Hip-Hop Rumors: Prodigy Disses Beyonce? Madonna Flashes Her Old Lady Parts!


I don’t even know if this warrants a mention, but Prodigy of Mobb Deep had something interesting to say about Beyonce on Twitter. I guess this is a lil’ commentary on her artistry? Does this even matter? I don’t know, but he saw fit to mention it. What if this prompted Jay to do “Takeover 2”? I miss those days of beef.

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There are times that I hate Twitter. This is one of them.

Madonna – STOP!

Once upon a time, I liked ol’ Madge. But now, I need her to stop flashing her coochie parts. She performed in a Blizzard or a hurricane in Brussels and showed the whole pie to the crowd.

There was a mass suicide attempt afterwards, according to local reports. Look at the dude at the bottom right of the picture. He’s looking like, “I can die in peace now. I’ve seen all I need to see on this Earth.” Source:keepthis100.com