Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Dissing Plies? Max B Dissing Wayne & Juelz? Trina’s Dress Flies Up?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS (ARCHIVES) Hip-Hop Rumors: Father’s Day With Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, Nas, Rhymefest and more. Hip-Hop Rumors: R. Kelly’s Celebration! Chris Stokes Returns! Bugsy Replies To Rumors! The […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Father’s Day With Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, Nas, Rhymefest and more.

Hip-Hop Rumors: R. Kelly’s Celebration! Chris Stokes Returns! Bugsy Replies To Rumors! The New Eminem?

Hip-Hop Rumors: R.Kelly Wins Again! 50 Cent Beefin’ With T.I.? Jay-Z Loses $150 Million?



My goodness! There sure is a lot of beef going on in the game and there apparently is a new one. This one comes all the way from NORWAY. Over the weekend. Rick Ross aka “The Boss” visited Oslo, Norway for a concert, from what I heard. It was crazy! Something shocked the fans over there in Oslo! After Ross performed “The Boss,” he called out Plies! Specifically, I am being told that he called him the B-word aka a female dog! On top of that, Ross apparently stated that he’s already “done smacked the s**t outta him” a couple years ago and Plies should thank Trick Daddy and Ross for his career. Where is this coming from? I know Trick Daddy recently lashed out on Plies for what, is still don’t know. Anyway, after he dissed Plies. Ross spit a freestyle over the “I’m so hood” beat. Once again, it’s on!


I don’t know what’s the deal. This is like Beef Monday. Max B aka Max Biggavel is seeking revenge on some new people. He is now taking issue with “victims” Lil’ Wayne and Juelz Santana. Now, Max has affectionately referred to the pair as “The Spit Swapper duo.” WOW. I mean, what did Juelz or Weezy do to raise the ire of Max B? I know Jim Jone and he were battling it now Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana. I heard he is releasing a song called “Tattoos on her Ass,” in which Max B says is coming very soon.


If you listen to Nelly’s verse on Rick Ross’ “Here I Am,” it seems like Nelly is trying to say something to somebody. You have to look at it from a perspective of Ashanti.

Ya last man was a chump

And you can tell him I said it

He was talking a lot at first,

But you can see that dead it

What do you think?


Ever since Milli Vanilli rocked it, we’ve seen a number of lip-synching episodes in pop, rap and R&B. Now I am hearing there is another one. My homeboy Lucas gave me the deal on what he saw in San Jose, CA at the Wild 94.9 Wild Jam. I wasn’t thing, but Lucas doesn’t lie…lmao.

Illseed, I went to the Wild 94.9’s Wild Jam on Thursday night and wished to inform you of the following.

A) Before the show staff member of the HP Pavilion in San Jose were handing out flyers that read “LIl Wayne MAY NOT BE performing tonight”… Anyways, most people were p#####, because he sold the show out for the most part. I kept a flyer. My shawty can upload if you want

B) So we decided to go anyway, Colby O’ something, Akon’s little dude dragged out his hit single four times in a row…no joke. (Illseed note: who is Colby O?)

C) Ray J, Sean Kingston and Flo-Rida all did essentially the same set with different songs, ie…. one lighter song, one crowd participation song and everything…

D) Flo-Rida GOT CAUGHT LIP SYNCING “Low” when he went to into the crowd before T-Pain could sing the hook. The house lights even went on because he looked silly.

E) Weezy did soundcheck over Pitbull’s set, which was ight. Its Weezy.

F) Weezy killed it, but did not have any red on – and did not say any blood s**t. Also, Flo-Rida kept giving the Birdman props. Also Weezy Birdman seemed to be slightly off stage in all red with dudes that are bangin’ colors in the bay, but Weezy stayed the f### away from that side. He put on a good show, but that kid does not bang. The verdict is still out on Birdman, but he seemed pretty damn legit.


You will read more about this below, but “Birthday Bash” went down and it went DOWN. They say Trina had a “Wardrobe Malfunction” so you know I had to go looking for it. I didn’t find anything. Hit me if you do.


I am very happy that 8 Ball and MJG have a new situaion over there with T.I. he brought them out at “Birthday Bash” in addition to dissing Shawty Lo.

Here is T.I. dissing Shawty Lo on the sneak tip:


Some chick named Lori Levine celebrated her company’s 10 anniversary over the weekend. Respect due since this is AllHipHop.com’s 10 year. Anyway, the point is, Lori is big enough to attract Kanye West to her new office in New York. And, he brought Selita Ebanks wit him, setting off all the rumor alerts. You should remember that I let you know last week that she showed up in Phoenix, AZ with ‘Ye and has been at other events too. Tyson Beckford even busted a rap for Lori, according to the NY Post.


My homey gave me some info in addition to what I said over the weekend pertaining to Mike Tyson’s alleged hit. The dude Mike allegedly tried to have killed was Damion “World” Hardy and he is the dude being charged for killing 50’s alleged shooter – Daryl “Homicide” Baum. Homicide or Hommo was a close friend of Tyson’s. Part of the reason Mike took Hommo’s death so hard is Mike put Hommo out about a week before his death. According to my sources, Hommo was living with Tyson in Vegas but Mike was shook in his own house and acting paranoid so Hommo offered to leave if it would make Mike more comfortable. Mike said yes. Hommo went back to Brooklyn where he had real beef to handle and met his fate so Mike always felt guilty. Mike is a fighter but Hommo was a killer. Sources say. This is all connected to the killing of World’s brother Wise and World allegedly retaliating. Deeper than the sea floor traveled by the mantis…


Damn! Are you all familiar with singer M.I.A.? She is a real eccentric singer with a nice worldly beat. Anyway, I heard she has retired from music over the weekend, performing her last show.

Congrats are in order! I told you before and I am going to tell you again. 8Ball and MJG are now officially signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle. They came our over the weekend at “Birthday Bash” right outside of Atlanta. (Read the full rundown below.)

Piles Is Chillin! My boy Josh C. hit me up and told me how he saw Plies and crew at the Philips Arena on Friday night. He was watching the WNBA game Atlanta Dream vs Indiana Fever. Josh sent me pics, but they were a lil’ too grainy!

Happy Birthday: Happy Birthday to Tupac Shakur! He’d be 37 years old had he lived.

Get Youuuuurs! Raz B and Toccarra will be hosting the “Best of Both Worlds” party in Washington DC in July. I have been informed that “both worlds” has special meaning.


The Lady Kellys. That’s what I call these two. A pair of Pennsylvania women hosted a teenage sleepover at one of their homes and that whole thing turned into a sex party for some boys. According to The Smoking Gun, Angela Honeycutt, 38, allegedly tried to get it on with a pair of boys in a shower during an April party at her buddy Lynne Long’s house. Lynn is 45. While Angela was getting bizzy with two young boys, Lynne let the other boys listen in, according to police. Angela allegedly had sex in a shower with a 15 year old and sexually touched another boy that was 14. Needless to say, some of the teens felt something was wrong and talked to the cops. The cops arrested both Lady Kellys after several interviews with witnesses and they now have felonies to contend with.

I have two additional signs the world is coming to and end.

1) Baby Born With Extra Penis On His Back!

2) A 47 year old rapper that probably can bust your young boys A$$! A must see! I admit this is really a sign the music game is coming to an end.


Ever since Amy Crackhouse got all racist, I have been looking for a replacement and I think I have found her. Well, this babe is the truth and she’s now my new UK chick. I think her name is Alex Mills, but t he other two NY and Anisa are very good too. Alex does sing about some drug play and liquor. I hope she’s not really in it like that. Oh, I didn’t forget Estelle either, but she is well known!


This is why we need our fathers very, very active in their kids’ lives.

Look here for illseed’s dedication to the Hip-Hop fathers. It’s all there like Ragu!


For the short version of what happened when T.I. and Shawty Lo clashed over the weekend, please check out the news section for the official report. Now, for the rumors, feel free to check out the report by my girl Shelz.

Saturday 6/14/08 – Left Eye Fundraiser

It has been six years and still her name and beliefs live on. This past weekend, the Malibu Grand Prix, a few minutes north of Atlanta, hosted the annual Summer Family Fun-Raiser to benefit the Lisa Lopes Foundation. Tossing its support in the foundations direction was Hot 107.9, Atlanta’s digital hip-hop station and host of the 13th annual Birthday Bash; one of the largest hip-hop concerts in the South. The Fun-Raiser was a fund-raiser for the foundation which provides youth programs in Georgia and in Honduras; the country where Left Eye met her untimely death. Ron Lopes, Left Eye’s younger brother said the foundation was hoping to raise $3000 – $5000 dollars to continue its Healing with Horses Program as well as an orphanage the foundation maintains in Honduras. Hot 107.9 handed out tickets to the sold out Birthday Bash and the kids had a multitude of activities to take part in, including race car rides, batting cages and miniature golf. Rest in peace, girlfriend. It’s obvious the fam is doing big things in your honor.

Sunday 6/15/08

Birthday Bash 13

For those of you who live above the Mason-Dixon Line, a little backdrop. Birthday Bash is one of the largest hip-hop shows in the South. It’s thrown every year by the crew over at 107.9 WAhT-FM to celebrate the day they were unleashed on the urban listeners in Atlanta. It started small, but has grown to a who’s who in the Southern hip-hop landscape. And last night that beast of a show was able to sell out Phillips Arena, home of the Hawks (you remember them, right? That’s our basketball team.) Anyway, the info about the show and all the other satellite events came at me fast and furious. So I did my best to untangle it all and present it in some sort of comprehensive package. Lol@that’s not happening. But here is what I know in no coherent order (Gots to thank dem Ford gals for helping me out with this!)

Trina was one of the first performers and damn if anyone can remember if they enjoyed the set or not. She was having mic issues and a fan behind her kept blowing her dress in the air ala Marilyn Monroe. So the only real info I got on her is that she was wearing brown granny panties. I still don’t think the dudes minded.

A lot of folks (namely the female tweeners) named Plies as one of their favorite performers. And I think I know why. Sometime during his set he told the fellas to close their eyes and the ladies to pull out their camera phones. Then he commenced to simulating ummm…. a mouth involved grown persons activity or he was pretending to be at a pie eating contest. Take your pick.

Jeezy the Snowman set it on fire from what I hear. He brought out two of the surprise guests, Usher and Kanye, during his set. He also invited The Dream and Blood Raw onstage with him to do a song a piece. And outside of those who enjoyed watching Plies eat pie, this set was definitely voted the hottest.

The Game was also there and had a solid set. During his performance he brought out some youngins and let them spit. I heard some of them kids was straight fire too. One of dem Ford gals told me Game seemed to be the only one performing all night who didn’t rhyme over the song. She said the only vocals she heard were the live ones. Big ups fo real to Game if that’s true.

Shawty Lo did his thing and so did his boys from D4L. He repelled from the rafters to make it to the stage and decided against taking any stray shots at T.I. (smart man). However, the jury is still out on his reception. Some of my folks don’t think the crowd was showing him too much love. Then some said they did. Guess it depends on what section you were sitting in.

T.I was last. It was only his second performance since the arrest and he said he’s already looking forward to next year. But considering his deferred sentence, he might be a no-show for BB14. He brought out 8-Ball and MJG and formally introduced the fans to the two newest members of Grand Hustle. But anywho, you know the home folks loved his set. T.I. IS the A right now.

Well, for lengths sake (too late right?) I’m gonna bring this to a close. In between the sets mentioned we had Bun B, Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, Akon, Soulja Boy, Rocko, The Aphilliates, Gorilla Zoe, Webbie, 2 Pistols and V.I.C.

There was a block party downtown prior to the show that featured up and coming hip-hop artists who won some contest Wendy’s sponsored and there have been a gaggle of parties all across the metro. Shavon and Dorian from BET’s College Hill handled the backstage interviews for the station and The Konsole Kingz were even there hosting a live pod cast and getting some of the artists on xbox live to chat it up with the fans and play some games. Tonight is the release party for Blood Raw’s latest project hosted by DJ Khaled, Mannie Fresh and Young Buck at the Velvet Room. Dangz !! So much happening, so little column space. Aaaand I’m out!


They got it crunk in The A! I wish I was there!


Is he a flip flopper or just a liar?


Check it out.


Tim Russert was a very likable person even though he upset me at times. He was a great journalist and took the trade to heights most dream of. But peep how he blazed John Kerry about his “Skull & Bones” affiliation to G.W. Bush. Did we REALLY have a choice then? Anyway, Russert also testified against Cheney and Bush’s boy “Scooter” Libby. I didn’t read all the details on that, but he was key.


Who fathered your rap style? Check out this story, where AHH looks at the father and the “kids” that came down the pipeline. Just click the pick.

Also, I did a dedication to the HipHop fathers. Check it out and also check out this pic of me scaring Rhymefest and his 9-year-old son, Solomon!


Here is a real doozie just like Rhymefest and his son. K.P. talked to Pac more than any journalist. Shortly after ‘Pac died, he talked to the biological father of Tupac. Kevin Powell reflects on that moment when he had a sad, but thought-provoking interview with William “Billy” Garland, Tupac’s father. Also, we have a Hip-Hop head running for Congress. Respect that man.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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