Hip-Hop Rumors: Rashidah Ali is Allegedly Well-Versed in Making Threats

More people are alleging that Rashidah Ali isn’t wrapped too tight.

You’re most likely familiar with Rashidah Ali from watching Love and Hip-Hop New York. She claims to be more interested in her businesses than drama yet drama seems to follow her. Our first intro to her on LHHNY was due to a court case she was involved in for allegedly cutting a bouncer with a razor (we call those buck 50’s in NYC). She was acquitted for that but the “Rashidah is crazy,” rumors just won’t stop.

I’m told by someone whom Ali allegedly threatened that the woman is crazy. This person said they ran a feature on Ali that discussed her business in a favorable light. Ali was initially very nice and gracious but flipped the script  because the comments were anything but flattering. Readers, most of whom claimed to know Ali in real life, condemned the feature. Some complained that they had run ins with Ali, who is from the Bronx, where they say they were stabbed and/or assaulted. Ali, not liking what people were saying, demanded the comments be removed and even threatened to eff up the messenger next time she saw her.

Said informant didn’t remove the comments but also hasn’t run into Ali since the incident but it was a wake up call for her to do more research on the people she featured.