Hip-Hop Rumors: No Detox In ’08? Lil’ Wayne’s Artist Gets Boo’d? FEMA Jerks New Orleans Again!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS (ARCHIVES) Hip-Hop Rumors: Plies Makes Woman Cry! Mashonda Airs Out Alicia Keys! Man Punches Girl @ Summer Jam! Hip-Hop Rumors: Common Ready To Fight For Serena? […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Plies Makes Woman Cry! Mashonda Airs Out Alicia Keys! Man Punches Girl @ Summer Jam!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Common Ready To Fight For Serena? Fabolous and Uncle Murda – Pork? Superhead Gets Aired Out!?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Superhead=Abusive Mom? Rappers Chain Snatched? Fantasia & Young Dro To Marry?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Foxy Brown And Rick Ross Dating? Is The Queen Engaged? Friday Rumors!


Yo, there was so much news, I’m not putting that stuff in my report. Click the headline that interests you.

Scott Storch Wanted Over 40K Child Support Bill

Freddie Foxxx Launches Motorcycle Club

Timbaland Ties The Knot (Gets Married) In VA

The Game Talks Nonviolence With Newark, NJ Youth

Jersey City Cancels Jim Jones Appearance

Winnipeg Police Chief Apologizes to Rapper

AHH Stray News: Plies Involved In Bus Crash

Lil Wayne Hit With New Lawsuit Over Bentley Arnage

Pioneering South African Rapper/Actor Shot Dead


NO DETOX IN 08!?!?!

“Detox is NOT dropping in ’08” – Bishop Lamont. What the b##########? I want to personally talk to Dr. Dre about this fiasco called Detox. I mean, lets be honest here. Rap albums are not what they once were. People have really strong singles and some hot mixtapes, but who is pumping out classic albums these days? Dre (and a few others) are the only ones really carrying the torch in that regards.

And to think…when this video came out..I naively believed. I heard the damn thing is even finished.

Read more on Bishop and Dre – right here!


I don’t believe this one! The New York Daily news has charged in a recent report that Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin, wanted to kill Miss Jones, her radio rival. The allegations a part of a federal sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Nicole Spence, a former employee of “The Wendy Williams Experience.” From what I heard, Nicole is a straight up chick, but these charges are just outrageous! Apparently, Kevin didn’t like some comments Jonesy made about his doting wife. I guess, we’ll have to see how it plays out in the courts. No comment by Wendy or Kev.


Confirmation: Tyga has basically admitted his chain got taken by 40Glocc. I’m not even looking at shorty like he took an L. He’s ok with me. I don’t know if he is in good with Philly though. I heard he performed in Philly with The Lox two nights ago and was given the business. I heard they booed and even spit at the poor dude! I heard that his hype man actually tried to get in a fight with the individual that spit at him. Tyga, who was more level-headed, told him to chill. I heard it was nuts. I think he was just in front of the wrong crowd.

Here is Tyga’s video for “Coconut Juice” for those that never heard his music. Give him a shot.


Lil’ Wayne is probably going to get the last laugh. The lil’ guy made quite a few mad after he dissed the DJ population. All that controversy might have helped his stature in the general population. Based on early sales trends, he is looking to push like 850,000 to 950,000 albums in his first week sales. WOW! If he hits those marks, he would have sold more than both Usher and Mariah Carey combined and have the highest debut this year. The reviews have been mixed but sales is what ultimately matters for Universal Records. Click here to read the AHH review of The Carter III.

Also, I have to commend Cash Money as an organization for not suing any of the alleged bootlegger DJs…what happens in the street is another thing. Still they did their thing on this one…wow.

Did I tell you that Baby of Cash Money posted the following on TQ’s myspace – “two faces may never meet…but two people will…..i got’cha playboy….” It SEEMS like Baby is calling TQ “two faced” and saying something about “seeing” him out and about. Not sure.


My girl Shelz hit me with the 411 on how Lil’ Wayne celebrated the final release of his new album. Take it away, Shelz!

Well peoples, on 06/10/08 the good folk of the Hip-Hop community finally reached the day when owning the Carter III wasn’t criminal; or at least unethical. Also, on that day we figured out Lil Wayne wasn’t in re-hab (unless he took the 8-hour speed course) because he was gallivanting across the lovely state of Maryland celebrating the release of his latest and, according to some, greatest album. So, from what I’ve heard there was a concert at The 1st Mariner Arena and then an after party at a club called Sonar, both in downtown Baltimore. And well……. I don’t know what you were expecting, but I deal in real. And the real is what my homes slices got (Who luvs ya B-More). Following a watch that would make CP time mad, he showed up over an hour late for the performance, brought a bus load of his best friends on stage and sounded a lil, a dash, a weeny bit, a tad……inebriated. If you get high off that syrup are you high or are you drunk? Hmmm…… Anyway, I was told his performance was so-so but the crowd didn’t trip and all was well in the land of Wires and Corners and Homicide. I did not hear if he made it to Sonar. But I really hope he did, because standing in the vestibule was setting folks back $30.00. But as soon as I know, you know.

Thanks, Shelz!


Early X-Mas! I have the perfect gift for anybody looking to get a gift for Jermaine Dupri or Lil’ Wayne. Check it out!

I’m So Sorry: YO. I officially feel sorry for Scott Storch. A judge issued a warrant for Scottie when he missed a mandatory court date regarding a child support case over his two-year-old son, Daniel. Poor dude.

That Obama Exhibit: Just so you know, I know about “The Assassination of Barack Obama” art display. Its silly to mee and I don’t even put too much thought into it, because – to me – its so off base and random and just reeks of somebody starving for attention.

Justice of the Sweats! They say Timbaland got married wearing sweats. Here is the info on the wedding itself.

Gimme The Loot! I heard that Mariah and Nick have nixed a big wedding, but they still encourage friends to give them gifts. Lmao!

Who got LL? Check out a popular rap star plays a prank on LL Cool J….LMAO!

Dropped Out: Amy Winehouse is no longer doing the Nelson Mandela concert. I wonder if her recent racist rants have anything to do with that? She’d probably play Sun City in the 80s. Remember Sun City??

Hood II Hood: I am hearing that T.I. is going to be executive producer on a number of albums coming up, including Yung Berg rival Brisco.

Speaking Of T.I.: Yesterday, I totally forgot the rumor about 8Ball MJG, but I was reminded by Joe Beez. I heard T.I. is looking to absorb Ball & G into his Grand Hustle.


The jugde presiding over 50 Cent and ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins’ case got extra raw, ordering her to pay $4,500 in past rent:

“She better pay it by the end of the week. Do you understand?”

Shaniqua Tompkins responded to the judge:

“We lost everything. All we have is the clothes we jumped out of the window with.”

Is that hammer going to drop on Kellz? Here is what R.Kelly said when the judge told him he could testify in his own defense.

“I decided not to testify.”

MC Lyte talks to AllHipHop.com about her classic album, Lyte As A Rock (1988):

“1988 was a very good year; it was a catapult to what I do now. It was a foundation for which MC Lyte can get on any stage and rock it because people identify with those songs. It was a year that propelled me and my business into the future.”


Over on my blog, we were talking about Obama and some dude was like we’re better off with Bush. And I was like, dude you are BUGGING! Dude even said, “Where’s Reagan?” I let him know EXACTLY where Reagan is right now. So, I got this report from CNN:

FEMA gave away about $85 million in household goods meant for Hurricane Katrina victims, a CNN investigation has found. The material, from basic kitchen goods to sleeping necessities, sat in warehouses for two years before the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s giveaway to federal and state agencies this year.

James McIntyre, FEMA’s acting press secretary, said that FEMA was spending more than $1 million a year to store the material and that another agency wanted the warehouses torn down, so “we needed to vacate them.” [Source]

Well, ain’t that about a b-word? They didn’t give out the goods, PAID a million just to store it and then the people that needed it most never even got it. And, some of you want McCain in office more than Obama?


This is the message to the hater, courtesy of Bow Wow.


All my AHH Fam and IC cats, get on this one. Click here to join the IC (the only way to be considered) and click here to jump straight to “10, 10, 10 – The Big $10,000 Giveback!”


I got this letter regarding Stack Bundles. He died one year ago yesterday. This dude is p#####.

I was very surprised when I logged on today, June 11th, to see that everyone has forgoten about Stack Bundles. He died a year ago today after he was shot to death while being stuck up for his chain, supposedly by that same clown who killed and wounded two cops when they pulled over him and his coward ass boys in brooklyn. What makes me kind of disgusted is that your website is not the only one that I noticed to barren of any kind of commemorative sections or tributes. I have been on at least three of what are supposed to be the definition of true hip hop fan websites and I have yet to find a song, picture, or even a simple Rest In Peace. This surpirses me since after Stack died allhiphop had up a tribute picture on its opening page for probbaly a month or two. I guess LiL Wayne’s sorry attempt for a classic album, Foxy Brown’s love affair with that giant 99 cent store sun glasses donning sea cow, and a pale fungus infested skinned, behive crack head have took up too much space in our minds to remember someone who truly had the potential to be one of rap’s greats. I didn’t the opportunity to ever meet Stack but I was and still am a huge fan, and I think allhiphop owes him and all of his other fans in the least an R.I.P.


A reporter gets p##### when an insect flies in his mouth. It is funny to us, but not him!


Not exactly, but she has a nice mixtape cover. Make me want some Hubba Bubba gum.

Redman has been on the scene recently. I noticed he had one of those new wave fade cuts. What are they called?


With Red’s new ‘do, I couldn’t help but think of:

And…that reminded me of…

And that reminded me of:

Interesting CD cover…Mr. The Game.


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