Hip-Hop Rumors: Raz B Arrested?


I just got this one in and I don’t think anybody else has it. I’m hearing that Raz B got arrested. Why? Before we get into that, I’m hearing that Raz claims that he was profiled by the police in Las Vegas. The guy was apparently driving and then BOOM, the cops see him and decide to pull him over for no reason. And, then they proceed to beat that tail – oh, my bad, they just ripped his shirt since he allegedly tried to run away. Now, I am dead against police brutality, but sometimes it seems like Raz does this stuff to himself. There have been way too many publicity stunts to name. But, the cops could have charged Raz with resisting arrest, but probably didn’t. He WAS I heard booked on a few thousand dollars worth of traffic infractions. Apparently, Raz’s ties to China are very serious, because when he tried to pay his tickets, he used a CHINESE credit card and it didn’t work! However, he apparently was able to draw cash from an ATM and paid it off that way. LOL! This dude never gets a good rap.

Remember last time he was on life support? SMH!

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