Hip-Hop Rumors: Nicki Disses Kim AGAIN In "Stupid Hoe"


Oh man! Nicki is acting like a sniper and just picking Lil Kim apart right now. The funny thing about Nicki is this is a jokey sounding dis with a jokey sounding beat. I guess this is one of the ways to clown people. She just repeated refers to Kim as a “Stupid Hoe.” Sheesh…she calls her a “Bubbles” as in Michael Jackson’s monkey. I wonder if Kim can make a comeback with this stiletto on her neck. “Stupid hoes is my enemy…stupid hoe shoulda befriended me then she coulda probably came back…” is the most telling lyric. Nicki is silly…lol…

The diss is below but before you listen, Mary J. Blige recently commanded this two to stop beefin! She even suggested they all get on a song together.

“Kim is my friend, and I love and respect Nicki. I just met her and got to know the young lady and she’s a sweetheart. But it’s people putting fuel in it. Everyone is just thinking so negative about it and everyone is in it, but if a bunch of people would say, ‘Yo, stop this and let’s help these girls do something together or to see the light. Maybe one day a track with all three of us will happen. I’m hoping. We just all got to think positive.” – MTV