Hip-Hop Rumors: Pauly D’s Babymama no Longer Has His Phone Number, Blasts Him on Twitter

Pauly D’s babymama challenges him on twitter to work out a fair custody deal with their baby.

Things are getting even messier over this Pauly D baby situation. Pauly D filed a motion to be able to take his five-month-old daughter for two weeks without supervision but Amanda Markert, his babymama, isn’t having it. She took to Twitter to air him out because she doesn’t have his phone number!

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Wow. This is ridiculous. I don’t think any mother in her right mind is going to part with a newborn without being able to visit so hopefully they compromise but it seems like things may get uglier, especially if she didn’t have a way to contact him.

Let this be a lesson about wrapping it up, b!