Hip-Hop Rumors: QueenPen Fights Rocsi!? Chris Brown/Rihanna SEX TAPE? Warning For Yung Berg!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. QUEEN PEN VS ROCSI? People have been telling me that Rocsi and Queen Pen got into an altercation on Wednesday in the city. I have to admit, I […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


People have been telling me that Rocsi and Queen Pen got into an altercation on Wednesday in the city. I have to admit, I ignored this before I got a more serious letter. Somebody was like, “why is Queen Pen talking about domestic violence when she beat up Rocsi.” Here is the skinny. The hood Queen and Rocsi allegedly got into an argument over Rocsi allegedly sleeping with LisaRaye’s husband. Queen Pen allegedly threw a drink of liquor in Rocsi’s face and it was on! At least this isn’t as bad as what I heard initially: that Queen Pen hit Rosci in the head with a bottle at a club! I’m glad it didn’t go down like that. I don’t know how close Queen Pen and LisaRaye are, but I hope is closer than a pair of peas in a pod. Just a few months ago, Queen Pen was struggling with her man in a domestic abuse case. I think she should apply that to people like Rocsi, since Rox is a smaller, un-hood chick. SMH.

CHRIS AND RIHANNA SEX TAPE?Just when you thought it was getting better, a new rumor sprouts out! There are sources within the Star Magazine that state that there’s a Chris Brown and Rihanna sex tape out there. According to this rumor, Rihanna let Chris Brown record them having sex. Now, RiRi is reportedly very, very nervous about these tapes springing a leak. Also, did you notice the use of plural? According to sources, Rihanna is already very embarrassed with the overall situation with the alleged beating from Brown and would not be happy if this stuff were made public. Wow.MARTIN LAWRENCE IS UPSET AT RUMORS

A friend of Martin Lawrence hit me up, since he is a reader of AllHipHop.com. He told me that Martin was not pleased to hear the rumors that there was a rumor of him dying. Well, not only is he alive, he attended his friend’s son’s karate show. Martin personally requested that I post these pics and deliver the good word that he’s very alive and kickin’ like Bruce Lee!


Earlier this year, Yung Berg was involved in a “situation” with a relative of Master P. Who knows why this was a beef in the first place, but I heard its not over for some reason. Right now, they are planning the Los Angeles Dub Auto Show and Yung Berg is supposedly going to make an appearance. Now this is to the delight of some, but not Master P’s nephew, according to rumor. I heard nephew and his goonies are looking to get at Berg to snatch whatever chain he might have on him. No more fails for Berg in 09!


I know Rap-A-Lot has a lot of bucks, but they don’t have a Young Buck yet. T-Money from J Prince Jr.’s label Young Empire Music Group hit me up and gave me the scoop. He told that that Buck’s not coming on the label that J. Prince built, but they are cool. Buck was down in Houston celebrating his and Jr.’s B-Day. He made it out to the T.I. concert last Saturday, and linked up with Game on his Birthday at Belvedere for the after-party for Game’s concert. I heard Young Buck also recorded a few tracks with Trae. Buck is still on G-Unit, but he’s got a few things in the works.

T-Money asked that I let everybody know about Young Empire Music Group and that fact that they have some great things in the worlds. P.O.P. on Pimp C’s smash single “Knockin Doorz Down” our their artist A-Dub has his new mixtape.


That Canibus/Keith Murray album is looking real good. I happen to know that, via my illseed intel, the album contains six beats by the great Erick Sermon and six beats by Bronze Nazareth of Wu Killer Bee fame. All this was sparked by the “Can U Handle The Heights” that was produced by Bronze Nazareth from some group called Almighty, and it featured Keith & Canibus. I know there are a lot of people that couldn’t care less about this, but I’m not one of them. I want to see what these dudes have to say.

THE RETURN OF FLOYD MAYWEATHER?Word has it that former number 1 pound for pound fighter, Floyd

Mayweather Jr. will be returning to the ring on July 11th. According to

reports, Floyd’s advisor, Al Haymon has been in conversations with the

suits at HBO for Floyd to return to the ring in a major way in 2009.

Obviously, Floyd would like to face the winner of Hatton vs. Pacquiao

later in the year, but Floyd is looking for a tune up fight a bit

sooner. While talks are underway for a tune up fight to take place on

HBO World Championship Boxing, no concrete opponent has been finalized.

However, the rumor mill has been throwing around the name of one Juan

Manuel Marquez as a comeback opponent for Floyd – Though I would hardly

call the great Marquez a “tune up” opponent.


Holy Moly! I heard that Lil Zane did drop a CD last year and it bricked! I didn’t even know!

I just want to say that I didn’t appreciate how Oprah and her people only classified Kevin Powell as a former abuser. The big homey is a writer, politician and activist, among other things.

I heard absolutely nothing from anybody about South Park Mexican. I assume his alive and not so well in jail.


Thank you! If you do anything in the streets with illseed on it, send it to me. Even if it’s a pic that you drew of me, send it!


YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP! A woman by the name of Michelle Owen was very suspicious of her ex-boyfriend. The Indiana woman thought her man might be a perv that used HER computer to find child pornography. The woman was so concerned, that she told the police about it and told them to search her computer for child p###. Well, at this point in the story, I thought she was trying to snitch on her ex, but she was actually snitching on herself. The police search the computer and discovered that there were a pair of videos of her having sexual relations with a dog. She had relations with a beagle. SMH. She fessed up to cops right there. She didn’t even try to do the ol’ R.Kelly with the vid. She was charged with two counts of felony b#########. She said she did the acts when she was drunk and tried to delete them when she was sober. She must have still been drinking when she thought she was sober.


You might have seen this yesterday. It was all over the news. A woman gave birth on a flight to New Zealand and guess what she did? She left the baby on the plane. That’s right, I repeat..SHE LEFT THE BABY ON THE PLANE IN A TRASH COMPARTMENT IN THE PLANES TOILET! Did my all caps get the message across!? The baby was discovered by a person sent in to clean the plane. Sad. How she had a baby on a plane and just walked off is beyond belief. At any rate, she abandoned the baby, but did eventually come back. They were taken to a hospital in the maternity ward. (I wonder if they meant mental ward?) The police are now on the case though. I don’t know about post-partum or whatever they call it, but that’s just wild!


This poor guy was off to get married and his buds pranked him on the way from the bachelor party.


Queen Pen speaks out against domestic violence


Yall don’t know, but Devi Dev is like the biggest thing on the west coast! Why did Rick Ross trying to get her to admit that 50 Cent was gay? Watch this!


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