Hip-Hop Rumors: Mos Def Battles Kanye! Jay-Z Engaged? Kay Slay/Pap Break With Busta

VH1 HIP-LAWSUIT? Last night, I loved the Hip-Hop Honors Awards show, especially for A Tribe Called Quest and Whodini! But, all were very deserving. I caught a lil’ legal birdie the other day after all the hype. I heard that some guys are claiming that they actually started the Hip-Hop Honors and they were jacked […]


Last night, I loved the Hip-Hop Honors Awards show, especially for A Tribe Called Quest and Whodini! But, all were very deserving. I caught a lil’ legal birdie the other day after all the hype. I heard that some guys are claiming that they actually started the Hip-Hop Honors and they were jacked for their whole idea! Now, I’m not suggesting it was stolen…I am saying that somebody is possibly going to address this in a court of law. We’ll see! Shout out to all the honorees!


Here we go again with this song and dance. Apparently, Jay-Z refers to Beyonce as his “fiancee” on the new album, American Gangster. I’m not falling for it, but if they are engaged – GREAT. From what I read about this album in AHH’s own feature, Jay-Z uses a lot of double meaning and lyrical trickery. Furthermore, he knows exactly what to do to get the people talking. I’m certain this works for them in terns of promotion.

Click here to read Jay-Z: Manifest Destiny (The American Gangster Story). I promise you’re going to learn about Jay-Z’s new state of mind, his new approach to artistry and what this CD was all about. Holla – only if you hear me.


Like I told you last week, Phife Dogg has had some issues with diabetes and is in need of a kidney transplant. See? It wasn’t any of those other ailments you heard it was based on his thin frame.

“For the last three years I’ve been a dialysis patient,” the rapper told AllHipHop.com. Phife underwent physical changes from treatment received by doctors. “The first two years I was on peritoneal dialysis, which caused me to gain a great deal of weight.”

“For the last seven months I’ve switched over to hemodialysis, which has caused me to lose weight and has me feeling a whole lot better,” continued Phife Dawg. “Most people aren’t used to seeing me at this weight. Initially, I weighed too much for my size and height and now I’m where I need to be.”

Click here for the full news story and see Phife’s plans about getting a new kidney.


So, after the Hip-Hop Honors (everything centers around that, eh?), AllHipHop’s roving reporter Jamile got at The Teacha KRS-One about his thoughts on Kanye and 50 Cent. Now, she didn’t even tell me what happened, but I heard later that KRS “dissed” Kanye and bigged up 50 Cent! I didn’t go into any details! Here is the video and as a special treat, we have KRS’s rebuttal! (There is no beef here of any sort. I’m not going to get PM Dawn’d)

How dope was KRS’ freestyle for Hip-Hop Honors? The only thing I didn’t like was when his VH1 Honor badge broke!


Well, this is what we know to be true now: Diddy is the father of another girl. Yes, the DNA tests don’t lie. You know all about the child by now, but here is some info if you don’t. The baby’s name is Chance (I like the name) and this is the mogul’s his sixth child. The child’s mother is Sarah Chapman and she was dead on with her claims. Anyway, Diddy has committed to being a great father. Obviously, this means another hefty child support check, but that’s not what its about! It IS about the welfare of the kids and making sure they aren’t on welfare.

On the other tip of support, I heard that Diddy REALLY wants to get back with Kim Porter and that she’s his true love. Now, tmz recently caught Didster and Kimmie out shopping for their twins. The dynamic duo picked out matching jumpsuits, baby hair accessories, and two dining sets for their little angels. Hopefully they get on some Brenda K. Starr s**t, “I still believe someday you and me will find ourselves in love againnnnnnnnnn…”


You know, a lot of females have come out dissing both Foxy Brown and Lil’ Kim, the originators of the ultra sexual female rapper. Well, Foxy and Kim deaded their 10-year and running beef. I heard they are planning some sort of collaboration when Foxy comes home from the bing. Now, Foxy is releasing her new jawn on Nov. 20th and Kim comes out next year. Could they be working on a new, female version of “Brooklyn’s Finest” or “I Love the Dough”… Hmmmmmmmm??????


Ok, this is a stupid, little rumor, but I will address it anyway. A night or so ago, somebody affiliated (not employee) with AllHipHop got an IM from Hillary Weston, Lil’ Kim’s manager. In the instant message, Kim’s manager was basically saying she got fired by the Queen Bee and was looking for another artists to manage. Anyway, the AHH affiliate (not employee) hits a few people alerting them that she’s looking for possible clients for this manager. AHH is in her signature so there is confusion right there. Anyway, come to find out, Hill didn’t get fired – somebody HACKED into her IM sign-on name and started spreading gossip like she got fired. The AHH affiliate (not employee) immediately told people it was a fiasco, but the damage was done. There. All clear?


Kay Slay is so real! He’s so real that he said the following, “Me and Busta Rhymes are no longer in business together. I don’t have time for that dude, yo. He’s on his own planet and me and Papoose got things to do. No disrespect, but nice doing business with you. We going our way – go yours.”

I’m not an internet d**k so I kept it short and sweet, like Nia Long and Lil’ Moe.

Listen to Mr. Slay right here!


Be nice to get a new album from Mos, but until then we’ll have to settle on this battle with him and Kanye West. Hey Dame and Biggs were there too! Why wasn’t I invited!?

Sikskillz – thanks!


Last night marked the sordid return of the very popular show “I Love New York..Season 2!” New York recently checked in with the “Trey the Chocolate Jock Morning Jump-off” (Power 92 Chicago) and she shared some interesting details about what we can all expect to see on Season 2. First, according to my home girl, Kendra G. (Morning Show Co-host) it seems like the winner this season may be out of four guys. If you are a fan of the show, remember these names: Knock Out, Punk, UnSure and Buddha, those are the guys New York said you should pay attention to. Also, New York said there will be NO SEX on the second season! What?! Now I am not trying to imply that in the past “New York” has been rather “loose with her goodies” but that statement is hard to believe! Well according to Kendra G. New York said …and I quote…”New York never has sex…period point blank! It is always about making love with me and you know if I am in love and if I feel the connection is there than yeah I will go ahead!”

In other words…we can expect to see some bedrooms scenes this season! Shouts to Trey the Chocolate Jock and Kendra G. for holding Chicago down!


Apologies are the latest rage in Hip-Hop and R&B! Well, songwriter/singer The Dream is the latest guy to say, “shorry.” He’s apologized to Chris Brown about saying he would never work with him again.

In an exclusive statement to Pop-Junkie.com, he said:

“I’m apologizing for comments directed toward Chris Brown on Billboard.com. I spoke to Chris and I advised him that when he made the statement I was disappointed because he said things that were in my direction and that since I’m the only public figure surrounding the song ‘Bed,’ I took it as disrespect as well as the media and respected friends felt the same way. Chris said the comments were towards another part of the situation surrounding the song and I stand here not to defend my comments but take full responsibility for my classless choice of talking through the media.

I apologize to Chris, Mark Pitts, and Jive Records.”

Now, say sorry for using “Ay” in all of your songs (J. Holiday, Rihanna and your own).


Yung Joc’s “H” is like a human now. That damn charm/chain is stepping up to talk about whether it was stolen. Will “Deshair” Foskey caught up with Joc at the Boostmobile Rockcorp Concert and The H and Yung Joc gave the goods on what really happened in London.

AllHipHop.com: Yung Joc, you have got to give me the lowdown on this majestic piece of jewelry around your neck. (he drops his “H” chain on the table and the sound on impact, startles the press room) And also, talk about that neck support mechanism (clasp)…

Yung Joc: Nah, it was like, “This s### is so heavy man, we can’t put no regular clasp on it.” We need an industrial sized clasp for support.

AllHipHop.com: And Joc, can you please address the rumor surrounding your “H” chain?

Yung Joc: Now the rumor out of London was just one of those things where, I don’t care if you never saw me a day in your life, but if I walk into the building with something like this on my neck, people are going to be like, “I never saw anything like that before.” However, if a huge fight breaks out, s### flying, security everywhere, and I walk out with this chain on my neck, what are you going to think?

AllHipHop.com: You’re right; people are going to think that it got stolen.

Yung Joc: Hold on, let me call somebody over here real quick (his bodyguard walks over to the table with a silver briefcase large enough to hold the “H” chain). So as me and T-Pain watched the altercation began to take place, I said, “Hold up, homey, let me protect this.” Because if I hit somebody with this chain, I wouldn’t end up on the net about a necklace supposedly getting stolen, I would have been on the news for attempted murder.

AllHipHop.com: This s### is 14 pounds; you would definitely mess somebody’s life up with that.

Yung Joc: It’s crazy, people taking pictures saying, “Yo’ Yung Joc just got his chain stolen, they got him.” I’m at my house the same night like, WOW.

“The H”: Man, these cats is nothing but b***h made. Ain’t nobody stealing me, son. Steal me and get ya melon twisted, son! We don’t play that. The whole alphabet got my back and “The S” will cut you and “The Z” is bigger than me, yo.

Shout out to Will “Deshair” Foskey on the interview!


First, you have to see this hilarious thread that the Ill Community did. They took a new artist and compared them to something from the past. Like Britney Spears is the new Bobby Brown. You have to see it to believe it. Click here.

Izod beat Jay-Z and Rocawear out on his bid to rename the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey.

Uh Oh! Britney Spears has been robbed of her alleged sex tapes, explicit and other decadent personal material.

After saying he got off the Britney train just in time, JR Rotem is back with the pop t###! They were seen shopping in Cali, as the paparazzos swooned.

Kim Kardashian has new show and it’s all about her booty. Check the E! Channel for listings.

Dame Dash got his wife Rachel Roy tatted on his forearm. She’s pretty enough!


Quest Love (Brother ?uestion and ?uestlove) was at the Hip-Hop Honors with Skillz (Skillz was with Quest). Now this is what was explained to me. Quest was back stage right before the performances got to rollin’ and apparently Kanye was back there. Well, Questie was convinced that Ye was going to make an appearance during the Tribe set. So, here he is after realizing it wasn’t going down. Funny! Anyway, Ye never showed up, but Lupe did, only to flub up Tribe’s lyrics. People are heated!


Of course, there is a lil’ 50 Cent and Cam’ron in there. It was really windy on this day. LOL. “Cam is stuck in his own world…” READ ON!


A cop crashes a pizza party. At the end, six people are dead. Read the summary below, compliments of the Associated Press.

CRANDON, Wis. – A young sheriff’s deputy (Tyler Peterson) who opened fire on a pizza party and killed six people reportedly flew into a rage when he was rebuffed by his old girlfriend, and others at the gathering called him a “worthless pig.”

Peterson told Kegley that he had gone to his ex-girlfriend’s house early Sunday morning in hopes of patching up the relationship after a recent breakup. But, he said, Peterson lost control when the meeting ended in an argument and other people started ridiculing him as a “worthless pig.”

Police, who declined to provide details of the argument, said Peterson stormed out, retrieved an AR-15 rifle from his car outside and burst back into the house firing 30 shots that killed all but one of the people at the party.

Read the whole tale, right HERE. (Thanks, Dadynasty.)

RZA TALKS ABOUT “The Heart Gently Weeps” (I love this song!)


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