Hip-Hop Rumors: Peter Gunz Wasn't at Medicaid Office?

Peter Gunz addresses the rumor that he and Amina Buddafly were at the Medicaid office.

Earlier this week we covered a photo that someone tweeted the other day allegedly depicting Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly at the medicaid office. My theory was that it wasn’t proof enough, especially because I figured that a Love & Hip-Hop salary should be enough to hold them over enough to be able to afford non-government assisted insurance. Welp, Gunz claims that they were at a doctor’s appointment but it wasn’t “the welfare office.” Check it:

Screen Shot 2014 01 22 at 2 08 11 PM

So there. Do you believe him now?

But, in related news…this brings up what my source told me about Amina Buddafly really (but allegedly…because I have to say that) being pregnant.