after he had a show over the weekend in New York City. He was good as ever on the mic. Hip-Hop Hooooorraaaaaayyyy!


Listen here! If you didn’t hear the GZA’s new dis, go to the music section. The Wu-Tang Digital Killer Beez attacked the message boards at 50 Cent’s web site. Yeah, crazy! This is the next level of rappers beefing. They no longer have to shoot and kill each other! I also hear that people down with The Game’s BWS are joining forces with the Digital Bees to attack thisis50! How will the master tactician 50 Cent deal with this?


Mark Ronson – a music producer – has accused Joss Stone of trying to f**k for tracks – sort of. He said he turned down a sexual proposition from the British soul singer. In a recent interview, he said, “I’m not the sort of producer that shags every artist he works with. I’ve had enough offers, but I’m very picky.” He described the woman that wanted him to s### her: “a very famous, white, bland and very boring English soul chick, whom shall remain unnamed.” When asked if it was Joss Stone, Ronson laughed and gave a wink. Just so Joss knows, I am a producer on the side.


My boy Eugene Ferrari was sad and bothered that Fat Joe and Sean Kingston didn’t make it to Ghana. Check out the letter he sent me.

Hello Ilseed,

How is business treating you? Well I have some info for you. Fake Joe and Disappointing Sean didn’t make it. They disappointed the whole Ghanaians. Fat Joe and Sean Kingston’s advert were ok and seems Sean Kingston made a song for his trip to Ghana. The organizers later called on Omarion but it was too late. so we call it fake show. Incase of any update u will hear from me(Ferrari). No guts no glory. Am sorry. supposing i attend this program i will be broke Brooklyn. After party and the rest. Later.


Poor Scott Storch. At this point, I feel for the dude. He’s reportedly broke. Now, I don’t know if that’s rich people broke or broke broke. Nevertheless, he reportedly owes a half million in taxes, has child support woes and hasn’t garnered a hit in years. He may have gone too Hollywood. He sort of aborted Hip-Hop to work with/or date Brooke Hogan, Paris Hilton and some other starlets. Maybe he can get back in the mix. I don’t know. He is 34 and life is long when its not going you’re way.


This is all way too high school for – no disrespect for the high schoolers. Here is a letter I got. I didn’t have the energy to edit it. I’m being real, this ain’t my cup of tea.

hey man ..this s**t is gettin stupid down here in atlanta… first off a few weeks ago at the lucky lounge i had a few of my promotion team ladies tagging cars for our parties and the supposed fight that t.i. was in did not happen.. it was some other dudes fighting and please believe my team called me and was like “get over here” like the dude on mortal kombat says.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i rush over and tip was not even in it but boy boy that dude the cops make follow tip everywhere is that dude! man he aint letting tip get in s**t any time there is a rawkus he gets tip the hell on sorta like a super secret service agent..!!!!now you know me illl!!!! i be tryin to tell you these things off rip but you be skeptical sometimes but if i tell it to you you can bet the rent money on it!!… okay now with the carlos and meatball situation … man that was not t.i. s**t at all .. basically thats some hood s**t over off bowen homes .. a very notorious hood on the west side right off mlk!! okay so right .. lil homey meatball got locked up and didn’t even snitch and it was on some g-s**t but shawty lo carlos aint put no money on the n***a book while he was locked up right so thats why you hear carlos talkin about he couldn’t do this or that cause he was on the road…. blah blah blah…. okay the lil n***a meatball yeah he be doin his thing right but carlos used to keepp the lil n***a with him alot you flossin round the A but my streets tell me and … get this………….. meatball!! yeah meatball say.. that n***a carlos..aka shawty lo can’t come back to bowen homes!!.. bowen homes is the projects where shawty lo shot that dumb ass video walking around asking if anybody seen t-lie?!! whatever everybody know t.i. never lived in bowen homes.. so .. carlos now all of a sudden took this immediate vacation in florida and now pops up in an interview….. he know the powers that be in bowen homes really run a whoooole lot of s**t and instead of “dey know”…”he know” he cant come back over there until he gets cleared because them boys act a fool………………………..west side


Making Moves: Apparently Ne-Yo has bought a club in London. Guess he wants to make some pounds.

I Promise: I know that there has been mixed news on this, but Dr. Dre is saying that Detox is indeed coming this year in the fourth quarter. November. In the meantime, he’s pushing those headsets he has with Monster.

G-UNIT! Anybody see Spider Loc on “Cold Case” last night?


Bernadette, I have to thank you for this doozie. A girl named Stephanie Martinez was trying to make and honest buck as a pizza delivery girl at the Pizza Patron in Denton, Texas. Well, some bandits ran into the joint to rob it. The robbery didn’t go well though. One of Stephanie’s co-workers punched one of the robbers. The robber had a wig on that was knocked off, to Steph’s horror! The co-worker had punched Steph’s DAD Benjamin Ramirez, who was trying to rob the joint. Her Daddy was knocked the f**k out by the punch and Steph realized her mother was also one of the would-be robbers. Police caught her Mom, Dad and another person, but Steph was let off, beause she had no idea of the heist attempt. People are dumb.

You Gotta Be Sh***in Me!?!

IF you didn’t get it in the news section, peep what Shelz has to say about DMX’s latest arrest.

Earl Simmons aka DMX is again in the lock-up. You know, when I saw this in the Atlanta Journal this morning, I figured they were just late in reporting the arrest from the airport in Phoenix. But no, unfortunately that is not the case. Mr. Simmons was arrested yesterday, 7/19 for using a fake name and fake social to gain medical treatment at a clinic in Arizona back in April. According to the Maricopa County Sherriff, their department began investigating this claim as soon as they rapped up the animal cruelty investigation when they took all of those dogs off of his property. No bond has been set and the Sherriff is suggesting that the judges should stop setting bond for him. He also told reporters that DMX would be separated from general population because they might not like his music. What a smart ass. I’m really starting to think this man has no one to help and no where to go. Where are your folks Earl? Where are your folks?


Want to see MOP mashout with Ernie and Bert? Sesame Street will never be he same.

Want to see how A Tribe Called Quest is going to get paid off Lil Wayne? The proof is at illseed.com!

Heath Ledger bodied all the Jokers before him, even Jack Nicholson. Read about Jack’s alleged hate and a video comparison of both greats.

Jim Jones is going to attack Kanye West? He’s sure talking like he’s going to knock him out.

Shawty Lo showing off all his chain, deflecting rumors that he got robbed by a Meatball.

Dr. Dre’s daughter’s new DVD.

The one big reason not to do crime – booty. Trust me, if you go to jail, you are likely to be some predator’s booty, Mr. Gangsta Boy… SMH.All that and more on illseed.com!


I have one hell of a rumor about Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne. I’m not going to say…you just have to get at me later.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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