Hip-Hop Rumors: More ‘Love and Hip-Hop LA’ Rumors Proven Untrue

Mona Scott-Young debunked more rumors about the potential cast of “Love and Hip-Hop LA.”

Whispers are saying that the cast of Love and Hip-Hop LA is getting ready to start filming and there’s a list of allegedly confirmed stars of the show circulating, but apparently it’s not true. Just a few months ago several rumors were swirling about the Love and Hip-Hop franchise, about where the next city would be filmed and who was being considered.

However, Mona Scott-Young got sick of the leaks and revealed that LA would be the next city but she kept mum on the potential cast. Eventually, word according to TMZ was that the cast would include singer Brooke Valentine, radio DJ Yesi Ortiz, rapper Hazel-E, and video vixen Bria Myles. Ray J was approached but unavailable so that left a hole for the major star, that they are allegedly still looking for.

Now, the new update according to Mona Scott-Young is that all of this speculation is wrong.

She said this to the YBF:

“I am looking at LA, but as usual, they’ve got it all wrong. No final decisions on cast. And most definitely haven’t started shooting a thing. Thanks!”

We’re still wondering…and listening to rumors while out and about though.