Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Holds 50 Cent Funeral? Obama Fried Chicken? Wale Saves The Day!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! Warming: Chingy is going to air it out. But, first I wanted to get you a letter from a reader that talks about the seemingly false […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Warming: Chingy is going to air it out. But, first I wanted to get you a letter from a reader that talks about the seemingly false allegations about Chingy and a transgendered individual. The video is all rage from Ching-A-Ling.


First, if you didn’t see it, check out Chingy lashing back at what he considers haters trying to disrespect him. Check that out right here.


It looks just like the D-O-Double-G!


This is getting crazy! Remember when 50 Cent had a funeral for Cam’ron (or Cam’ron’s career)? Well, it appears that Ross is going to do the same to 50 Cent. 50 Cent is “funeralized” in a new short video by Rick Ross the BAWSE. I’m not quite sure what to make of this at this point. 50 Cent had all of the momentum and now it seems to be shifting to Ross. I wonder if 50 Cent is just chilling so that he doesn’t help Ross promote his CD? Not sure. Rick sure is going in on 50 Cent though. Also, click here for AllHipHop’s exclusive chat with Ross, where he informs the people that he’s defeated 50 Cent! WHOA. Now, check out “In Cold Blood.”


See what goes down with ‘Kiss right before his album drops.

MIKE TYSON COMES HOME! Nas and Ice-T support the man.

What a festive affair I missed last night! Iron Mike Tyson was present for the NYC premiere of his movie “Tyson.” AHH’s Jigsaw made the rounds. He said there were no rumors, but a lot of people showed up to the “party.” Here are some of the players. Nas. Michael Steete of the Republican Party. Dame Dash. Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosmond. Mario. Ice-T & Coco. Anthony Anderson. Egypt. There really weren’t any rumors, but they are saying that this Tyson film is a remarkable piece of work that shows all of Tyson’s human sides. He spoke very candidly about his highs and lows, including his rape conviction. Mike hung out after the movie for quite a while with his whole family in tow. Very cool!


One of my good reader friends hit me up and let me know that they spotted Chris Brown playing hoops in VA.

“Illseed, your boy Chriss Breezy aka Chris Brown was on campus at VCU tonight playing basketball. I gotta give it to him he got some game on him. Me and my girl left the Monroe park campus and went to the MCV campus gym to play some ball and workout after getting out of class and we noticed it was a lot of people in there just standing around watching the game. Normally that’s what happens at the Siegel center and that’s why we skipped going there tonight At first I thought it was odd because it’s never that many people waiting to play ball, but then I noticed it was a lot of girls standing around whispering and stuff. We stopped and watched the game for a minute and there was your boy Chris Breezy ballin. I gotta say, he has some good handles and would be a good point guard. He played with confidence and as the night went on, the gym became more crowded with people just standing around watching and taking pictures. There are some videos and pictures posted on facebook already from some people who were there. He seemed to be having a good time and everyone was cheering for him. I know he got a couple of numbers before he left because he had some quality girls to choose from. His bodyguard was posted up, just chillin. He really didn’t seem to be on edge like your normal bodyguards. I also didn’t see the blue Lamborghini. As we were leaving I looked for it in the parking lot, but I didn’t see it so I’m assuming he must have parked it in the deck that’s beside the gym. He seemed like a real cool dude though and was having a good time just trying to get away from the stresses that he has going on.”


One of my homeys from around the way. I don’t mention names unless they want to be mentioned. There was a Wale concert at Indiana University and a mega fight almost broke out, from what I understand. 2 girls vs 1 girl.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on but here’s the story:

Two Girls (probably drunk) started arguing with one girl and Wale broke it up quickly and tried to get all three girls on stage to calm them down, he pulled 2 girls on stage and when he reached out to pull the 3rd girl on stage, the other two got very aggressive and at this point security jumped in and threw the two aggressive girls out of the club.

Overall, Wale and Young Chris KILLED IT, make sure to support the album, Attention Deficit, when it drops.

NOTE: there was also a very drunk girl with a lack of rhythm who got on stage but then WOULD NOT GET OFF, Wale eventually had to tell her to get off lmao

Here is the video (I think I heard somebody say “Shout out to illseed!”):

Shout out to Mr. Rhymestyle!


Sometimes I like to go old school with the rumors. Can you tell me what you heard about the lyrical beef with BDK and Rakim? I’m not even going to comment on it yet! I want to hear from old and young on this one. Last year, AllHipHop did a story on this competition last year, but never touched on the fact that there were real rumors, backed by real lyrics. Email me at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com and tell me what you “know” about this!


You know some counted Rick Ross out not too long ago. But now, I have to say, he’s done much better than I expected. Now, I want to know what you think of The Bawse and give me your predictions on how much he’ll sell in the first week! You know where to hit me. And if you don’t, its allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.


I told ya! I want to thank the people that tipped me off to this one.

Gun charges against Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper Flesh-N-Bone were dropped in a Santa Clarita, California courtroom yesterday (April 20).

Flesh, born Stanley Howse, was charged with multiple felonies charges after he was stopped for a moving violation on April 2.

The traffic stop led to a search of his Canyon Country home, where police found a gun, ammunition and a small amount of marijuana.

This is what they are NOT saying officially. The police allegedly failed to notate on the report that they used a saw to break into the case that had the gun (meaning Flesh did not have possession of it). Also they video taped the house before and after the search but shut the camera off during the search. The sheriff department also lied to the press by saying that a gun was found in the car he was driving in even though there wasn’t any. The gun was in the house in a locked box in a closet. Flesh must still, however, go before the parole board, but should be out this week. To me, he should be out YESTERDAY! Glad to hear this news.

Read the full news story here.


Somebody representing Jha Jah hit me highly upset about the rumor that she was homeless. She does live down in Miami, but she’s not homeless. They said she’s even invested in a strip club. Now, that’s money!

Here is the lament from Jha Jha’s homey:

Illseed I never been on ya site before family but heads have told me that you was talking sideways about my artist Jha Jha what the f### is that about? In no way shape or form is she homeless by any means. Do remember she did the song with diddy and jim if not google the sizzurp video boy boy. She got a condo out of that deal in Atl. All here peoples are game tight in Mia and she good with us in NYC buddy. She also invested in a strip club in the A. So if you really wanna know about here holla at me and stop putting stupid s**t up on ya site like pimps trying to be rappers and false rumors about Jha Jha .

For the record, I never said she was actually homeless. And I generally know that I will get a response from somebody when I post a rumor about somebody we haven’t heard from in a long time. Incidentally, I hear Jha Jha and Jim Jones are still cool.

Speaking of Jim, click here to see him get a major tat from a person legendary in the tat nation.


Ever wonder what Pac Man would look like it if were going down in real life? Here you go!


Recently my homie, Radio Host Kendra G caught up with DAY 26 in their hotel lobby while they were in Philly. It was a very candid interview to say the least! The group talked about why they cried on TV, Q breaks down his, as Diddy called it, “Bitchassness” and even states that he was going through what he called a “Jennifer Hudson” situation! And oh yeah…they talked about Diddy being on their first single…do they ever get tired of Diddy? Click on the video to find out for yourself!


Don’t ask why I know this, but I do. LOL.


Rocsi has been the topic of rumors, but here she is the topic of good will. She talked to kids at a program called “Africa in April.” Check it out.


Obama Fried Chicken. FAIL!

LOL…he said “There’s Kennedy Friend Chicken…”

AND HERE IS THE MAN, CHINGY! (In case you missed it)

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