Hip-Hop Rumors: Peter Gunz Says His Sister Wives Are More Banging Than Stevie J's

Peter Gunz says he’s realer than Stevie J and his women are more sophisticated.

Ok, not ver batim…but something along those lines.

Peter Gunz understands that there are some stark similarities between he and Stevie J, but the comparisons are starting to become a bit O.D. so he wants to set the record straight about their differences. He told Vh1 that they’re two different types of people and insinuated that his women are finer and more refined.

Peep game:

It bothers me a little bit because they say I’m trying to be Stevie J. I understand the comparison – two women, he’s with the side chick, you know, it bothers me a little bit because I never watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but I knew immediately that my story line was along the lines of his because I had producers and everyone around me saying ‘Oh, we’ve got another Stevie J-Joseline-Mimi thing.” But no, me and Stevie J are two completely different characters. He’s more on the funny character side while my situation is very real and it’s just a different pedigree of people. Sorry, no disrespect, it’s just a different pedigree of women and situation. I think that’s why I catch so much heat and Stevie gets away with it. He was hated for a little while but then beloved because it’s almost like, funny and he’s a character, he has the faces and the pregnancy test in his back pocket. This situation is serious and Tara doesn’t seem like a person who would tolerate nothing like that, she’s extremely intelligent, master’s degree, well-versed. Amina: beautiful, extremely talented. Why are these two beautiful women taking this from this old one hit wonder?

Rumors say that Stevie J and Benzino have been going around telling people that Peter has been trying to mimic Stevie. But according to Gunz, that’s all fairytales and he’s definitely not trying to be like Stevie J.